(Clearwisdom.net) I am a new practitioner and only began practicing Falun Gong near the end of 2004. Although Teacher did not have strict requirements for new practitioners doing the three things well, I realized through Fa study that Teacher gave me the same opportunity as veteran practitioners to establish mighty virtue and the same power to eliminate the evil.

Since obtaining the Fa, I have diligently studied the Fa and read the Clearwisdom website. With Teacher's guidance and the encouragement of fellow practitioners I realized that I needed to step forward to validate Dafa and save more sentient beings. I first learned to send forth righteous thoughts and subsequently went out to distribute truth clarification flyers. During this process, I gradually eliminated the attachment of fear.

In the beginning, with several copies of truth clarification materials in my hand I went to visit over a dozen families. I was only able to distribute less than half of the flyers, though. I truly admired those practitioners who had no fear and distributed materials with ease. I knew that they could only achieve this through firm and righteous thoughts after laying a solid foundation of Fa study and xinxing improvement.

I tried my best to eliminate fear. When I distributed flyers, I thought in my mind that Teacher was protecting me and of the difficulty fellow practitioners had to endure to make the materials. My fear almost disappeared. After strengthening my righteous thoughts by studying the Fa, my attachment of fear became weaker and weaker.

This past summer I planned to bike over twenty miles during the night to my hometown and distribute truth clarification materials. My heart became moved soon after planning the trip because I had never taken such long trip alone at night. I was not familiar with the road either. But as soon as I thought of the urgency of saving sentient beings, I strengthened my righteous thoughts - I must save them!

I began the trip carrying over one hundred copies of literature. There was something constantly moving along the road and sometimes I could barely see it. I had fear from time to time, too. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. When I finally was near my destination, my bike had a flat tire. At that moment, I felt dejected and various human notions came out, but I had to push the bike forward.

As I came close to the village, I looked up and saw the sun shining brightly. It was big and round, and illuminated the whole village. It was as bright as daytime. When I distributed materials to one family, the light shone on them. It all went very smoothly.

Afterward, I looked back and found that the sun had disappeared. The whole village was back to its original appearance. I didn't realize then it was Teacher protecting me. I only knew I felt very safe. Only when sharing with my fellow practitioners did I realize that it was Teacher helping me.

On my way back I had to push the bike. At the beginning, I was a little worried. I looked within to ask if I had some attachments and if the evil took advantage of a loophole and caused the flat tire. After a while I realized, "Other practitioners walked to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. They did not have fear even when their shoes wore out. This minor difficulty is nothing."

I suddenly felt very good and returned without much difficulty. It was 1:00 or 2:00 am when I got back. I was not tired and felt very light. Looking inside, I found that I still had human notions such as the attachment to showing off and pride.

I am now trying to break through the barriers I have in clarifying the truth face-to-face. Because I have not diligently studied the Fa recently, my righteous thoughts are not very strong. The effect of truth clarification has not been so good either. I want to rectify myself by exposing this shortcoming.

I also have the attachment to reaching Consummation and the attachment to the time left for Fa rectification. Since I enlightened to it, I will eliminate this selfishness.

I also want to share my understanding of practitioners who have not stepped forward to validate Dafa. Teacher has delayed the process of Fa-rectification again and again. Isn't he waiting for those practitioners? Our compassionate Teacher does not want to leave any practitioner behind. As long as we are determined to step forward, Teacher will help us in any way possible. Let us step forward and not to drag behind Fa-rectification. We truly need to be responsible to ourselves and sentient beings.

I once again thank Teacher for leading me to cultivate in Dafa and letting me become a most sacred practitioner in the Fa rectification period. I will express my gratitude by cultivating diligently.