My wife's brother lives in the countryside in a mountainous region. His wife is 46 years old now. At the beginning of the year, she developed lupus erythematosus and suffered intensely from it. Although her family members took her to several different hospitals and she diligently took the multiple prescribed medications and injections, all her efforts were in vain. Moreover, her disease became more aggravated everyday, and they spent their every last dime on it. Ultimately, the doctors told her family that her disease was incurable and they should make sure all of her affairs were in order before she died.

After my wife returned from her brother's home, she told me about the whole situation. I quickly responded, "Go back immediately and tell his family that only Falun Dafa and Teacher can save her." My wife said, " I am afraid it is too late. She is already unconscious, so she cannot read Dafa books or practice the exercises. How can we save her?" I said, "You may ask her family members to proclaim 'Falun Dafa is good' in front of her. After she regains consciousness, ask her to say it, too. Then a miracle will happen."

My wife returned to her brother's home without delay and told his family what I had said. Immediately, the whole family began to proclaim "Falun Dafa is good' in my sister-in-law's presence. While they were speaking, she regained consciousness. Then she too began to repeat, "Falun Dafa is good." She gradually recovered day by day, and soon she was able to leave her bed and eat unaided.