When the persecution of Falun Dafa started in 1999, because my xinxing level was elevated through cultivation, the officials of my work unit all supported me and protected me. They even resisted the pressure and gave me a good review for a promotion to a high-ranking professional post. Later, because I developed a mentality of relying upon these officials who are ordinary people, these officials changed from supporting Falun Dafa to opposing Falun Dafa. They cooperated with the evil twice to arrest me and have me taken to a brainwashing center to be tortured.

Later, through studying Teacher's Fa lectures, I solidified my righteous thoughts. The cultivation environment improved. The CCP Secretary, the Department Chief and the Section Chief, who had been actively involved in persecuting me, were all transferred to other work places one after another. The new officials all had good personal relationships with me. Then I developed the heart of relying upon ordinary people again. The evil took advantage of the loophole and repeatedly interfered with me. I was even relocated to an unfamiliar work environment, which brought a disadvantage to my work in validating the Fa.

Currently, there are many ordinary people who are standing up to support Falun Dafa and to oppose the persecution. Some fellow practitioners consider these ordinary people to be very great since they have done things even Falun Dafa practitioners could not achieve. Some practitioners even felt that they themselves were not as good as those ordinary people. I feel that these fellow practitioners are standing at the ordinary people's level to look at things, instead of from the standpoint of the Fa. Many things that Falun Dafa practitioners are doing during the process of validating the Fa may appear to be very similar to what ordinary people are doing, but the starting points are different. No matter how many good deeds the ordinary people have done in a grand and spectacular scale, those deeds are only the result of the progress of Fa rectification and are what the people do to position themselves. They are still the subjects for Falun Dafa disciples to save.

As Fa rectification period Dafa disciples, we must follow the Fa as teacher with dignity, and maintain strong righteous thoughts at every moment, in order to shoulder the great mission of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, instead of relying upon any ordinary people. Otherwise, the evil could take advantage of our loopholes and interfere with us, thereby affecting us in saving sentient beings.

The above is only my personal understandings. If there are any mistakes, I ask fellow practitioners to compassionately point them out to me.