(Clearwisdom.net) Today I read an experience sharing article written by a fellow practitioner who attended Teacher's class. It was said that Teacher never drank water when he taught the Fa. When we watch the video of Teacher teaching the Fa, we never see Teacher use a fan when it is very hot. He simply raised his collar with two hands even when it was very hot. Now it seems to be a small issue, but it demonstrates the fact that Teacher is "...full of great aspirations while minding minor details." ("Sage" from Essentials for Further Advancement). At the same time, I enlightened that Teacher's teaching the Fa is the most important and magnificent thing in the entire cosmos. In many ways, Teacher leaves a role model for us to respect the Fa and study the Fa.

I recall that prior to the persecution when we studied the Fa or shared our experiences together, we always sat on the floor and studied the Fa with respect. However, it is different now. When practitioners come to the homes of other practitioners, they sit on chairs, sofas and other places. They sit on chairs and cross their legs. Some sit crookedly. There are all kinds of poses. Sometimes because practitioners have not met for a long time, practitioners will kindly prepare tea and share experiences when they are drinking. I am not against practitioners drinking tea at other practitioners' houses, but I do not think it is right after we begin our sharing to be drinking in the same manner as everyday people. This will make fellow practitioners who attend the group Fa study and group sharing become relaxed and lazy. Thus, they are not being strict with themselves. Whenever we study the Fa or share experiences, we should form a righteous field, because it is the concentrated energy field of Falun Dafa. It should be a field that terrifies the evil.

We have been practicing for so long now. We should have the right image that practitioners should have. In addition, our appearance demonstrates our feelings of respect for Teacher and the Fa. Heavenly beings are looking at every one of our actions, and our manners should match the title of Dafa disciples. Especially when fellow practitioners study the Fa and share together, we should take it seriously. I think about the time before the persecution began. When we began doing the exercises, everyone followed the instructions and no one else did other things. It was the same when Teacher was teaching the Fa. When Teacher said, "Please sit down, now I will begin teaching the Fa," no one spoke no matter how many people there were in the field of transmitting the Fa. All of them were listening to Teacher with silent respect.

Therefore, when we study the Fa and share experiences, we are receiving Falun Dafa, mercy and cleansing from Teacher. We should take it seriously. As disciples of Teacher, we should be strict with ourselves. Thus, we will not be ashamed of being the disciples of the Lord of Buddhas, Dafa disciples who help Teacher's Fa-rectification. As Dafa disciples, Buddhas, Daos and Gods in the future, we should do everything with nobility and dignity. At least, we should take it seriously in our minds.

At our cultivation sites and in our everyday lives, every one of our actions and thoughts should be to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings. We should cultivate ourselves the right way and leave brilliant images by purifying our cultivation sites, focusing on how we study and cultivate and strictly disciplining ourselves.