(Clearwisdom.net) In the title, I use the word "manifestation" instead of "demonstration" intentionally due to their different meanings. The former means presenting itself naturally, the latter denotes pursuit. I have often seen fellow practitioners using various ways to clarify the truth, thus saving sentient beings. You can feel their elaborate efforts to constantly think of the other party. They are so considerate and selfless. That is the compassion and magnificence of Dafa practitioners. Many practitioners are forced to become homeless, and stay in dim and tiny rooms, eating plain buns with some preserved vegetable for their meals. One practitioner rode his motorcycle for miles each night to distribute truth clarifying materials, and upon returning he was so tired that he slept soundly in the crop field. In order to have materials production centers everywhere and to not burden other practitioners, many uneducated older practitioners learned how to use computers.

Whenever I think about the actions of our Dafa practitioners, I become tearful. Those tears are shed

for the gods' compassion, and for the tragic events that have occurred. When confronted by Dafa practitioners with such compassion and wisdom, what can the evildoers do but tremble with fear.

I'd like to take this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences in truth clarifying with other practitioners. Two years ago, I lost my job due to the persecution, and with the help of my friend I was hired as a salesman. I was out of town often because of my job, thus I lost the opportunities to clarify the truth in the community as well as working with other practitioners. While traveling out of town, I needed to stay in hotels even though it was expensive, and if I shared a room with others, then I could not study the Fa and do the exercises. I was quite troubled by it and almost quit my job. Later, I realized that my thoughts were not proper, because Dafa practitioners come from all walks of life, and many of them were also salesmen like me. I knew for sure then that I could find ways to validate Dafa.

Once my understanding was clear, my path of cultivation became wide and broad. One practitioner bought me a used notebook as well as an Internet card. After I bought a card number in a different city, I could get on the Internet easily. The only thing I needed was a CD burner, because the notebook could not burn CDs. I did not know if my notebook could burn CDs even with a CD burner, but I happened to room with a young man who was a computer technician. He checked my notebook and said it could be done and told me where to buy a CD burner. My dilemma about the CD burner was resolved. When I found that young man was quite decent, I talked to him as if I were an ordinary person, saying that I found this software in my mailbox allowing me get on many excellent websites outside of China. He became curious and asked me to show him how. Once he found the Dynamic Network, he was very excited and said that he worked with computers and yet was unaware of those websites. He went back and told his co-workers. Since then, I used the same method to introduce new software and new ways to break through the blockade to him and his co-workers. After that I frequently do the same thing with people in my building.

Without the master disc to download files, my computer could not save them, even though I had a CD burner. In addition I did not know any local practitioners. One day at a wholesale place I saw the owner talking to someone. That person left quickly as I approached. I tried to clarify the truth to the owner, and he said with a mysterious smile that man who just left was a practitioner. He had just gotten out of prison and no one could "transform" him. After I heard that I wanted to talk to that man, and then suddenly he came back again. I whispered to him a few common phrases used among practitioners, and he understood immediately who I was. My problem with the master disc was thus resolved.

I found many ways to burn and distribute CDs, making limited resources have a maximum effect. I normally carried many copies of CDs with me, and gave them to friends and relatives who had a computer.

Once I wanted to distribute CDs in a dormitory for workers of a middle school. However, the evils were guarding the entrances of all schools very cautiously, and one needed to register before entering or leaving. I knew the importance of clarifying the truth to the teachers. If even just one teacher knew the truth, many students would be saved from being poisoned. That night I stayed at a hotel adjacent to the middle school. When I opened the window, I saw the dormitory was just outside. After I put many CDs into a plastic sack and then into a big envelope, I threw it out the window. I knew that a predestined person would find them. The next morning, I saw a teacher with a thermos bottle walking by, and he picked up a CD and carefully put it into his pocket.

Because I have truly concentrated my efforts on work, studying the Fa, clarifying the truth, and practicing, everything has been carried out smoothly. As long as we have compassion for saving sentient beings, Master will arrange the best path for us. My personal experiences fully confirm that whenever I run into difficulties while validating Dafa, good things happen, and I realize that Master is next to us.