(Clearwisdom.net) At 9 AM on December 22, 2006, in an affront to all kind and righteous people around the world and under the watchful eyes of the people, the CCP directed the Gansu Provincial Court to hold an illegal trial of Falun Dafa practitioner Cao Dong from Beijing. Currently, his "sentence" has not been announced. It is said that the result is waiting the approval from the "higher authorities."

The CCP never follows the law when it persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, whether it is a detention or so-called "holding a court session". On May 21, 2006, Mr. Cao Dong was arrested by State Security agents immediately after meeting with Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament, and exposing the truth of Falun Gong's brutal persecution by the CCP. He was first detained secretly in Beijing, where he experienced brutal brainwashing and high-pressure intimidation. The police deceived and tortured him for a confession. On September 4, he was transferred to the detention center belonging to the State Security Department of Gansu Province. They made up a so-called "arrest warrant" in order to cover up their violation of the law.

Falun Gong practitioners in Gansu Province and Beijing, as well as other places, worked as a unified body, increased the intensity of sending righteous thoughts, clarified the truth to relevant people, appealed to kind-hearted people nationally and internationally to pay attention to this case and to rescue him, wrote articles to expose the CCP's plots, etc. All of these actions formed a very strong field of righteous thoughts and shocked the evil powerfully.

Due to international attention, the CCP's courts did not hold the court session as a mere formality as before, but allowed Cao Dong and his defense lawyer and family members to make a defense in court.

Mr. Ma Guangjun, Cao Dong's defense lawyer, clarified the truth of Falun Gong being persecuted by the CCP. Based on a lawyer's professional standard of justice and fairness, Mr. Ma defended Cao Dong and utilized facts to refute the four so-called "charges" against him. Those fabricated charges were full of holes, and they are as follows: 1. illegally colluding with national and international anti-China forces; 2. illegally giving an interview; 3. illegally publishing news on the Minghui website; and 4. illegally collecting CDs and brochures about Falun Gong. The court tried to use these charges to give Cao Dong a heavy sentence.

Mr. Cao Dong and his wife Yang Xiaojing, who came to Lanzhou from Beijng, also made speeches in his defense. Cao Dong's family expressed sincere thanks to their friends and to all kind-hearted people who helped them.

It is said that the Central 610 Office is directly in charge of Cao Dong's case. The sentence has been reported to the upper authorities and is awaiting their approval. It is said that the process of approval requires about two months, which is another concrete display of the CCP's trampling on the law.

The CCP's credibility is very low. We cannot be deluded and held back by the timetable they announced. We should seize the time to continue exposing the evil, clarifying the truth and rescuing fellow practitioners, which we should do and do well. We should intensify our strength in sending righteous thoughts together to disintegrate evil and to help Cao Dong walk out of the demonic den in a dignified and upright manner and to obtain freedom as soon as possible. During the rescue process, we can save more people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa.