(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner from Deyang City in Sichuan Province. I began Fa study in early 2003. I am a cancer survivor who had undergone two major surgeries prior. When I was sick, my husband had a change of mind about our marriage so I was under physical and mental stress, and my life was bitter. Right at that time I was fortunate to be introduced to Dafa. Although I started practicing Dafa later than many other practitioners, I still experience Master's great compassion and protection.

I am 50 years old. Looking back at what I have experienced, it is a path of hardships. In 1998, my husband frequently quarreled with me at home. There was no peaceful environment for our child who was by then preparing for the college entrance exams. I had then not looked at the problems from inside myself and had a bad temper. In 1999 I did not feel well and went to the hospital for a routine exam. When the laboratory results came back, I fainted and felt that the sky was collapsing. I was diagnosed with endometrium cancer. I had surgery and underwent chemotherapy. My disease had become stable. For three years my life was panic-filled and anxious.

In late 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I could not withhold it again and felt I was on the path to hell. Whenever I thought about my health and my family, my heart was numbed. I had nothing but unimaginable pain, loneliness and despair. I felt sorry for my poor fortune. I could not sleep, imagining that other people in my situation would be receiving much better care from their family than what I was experiencing; staying home all by myself and nobody talking to me and for caring me. I cried a lot and frequently asked myself why I was married to this cold-hearted man who would not take any responsibility when I had devoted all my heart to him but ended up being mentally abused and heart-broken. My marriage was so shaky and life was meaningless. I thought about committing suicide more than once.

When I was struggling with life and could not find any way out, I was fortunate to be introduced to Falun Dafa. Reading the book Zhuan Falun I realized what a treasure of a book this is and did not want to let go of it. I found a bright path of practice and cultivation. I understood that my karma had caused hardships and a painful and unfortunate life. I found the solutions and the true meaning of life in the pages of this book. My mind was broadened and all the complaints, hates and unfairness left me. I have changed myself completely and feel like I've been reborn.

For years I had struggled with the bitterness of life, fought for personal renown, for personal profit. I could not sleep at night, and experienced bitterness of the life. Master’s great compassion and immeasurable power cleared away the dense fog that covered my eyes, and purified my dusty heart and body. I felt disease-free, and had developed a better understanding of the true meaning of life, and the true destiny of human life.

After studying the Fa, I found life's purpose and would not let up when I encountered a hardship. Having "Truthfulness-Compression-Tolerance" in mind, I would not fight bitterly for personal recognition or profit, and the sentimentality. I was no longer panicky and anxious. I let go all the burdens from both body and mind. My husband started changing his attitude, and my life took a turning point.

I have improved my understanding of the Fa through continued study of it. With practitioners’ help, I have created a Dafa materials production site at my home and devoted myself to Fa-rectification.

With His broad heart and great compassion, Master spreads Dafa in the world to save countless sentient beings. Great Master saved me, and Dafa, the universal law, changed me. Although according to Dafa I still have problems, I try my best to catch up, do better and improve myself on the path of Fa-rectification. I let go of my human thought processes and cultivate myself to think of others first and live in accordance with "Truthfulness-Compression-Tolerance." I will also do the three things well, so as not let down Master's painstaking efforts.