(Clearwisdom.net) According to concerned sources, Wuhan Falun Dafa practitioners have been arrested and sent to brainwashing classes. They have been persecuted with the use of drugs, as those responsible poisoned the food and water the practitioners ate and drank. The drugs secretly put into the food are poisons that affect the nervous system.

Previously healthy practitioners have developed many symptoms as a result of this form of persecution. Symptoms range from dizziness, irregular heartbeat, unusually fast heart rate (resting heart rate of more than 100/minute), unusual physical responses, irregular mind/body coordination (for example, being mentally alert without restlessness, but yet with a heartbeat far above normal). After the drugging, practitioners' faces became swollen and covered with a red pox. Since March of 2006, the majority of practitioners released from Hubei Province jail were taken to the Jianghan District brainwashing classes. At least ten to twenty of them had similar experiences there and exhibited similar symptoms. When these practitioners asked the guards why they were experiencing these symptoms, the guards dodged their questions with answers such as: "You Dafa practitioners are too nervous," "After getting out of jail so soon, you are in bad physical shape," and "You caught a cold." They even answered with: "You don't have any evidence."

The food served in the mess hall at the brainwashing class was somewhat better than the food in jail, because within the jail, funds for the prisoners' living expenses for the most part had been confiscated by the police. Even in the terrible prison conditions, such symptoms never arose, yet they appeared when the detained practitioners were taken to the brainwashing class. The practitioners asked why, when they were sitting still and feeling mentally stable, their heart rates were still far above normal. The guards and the doctors replied that if the heart rate was 60-120 per minute then it was normal. The practitioners asked that if it was simply a cold they were experiencing, why they hadn't developed a fever. The guards and doctors replied that there are different types of colds, and other such sly replies. The poisoned food had no abnormal taste or color, and there weren't any intense reactions after eating it. Although it caused an unwell feeling, talking, washing, and other normal activities could still be carried out. Some people lost all awareness or became dazed right at the time of eating, and only afterwards could they recollect what happened. Some practitioners realized what was happening and subsequently refused to eat or drink, and as a result were taken from the center and imprisoned elsewhere.

At the brainwashing class, practitioners were detained separately in closed rooms and were not allowed to come and go. Food and water were delivered individually, making it easy to drug the food in transit. How could the imprisoned practitioners possibly find evidence? The brainwashing center staff were acting under orders from higher authorities to "transform" a certain quota of practitioners, and thus used drugs as a means to that end. On the topic of the use of drugs to persecute practitioners, the Clearwisdom website has previously reported similar events. In the Qiaokou District brainwashing class, when imprisoned practitioners asked why the food they were given had a strange chemical taste, the guards similarly avoided the questions. Perhaps these methods have now become even more covert. In Wuhan there are many such brainwashing classes that persecute practitioners.

Righteous individuals of all nations and walks of life and international human rights investigative organizations, please pay close attention to this matter and help put a stop to it.

November 22, 2006