(Clearwisdom.net) The happy family in this photo, Bi Wenming, Huang Hejie, and Bi Zixuan are Falun Dafa practitioners. The husband and wife, Bi Wenming and Huang Hejie, are both employees at the Xibei Aluminum Processing Factory in Longxi County. Their son Bi Zixuan is an outgoing and lovely ten-year-old.

Three of Huang Hejie's relatives, including her father Huang Zhiyi, her mother He Chunmei, and her husband Bi Wenming, have all died as a result of the persecution they were subjected to by the CCP.

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Bi Wenming and his family

A Predestined Relationship with Falun Dafa

Bi Wenming and his wife started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Since that time they've introduced many people to Falun Dafa, including Huang Hejie's parents, Huang Zhiyi and He Chunmei.

Huang Zhiyi and He Chunmei

Fifty-year-old He Chunmei never learned to read. Once she started the practice of Falun Gong, however, she became very diligent in learning the Fa. The elderly couple was busy running a small store, but they always studied Zhuan Falun whenever they had a chance. Not being able to read, He Chunmei carried a small notebook with her, and she asked people to help her during the day. In the evening her husband taught her to read. In less than a month, she was able to read Zhuan Falun and her body felt light and much better.

At first Huang Zhiyi was against He Chunmei's learning Falun Gong, but as he helped her read the characters in Zhuan Falun, Huang Zhiyi obtained some unexpected results - his body and mind went through amazing changes in a period of two weeks. He had fallen ill and had to retire when he was 42 years old, and had to depend on medication. He had heart surgery six years ago, and a small incision didn't heal properly. Every morning he had to clean the wound and apply medication. To his surprise, the wound healed two weeks after he started to teach his wife to read Zhuan Falun. Because of this, he began to believe in Zhuan Falun. Thereafter, the elderly couple went to the practice site to study the Fa and to do the exercises every day. They told everyone they met that Falun Dafa is good.

Validating the Fa in Beijing

When the persecution began, the elderly couple thought after careful consideration that they were not wrong in practicing Falun Gong. On February 7, 2000 Bi Wenming and his family went to Tiananmen in Beijing to validate Dafa with some other practitioners. Bi Wenming clarified the truth to the policemen, and one of them said, "Today is my birthday. Meeting you and hearing your words is the most precious gift." Later they were sent home by the Gansu Province representative in Beijing, and were illegally imprisoned in a detention center. While detained, Bi Wenming clarified the truth to the inmates. Many of them changed their wicked behavior after learning the truth, and some even began to practice Falun Gong. When their cell warden learned about the Fa, his third eye opened and he saw wonderful scenes from other dimensions. He often said, "I wish I could get out, so that I could find a copy of Zhuan Falun." Bi Wenming and his wife were released after one month of illegal detention, and 4,000 yuan was extorted from them for bail. Before they left, the warden told Bi Wenming, "Please tell my father that the CCP did not transform me. Falun Gong taught me to be a good person, and I will no longer commit bad deeds."

After Bi Wenming and his wife were released from the detention center, they were sent to the security bureau brainwashing center. During the one-month period they spent there, they were indoctrinated with false information and forced to write "deliberation reports" on a daily basis. They didn't return to work until May, and ever since then, during politically sensitive days, the security bureau would round them up and ask them to discuss their thoughts in an attempt to control their thinking.

At the end of 2000, Bi Wenming, Huang Hejie and her parents traveled again to Beijing to validate Dafa. On December 30, the family went to Tiananmen Square. There were many tourists and Dafa practitioners there. Bi Wenming and his wife unfurled a banner and all the practitioners shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore Teacher's good name!" The police rushed over and tried to snatch away the banner. Huang Hejie clutched the banner tightly and wouldn't let go of it. She was there to validate Dafa and wanted to protect the banner. The policemen struck Huang Hejie with their batons until her head was bloody and took her family into a police vehicle by force. Armed policemen guarded the front entrance of the police station. Thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners were detained at the police station, and they were all shouting, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore Teacher's good name!" Their voices resounded in the air. When they saw Huang Hejie's bleeding head, they took their scarves off and wrapped them around her head. Huang Hejie had a big banner that was snatched back from the police at Tiananmen Square, and the police at the station still wanted to take it away from her, but they couldn't because of her righteousness. Some kindhearted police released her, and she returned safely to their rented home in Beijing. The next day He Chunmei was released and reunited with her daughter.

At around noon on December 30, because there were so many practitioners from all over the country, the police transferred the arrested practitioners to police stations in nearby districts, counties, and cities. Those who weren't transferred were separated into groups of men and women, and they were detained and supervised. The station courtyard was full of practitioners, and they loudly recited Lunyu and Hongyin. Bi Wenming and Huang Zhiyi were immersed in such an immense righteous field, and they loudly recited the lectures and shouted, "Restore Teacher's reputation!" - "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!" - "The world needs Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance!"

A practitioner in his 40s suddenly took out a half-a-meter-long banner. It was a red banner embroidered with beautiful yellow characters that said, "Falun Dafa is good." Immersed in the righteous field and with excitement and tears in his eyes, this practitioner told Bi Wenming and others, "My mother stitched the characters on the banner. She gave it to me before I left for Beijing, and she wanted me to display it at Tiananmen Square to let people all over the world see it." When Bi Wenming, his father-in-law, and other practitioners heard his words, they stretched out the banner over their heads courageously.

Some policemen, unnerved by the scene, stood motionless and speechless, while others plunged toward Bi Wenming and those around him. However, the practitioners formed a formidable human wall, using their bodies to shield Bi Wenming and the others inside. The bright "Falun Dafa is good" banner was vividly displayed.

The policemen frantically charged the practitioners, beating them with electric batons. Practitioners protected those who were holding the banner. The female practitioners on the other side also moved closer, shouting even louder.

Very soon police brought in more vehicles and dispersed the practitioners. Bi Wenming and his father-in-law were transferred to another police station in Beijing. They were imprisoned in a four square-meter room with a dozen practitioners. Policemen began to interrogate the practitioners and take pictures of them, and wrote reports. The practitioners refused to cooperate with their orders, so the policemen beat them brutally.

The second day Bi Wenming and his father-in-law were sent to the detention center in Chongwen District. They were detained in different jail cells. The policemen had some inmates torture the practitioners who refused to give their home addresses. They forced practitioners to take cold showers in the freezing winter in Beijing, at 26 degrees below zero Celsius. Several inmates restrained a practitioner and continuously poured cold water on his head. Each torture session lasted for about an hour. Some practitioners, including Bi Wenming, went on hunger strikes to protest the evil persecution. Every day the practitioners on hunger strikes were taken to another room, where policemen and inmates would beat, kick and torture them and push them to the ground and force-feed them.

During the seven to eight days of torture, the practitioners encouraged each other. Bi Wenming only thought of Dafa and Teacher, and he continuously recited Teacher's lectures and what he remembered of Zhuan Falun. He resisted the evil with his strong righteous thoughts. After nearly ten days of torture, he was able to escape, aided by righteous thoughts and actions.

Huang Zhiyi told the police how he'd benefited from learning Falun Dafa. He opened up his shirt and showed them the scar that had healed. He told the policemen, "It is wrong for the government to suppress us, Falun Dafa is good!" The policemen replied, "Yes, we know, this persecution was ordered by some bad people with ulterior motives." Later the elderly man was released.

On January 1, 2001 Huang Hejie and her mother went once again to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. They were arrested and sent to the "Asia jail," where many practitioners were detained. Each of the ten square-meter rooms had about fifty or sixty practitioners. Practitioners from all over the country shared their experiences there. They loudly shouted, "Restore Dafa's pure reputation," "Restore Teacher's pure reputation," and their voices shook the space above them. The policemen tried to stop the practitioners' shouting by using a loudspeaker, but under the practitioners' righteous field the speaker wouldn't work. The policemen also tried to separate the practitioners for individual interrogation, but they held each other's hands and formed one body, preventing the policemen taking anybody away. When the policemen saw that none of their methods worked, they began to read aloud writings defaming Dafa. Huang Hejie led everyone to recite "Lunyu" and Hongyin. The policemen then quit reading, overcome by the practitioners' voices reciting the Fa.

The next day, the policemen began to disperse the practitioners. He Chunmei was transferred to the detention center in her hometown of Longxi and was illegally detained for seven months. Huang Hejie was sent to a police station in Beijing. The police took turns interrogating her in sessions as long as twelve hours. They tried every trick to get her name and address without success. Five or six police-hired thugs later tortured her. They removed her winter jacket and handcuffed her to the rail in 20 degrees below zero weather for 24 hours. They left her freezing in the harsh cold, wearing only a thin cotton shirt. They wouldn't let her sleep for several days. They also shocked her with an electrical baton. At first she couldn't stand the pain, but then she thought, "I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner walking a divine path. No evil person can torture me, let the electric baton lose its effectiveness." And when she was shocked again she didn't feel much pain and tried hard not to move around. The thugs thought that the baton had lost its charge, so they tried it on themselves through their thick coats, and they screamed from the painful electric shock. When the baton was recharged, it lost its power very quickly because of her righteous thoughts. Then they slapped the palm of her hand with a ruler and it broke as soon as it hit her. They tried to pluck her finger nails with pliers, but they couldn't do it under her strong righteous field. By that time, she'd been on a hunger strike for three or four days and her body was quite weak, and the stitches from her head injury were still in. The thugs took her to the hospital, and four or five people held her down on the bed and force-fed her. They told her, "We'll force-feed you until you give us your address." One time they stuck the feeding tube into her trachea, and she couldn't breathe, but she thought, "I'm a practitioner, everything is going to be okay." With this steadfast thought, she avoided harm.

The police couldn't get what they wanted from her, so they sent her to Daxing Detention Center to be tortured. She refused to comply with them, so they tortured her until she was very feeble and tied her to the bed for a transfusion. After a long period of torture, she had injuries and bruises all over her body. They couldn't even find a spot on her body to give her injections. They were afraid that she might die, so they released her.

Maximizing One's Potential as a Particle of Dafa

After her release, Huang Hejie found out that her parents were illegally detained and her husband was destitute and homeless. The local police were searching for her, so she couldn't go home. She joined her husband and became homeless.

After Bi Wenming escaped from the jail with his righteous thoughts, he was afraid that the local police were still looking for him, so he went from place to place, homeless. He ran into many practitioners from all over the country, who had also become homeless. Because many practitioners from around the country traveled to Beijing to validate Dafa, Beijing had a surge of practitioners. For this reason, truth clarification in other areas of the country was left unattended. They didn't have sufficient truth clarification material or practitioners from some areas were unable to step forward. Under these circumstances, everyone went their separate ways to encourage local practitioners to validate Dafa. For practitioners who couldn't step forward, they held Fa conferences to help them elevate their understanding of the Fa. They also provided financial and technical assistance to practitioners in areas with a shortage of truth clarification material.

Bi Wenming went to Sichuan Province. There were many practitioners being monitored who couldn't step forward. During the practitioners' sharing, many of them showed up, including those who couldn't step forward. They were excited and said that Teacher must have arranged it.

Once, they decided to share experiences at a scenic spot on a mountain, but no one knew that there was truth clarification material circulating around the area the night before, so many undercover police were in the area. Under these circumstances Bi Wenming relied on his righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa, and divided the big group into smaller groups. During their sharing, an undercover policeman approached them and sat about two or three meters away from them. Bi Wenming had no fear and confidently continued to share, thinking that the policeman couldn't hear anything. Afterwards a practitioner cultivating with an opened third eye said that gods and Buddhas were protecting them.

Bi Wenming later went to Henan, Guizhou, Ningxia, Gansu, and Beijing to help more practitioners to validate the Fa. In 2001, when Bi Wenming's mother heard that her son was in Lanzhou, she brought Bi Wenming's five-year-old son with her and went to Lanzhou in search of him. When she saw her long lost son and daughter-in-law, she grabbed her son's hand tightly with one of her hands and her daughter-in-law's hand with the other. She didn't want them to be tortured again, so she asked them to return to their hometown in Longxi. Bi Wenming and his wife told the old lady many things and sincerely explained to her, "Years ago when we suffered from tribulations, Teacher brought us the blessings of Dafa and our minds and bodies benefited tremendously from it. Now that Dafa is being persecuted, we should speak up righteously for Dafa and Teacher, clarify the truth to sentient beings, and help people to know the truth and save them." Finally Bi Wenming consoled his mother and asked her not to worry and go home. She saw the couple's firm attitude and finally understood their reasoning, so she took her grandson back to their home in Longxi.

Huang Zhiyi Dies as a Result of Persecution

After Huang Zhiyi returned home, his supervisors wanted him to clarify his attitude toward Dafa, and since Huang Zhiyi was steadfastly for Dafa, they sent him to the local brainwashing center for five months. Due to the intense persecution he was subjected to, Huang Zhiyi's mind and body became weak and exhausted.

After he was sent home, he learned that his wife was still locked up and the whereabouts of his daughter and son-in-law were unknown. Later, with much effort from family members, his wife was released. The persecutors were anxious to learn the whereabouts of Bi Wenming and his wife, and they offered a reward of 5000 yuan for them. Police officer Song Jianhua often harassed the two elderly people and watched them. He broke into their relatives' home and searched it without cause. Later they intimidated the couple more and more, and told them that if they didn't surrender their daughter, they would be arrested again. Because Huang Zhiyi was very emaciated, Song Jianhua threatened, scolded and even beat He Chunmei, and told her, "You must surrender your daughter, or we'll take you away tomorrow." Song Jianhua terrorized Huang Zhiyi with threats and curses every day, and the huge mental pressure caused a relapse of his old diseases. He passed away on January 19, 2002. At the time Huang Zhiyi's daughter and son-in-law were still destitute, so Song Jianhua made arrangements with the factory security section to post many plainclothes officers near the factory hospital and his home, waiting for a chance to capture his daughter and son-in-law. The mother worked hard to not only endure the intense pain at the loss of her husband, but also the worry for the safety of her daughter and son-in-law. Policemen strictly supervised the family members' actions and followed them from Longxi to Dingxi and back, until Huang Zhiyi was buried.

On February 9, 2002, police from Qilihe Public Security Sub-bureau of Lanzhou City arrested Bi Wenming while he was dining with friends and locked him up at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center in Lanzhou. Police suspected that Bi Wenming was instrumental in clarifying the truth in another province, so they prepared a national case against her. At the Xiguoyuan Detention Center, they subjected Bi Wenming to brutal persecution, but he continued to handle himself as a cultivator. He resisted the evil and refused to answer any questions or give his name, so he was referred to as "number 201." During nearly one year of detention at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center and the Hualinping Detention Center, "201" became Bi Wenming's official code name. He had both righteous thoughts and righteous actions. He conducted hunger strikes several times at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center to protest the illegal detention and persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, and demanded an unconditional release.

At the end of September 2002, Bi Wenming and several other practitioners (including An Xiwen, Su Anzhou, Li Wenming, Zhang Dong, Zhang Zhenmin, and Li Fubin) were transferred from the Xiguoyuan Detention Center to the Hualinping Detention Center. Because he insisted on studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises, the police tortured him inhumanly for more than twenty days, but he still refused to compromise and conducted a hunger strike in protest. Doctor Yang Linquan ordered the prisoners to force-feed him. During his detention, Bi Wenming's compassion, serenity and steadfastness in cultivating Dafa, and his ease in dealing with the evil, caused his persecutors to fear him, and many of the prisoners who met him admired him and were convinced by him in their hearts. He demonstrated for them the truth and beauty of Falun Dafa.

On May 2, 2002 police of Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau rushed into the residence of Huang Hejie and took her away by force, detaining her at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center. They took turns interrogating her, but she refused to answer questions or sign anything. At last the police officers told Huang Hejie, "After investigation we've found you've done nothing wrong, so we'll send you to the brainwashing center. If you are transformed you'll be rewarded." Huang Hejie replied, "Don't fool yourselves, you'll never transform me, I won't cooperate." She was confined at the Xiguoyuan Detention Center for a year and a month. Once during an interrogation, Huang Hejie heard the police next door beating a Falun Dafa practitioner, and she sternly told the police who were interrogating her, "How dare you beat a Dafa disciple! I won't answer any of your questions." The officers quickly replied, "We don't beat people," and hurriedly told the officers next door to quit the beating. When the police interrogated her again, they tricked her into believing they'd release her, so Huang Hejie wrote an appeal statement, but after she left they sent her to the Lanzhou City Number 2 Forced Labor Camp by force for further persecution. While she was there, they forced her to stand facing the wall for a long periods of time. She had to perform long hours of labor and the prisoners beat the practitioners on the orders of the police. One morning at 6 a.m. team leader Wang suddenly called her over and asked her to state her understanding of Dafa,. Huang Hejie said, "Falun Dafa is the most righteous." Because Huang Hejie refused to transform, the police intended to extend her term, but she told them, "I've broken none of your rules. If you dare to extend my term I'll sue you." Huang Hejie walked out of the forced labor camp with righteous thoughts in November 2003.

When Huang Hejie got home, she found that her mother, who she hadn't seen for several years, had grown old and had white hair; her once happy family has been ruined due to the persecution. Her elderly father had died from the persecution; her husband Bi Wenming was taken away by the persecutors and sent to the Longxi County Detention Center in November 2002, and later transferred to Longxi Drug Rehabilitation Center, which was actually a brainwashing facility. In 2003 he was sentenced to three years, and officer Song Jianhua continued to make trouble. He tried to take away Bi Wenming's credit for time served, but was thwarted by the family. Afterwards Bi Wenming was sent to Dashaping Prison in Lanzhou. Their son Bi Zixuan hadn't seen his parents for several years and couldn't' even recognize his own mother.

During the persecution, Huang Hejie had no income while paying large fines. After she came home, the factory refused to reinstate her, and every time she requested to return to work, she was refused because she hadn't written a guarantee statement. After half a year, she was in an extremely difficult situation, but due to her tireless efforts, the factory cadres arranged an informal job for her working in the greenhouse. She was paid a mere 400 yuan a month, and she and her son were in hardship.

34-Year-Old Bi Wenming Dies as a Result of Persecution

On January 14, 2004, Bi Wenming was transferred to Dingxi Prison.

On September 1, 2004, officers at Dingxi Prison got approval from warden Shi Wenrui to torture Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Pengyun with electric batons for a long time. On September 2, instructor Gao and area head Li of the third prison area led others in torturing Falun Dafa practitioners with more than ten electric batons from 7:50 a.m. until 1 p.m. At the same time, practitioners Bi Wenming, Jin Jilin, Xu Feng, Wang Yuping of the fourth prison area were also tortured with electric batons by political instructor Li and Zhang Jianying, among others. On the morning of September 2, the police instigated two prisoners to beat Bi Wenming. On September 3, while Bi Wenming was reading a Dafa book, instructor Wang discovered and confiscated the book, though Jin Jilin yelled that the book couldn't be taken away. Persecutors Wang Jin, Li Qingfeng, Wang Zhenghong, Qi Yonghui, Li Weimin, Kang Yongxin, chief Wan, chief Sun and others handcuffed Jin Jilin and Bi Wenming and hung them up, and then took eight electric batons and tortured them. It was around 12:40 p.m. on September 3. During the torture Bi Wenming and Jin Jilin shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The torture continued until Bi Wenming fainted, and they finally let them down.

According to a Dingxi Prison guard leader, on September 3, 2004 guards from the fourth prison area took Bi Wenming to the confinement room and tied him to a crude Tiger Bench. Starting at noon, five or six guards took turns torturing Bi Wenming with an electric baton. Every time a guard shocked him, Bi Wenming twitched painfully on the Tiger Bench. He would barely regain consciousness from the last shock before the next one came. At first Bi Wenming clenched his teeth and kept quiet, but after more than ten minutes, he couldn't take it anymore and screamed in pain. To keep the other prisoners from hearing it, the guards shoved a towel into his mouth. Bi Wenming was already having trouble breathing, so he writhed about, trying to free himself from the towel, but being tied down made it impossible. The more he struggled, the harder the guards held him down. Bi Wenming slowly stopped struggling and breathed with difficulty through the towel. The guards let up a little when Bi Wenming stopped yelling and resumed shocking his hands, feet and face. At around 12:30 p.m. Bi Wenming's face turned blue. His eyes were wide open and he'd stopped breathing. The young man had been tortured to death by the CCP's guards in less than 30 minutes.

The Cover-Up of the Truth, Forcibly Cremating the Body

On the morning of September 4, Huang Hejie was at work when the factory security section notified her to see Bi Wenming at Dingxi Hospital. Huang Hejie asked Bi Wenming's second eldest brother to go with her. The family was in distress, and Bi Wenming's mother was choked with sobs, but no one expected the situation to be so serious.

Members of the factory security section accompanied Huang Hejie to Dingxi.
They arrived between 1 and 2 p.m. Dingxi Prison staff members took them to the Dingxi postal service guest house, and were in no hurry to take them to the hospital. The police mentioned nothing about Bi Wenming's condition and said things would be solved gradually, and then the Dingxi Prison cadres showed up. At the family's demand, they were allowed to see Bi Wenming at Dingxi Hospital. Many cadres from the public security bureau, the procurators, the legal section, and the 610 Office were already waiting at the hospital. When the viewing room door was opened, Huang Hejie simply couldn't believe her eyes. When she'd visited Bi Wenming three days earlier, his mental state was very good and he spoke rationally, but the Bi Wenming before her was not actually lying down. His body was covered with bruises and his hands and feet were still tied. Huang Hejie grabbed Bi Wenming's hands. His fists were still clenched. He'd obviously suffered painful torture before he died. There was blood and gore and a torn prison uniform on the floor. Then the persecutors ended the visit and locked the door.

Afterwards, the Secretary of the 610 Office and the others tried to negotiate with the family. The family wanted nothing more than to know the truth and for the murderers to be punished. They wanted Bi Wenming's body refrigerated and pictures taken. That night, the refrigerator arrived and family members watched as the corpse was put into it. They asked for the photos and autopsy report daily, but they were kept under surveillance and weren't allowed to keep any pictures, though they were allowed to see photos taken of the body.

After much bargaining, an external examination of the body was conducted. That day a hundred people from the public security bureau, the procurators, and legal section waited at Dingxi Hospital while the family held a simple memorial service. Bi Wenming's uncle and eldest brother saw for the first time the terrible results of the torture. They burst into tears, and none of the relatives could contain their sorrow. Huang Hejie was present during the physical exam. She saw that Bi Wenming's face and back of the head badly bruised; both his ears were full of blood; both wrists were severely injured and the flesh was still dented from handcuffs; the backs of his hands were burned from the electric shocks; the skin of his upper chest and neck were purple-red; his ankles had the same marks as his wrists; his feet were burned and bruised. One person took pictures while another was filming, and there were two medical examiners. Huang Hejie couldn't describe every injury in detail, only the obvious ones, and she wasn't sure how many internal injuries and smaller injuries there were.

An "autopsy" was conducted by the authorities several days later, and the so-called autopsy report actually listed suicide as the cause of death. Not long before Bi Wenming was killed, he wrote a letter and expressed his hope that the government will restore the right to practice Falun Gong legally. He quoted Teacher: "Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening." Though clear-headed people understand the true meaning of these words, the persecutors used this sentence as false evidence of his intention to commit suicide. The report also said that in early 2004, Falun Gong and overseas anti-Chinese forces caused Bi Wenming's death, but during that time he was locked up in prison, so how could those "overseas anti-Chinese forces" cause his death?

The persecutors told Huang Hejie, "After you visited Bi Wenming on September 30, he became unstable and refused to work. He meditated in his cell, and when we sent several people to pull him out, he smashed himself into the cabinet, which caused his death by suicide." Later they said, "We sent Bi Wenming to the guardhouse at around 1 p.m. Bi Wenming looked strange, and he died on the way to hospital." However, the autopsy report said, "Bi Wenming's head was hit by heavy object, and he died from an internal brain hemorrhage of more than 100 milliliters." Judging from these inconsistencies, it seems likely that even the persecutors were confused by the lies about Bi Wenming's death, but they mentioned nothing of the real cause of death or how they tortured him.

The persecutors wanted to cremate the corpse immediately, no doubt to destroy evidence of their wrongdoing, so Huang Hejie rushed to Gansu Province National People's Congress to request a thorough investigation, temporarily delaying the cremation. Some of the family members were afraid Huang Hejie would have more problems if she persisted, however, so they allowed the cremation. The Gansu Province National People's Congress told the family to cremate the body first, and they would then uncover the truth, but everyone knew it was just another lie.

Bi Wenming's family appealed to a higher court and the procurator went to investigate, and Shen Wuzhong and Meng Fulai, who tortured Bi Wenming, said he'd killed himself. To prevent the news from leaking out after Bi Wenming's death, Dingxi Prison officials sent four people to strictly monitor Jin Jilin every day, and refused to allow him any contact with others. They even followed him to the toilet.

After learning of the death of Bi Wenming, other Falun Dafa practitioners in Dingxi Prison conducted ten-day hunger strikes to protest the illegal detention and killing of Falun Gong practitioners. The practitioners suffered brutal force-feedings, and the situation inside was critical. In order to block the news, prison officials refused family visits for all Falun Dafa practitioners, citing a notice from the politics and judiciary committee authorizing them to deny family visitation rights.

He Chunmei's Death

Bi Wenming's mother-in-law He Chunmei never recovered from the grief of losing her husband, and when she heard that her son-in-law was murdered in Dingxi Prison, she couldn't bear it and died on September 30, 2004.

Bi Wenming's workplace didn't take care of his wife after his death, but instead had her pick up rubbish in the factory every morning. She had to work to support herself and her son. She endured the pain of losing family members, and endured pressure from her workplace. The factory agreed to give her a permanent job after half a year of informal work, but when half a year had passed, they didn't change her job status. When she asked the cadre about it, he threatened to force her to write a guarantee statement. She realized this was persecution and persistently talked to the cadre, and she finally got a permanent job after eight months.

Now whenever there is a festival or holiday she gets no time off. She is forced to work overtime and is monitored closely.

The Family Suffers

Her child would ask her, "Why do others have a dad, but I don't?" Huang Hejie told the child, "You do have a dad. You have the best dad in the world, you have a dad who considers others and does good things all the time, it's just that he can't be with us." Sometimes the child dreams about dad, and happily says to her, "I saw my dad in a dream last night, I really have a dad, and he taught me to do many good deeds!"

Huang Hejie has refused to succumb to the grief of losing three family members, because she understands why they lost their lives, and she believes they have good places to go. There is Teacher, there is the Fa, and so many Falun Dafa practitioners in the whole world who care about her and her son, and great numbers of people of conscience outraged by the injustice of their suffering.

From February 2000 to 2004, Bi Wenming's older brothers and younger sister have been expecting his return and reunion with the family, but now their expectation will never be realized.

Dingxi Prison address: PO Box 001 Dingxi City, Gansu Province 743000
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