(Clearwisdom.net) The Dafa practitioners in Zhangjiakou City have experienced random and irrational illegal persecution by the evil communist party for a while. However, relying on our strong faith in Master and Dafa, we are becoming more and more steadfast and mature on our paths of cultivation. For the purpose of saving the sentient beings who are poisoned by the evil party, we are exposing the persecution taking place in Huailai County.

The earliest Dafa practitioners in our county were from Beixinbao Township. Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, there were over 1700 practitioners in the entire county. After July 20, our practitioners went to Beijing to appeal to the government one after the other. Many practitioners were tortured physically and spiritually, and suffered economic hardships.

I. Tortured to Death

Dafa practitioner Chen Yunchuan's family was from Canfangying Village, Beixinbao Township. All five people in his family cultivated diligently after obtaining the Fa. After July 20, 1999, their whole family went to Beijing to appeal. They were illegally arrested by police from the Tiananmen Police Station. Chen Yunchuan's oldest son Chen Aizhong, youngest son Chen Aili, and daughter Chen Hongping were all tortured to death. His wife passed away while they were homeless. His oldest daughter Chen Shulan is married and lives in Yanqing County. She practices Dafa and was arrested and held in the local prison there.

Dafa practitioner Yan Haiyin from Tumu Village went to Beijing to appeal, and was arrested and tortured to death by police.

Practitioner Yang Guibao from Beixinbao Township went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested and tortured to death.

Being horrified and threatened frequently, practitioners Kang Delian from Xinbaoandongyuan Village and Gao Shuying from Huangjiachong Village, Beixinbao Township suffered so much that they too passed away.

Within the few years from July 20, 1999 to now, the evil party's persecution of ones who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" has caused eight Dafa practitioners to loose their precious lives.

II. Illegal Arrests and Sentences

All five people in Liu Yushu's family practice Falun Dafa. Because Liu Yudong persisted in practicing Dafa, and since the police in Tumu Township were afraid of Dafa practitioners going to appeal, they illegally arrested Liu Yushu. Liu was put in the township police station and was guarded closely. He was also forced to sign the three statements. Later Liu was put into a detention center. During the cold winter, the police took him outside, removed all of his clothes, and poured cold water on to him from the top of his head to his feet. His body was soon covered in ice. After leaving the detention center, in 2004, the police at the Tumu Township Police Station again captured him and tried to force him to sign the three statements. Liu refused, and was sent to a brainwashing center in Shalingzi, where he is still being tortured. Liu's oldest daughter Liu Zhaoxia went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested. She then walked out of the jail with her righteous thoughts. While she was clarifying the truth and passing out truth-clarification materials, she was arrested again and illegally given a five year sentence. Liu's second daughter Liu Zhaohong practices Falun Dafa. Her husband was deceived by the propaganda and divorced her. Later in 2001 when clarifying the truth, she was arrested and illegally sentenced to four years. Liu's second son worked in a hospital. Because he practices Dafa, the police attempted to arrest him. Some good people warned him and he got away. He became homeless and was later arrested, illegally sentenced, and is still in jail as of today.

Railroad worker Ji Xinfeng and his wife Li Yanhua went to Beijing to appeal in December 26, 2000, and were illegally arrested. Le Yanghua was sent back to Shacheng Town Police Station, and was detained outside in the freezing cold for five hours, then taken into custody for fifteen days. Ji Xinfeng was expelled by the railroad station, and their family lost a major source of income. In July 2001, they were raided by the vice squad from Hualai County Police Station, who tried to arrest them. They resisted for three days, and were eventually taken away. Their daughter, who was only eleven years old, was left home alone. In the same year, Ji Xinfeng was illegally sentenced to four years in prison, and Li Yanhua was sentenced to forced labor for three years. Li was tortured badly in the forced-labor camp. After her release her health deteriorated rapidly and she became extremely weak. Her vision became very poor and she can now see clearly only within a meter.

Dafa practitioner Zheng Meiying went to Beijing to appeal on December 26, 2000, and was arrested by police from the Tiananmen Police Station. While at Shacheng Police Station they detained her outside in the freezing cold for five hours, then sent her to a detention center for fifteen days. She was also charged 5000 yuan Her husband paid 2000 yuan in cash. In 2001, Zheng was again arrested and detained for making truth-clarifying materials. She was illegally sentenced to five years, and is still being tortured in jail today.

III. Illegal Arrests and Fines

Dafa Practitioner Zhu Xiuqin went to Beijing to appeal on December 26, 2000. She was arrested illegally by police from the Tiananmen Police Station. The same night she was released to authorities from her workplace who took into custody for fifteen days. She was fined 8000 yuan. She lost more than 14,000 yuan of her salary over the years. She was also written up for misconduct and punished for a year. During her arrest, her home was illegally searched, and all her Dafa books and tapes were confiscated.

Xu Yulan and four other Dafa practitioners were arrested and held in the county detention center for fifteen days because they went to Beijing to appeal. Xu Yulan was beaten brutally by the police, causing her whole body to turn a livid-purple color. She was charged 5000 yuan. Her new farming tractor and other equipment was taken away. Four other practitioners were also charged. Practitioner Wang Rujuan and two other practitioners from Xiaonanxinbao went to Beijing to appeal on December 27, 2000. They were illegally arrested and detained for fifteen days. Each was charged over 4000 yuan. During the time when practitioner Li Wenheng from Dongjiazui Village was arrested in 2004, he was fined over 30,000 yuan, and was released at the end of the year after he paid the fine. Practitioners Ma Genrong and Kang Jun were captured, arrested, and held for fifteen days. Practitioner Wang Gen went to Beijing to appeal, and was arrested and held for fifteen days. The Internet police attempted to capture him again because he logged onto a website that exposes the Communist Party's crimes. He escaped but he was forced to become homeless.

Practitioner Wang Quan from Taipinggou was shocked with electric batons by police from the Tumu Police Station. He was shocked on the underside of the arches of his feet and the corners of his mouth. Black bubbles formed around his mouth. Practitioner Li Zhangwen's home was searched by police from Tumu Police Station, but he had already escaped. He has been away from his home for the past two years and is still homeless today. During the time when practitioner Sun Wenfeng from Xinbaoan was not at home, his home was searched illegally and all Dafa books were confiscated.

Practitioner Yang Yueying was taken into custody and arrested for eleven days in 2001. When the Communist Party President Hu Jintao went to Hualai before the Chinese New Year in 2003, the police in Shacheng Police Station arrested, and said it was for Hu's safety. In July 2006, practitioner Chen Guiling was passing out truth-clarification material, when she was arrested by police from Tumu Police Station. She was fined over 14,000 yuan.

December 7, 2006