(Clearwisdom.net) In 2003, I was arrested in Beijing when clarifying the truth, and sentenced to two years of forced labor, served at the Beijing Women's Labor Camp.

As soon as I entered the camp, drug-addicted prisoners were assigned to closely watch over me, forcing me to sit straight for 16 hours per day, and not allowing me to talk or use the toilet. I was forced to stand for long periods of time, not allowing me to sleep or to drink water. We were forced to watch slanderous videos and to read slanderous articles. There existed all sorts of monitoring systems for Falun Dafa practitioners, such as small group, large group, or solitary monitoring. Practitioners who were very solid, and who refused to write any "confessions" were sent to the strictly controlled section, where they were tortured very brutally.

On the surface, the Beijing Women's Labor Camp is like school, very clean and tidy, since we cleaned it every day. There is fitness equipment on display for visitors. Every time visitors came, guards would hide Falun Dafa practitioners for fear of them speaking out the truth, and arranged some prisoners to put up a false face depicting good conditions in the camp.

After being released from the camp, I was shocked to read the reports about the Communist Party's live harvesting of practitioners' organs for profit! I immediately recalled the physicals we were forced to undergo two to three times a year inside the camp. They may have been for organ harvesting purposes. They gave me three major physicals when I was at the camp in less than two years. The physicals were conducted at the Tiantanghe Hospital. They would always test our blood as well, telling us the purpose was to "check for hepatitis." The guards told us, "See how your government cares about your health! It has spent so much money to check your physical health." Other prisoners would say, "They only care about you Falun Gong practitioners, as they only do blood work for you." Once they said they needed "donated blood," they took mostly Falun Gong practitioners, and also used some drug addict prisoners.

I wondered why they wanted blood from drug addicts. I now realize that they were trying to hide the facts of their true purpose. There were two times when they were after Falun Gong practitioners to have their blood drawn. Several young practitioners were told their "blood tests had problems," and they drew more blood a few days later. I also witnessed twice, the camp administration transferred Falun Dafa practitioners during the middle of the night. The chosen practitioners were not from the local area, and no one knows where they are now.

The above is what I personally witnessed related to the CCP's organ harvesting atrocities.