(Clearwisdom.net) The experience sharing articles on Clearwisdom.net have enlightened me a lot. I want to write down my recent cultivation understandings to share with my fellow practitioners.

Through studying the Fa, we gradually understand that the persecution is not part of the arrangement of the Fa rectification. It happened, but neither Dafa nor practitioners accept it. However, even now, some practitioners still cannot shake off the shadow of the persecution.

A practitioner shared one of her experiences. Once she tried to tell a street vendor the truth of Falun Gong. They were talking outside an apartment building. The street vendor kept looking around nervously as if he was afraid their conversation could be overheard. The practitioner couldn't calm him down and had to give up talking to him. Another practitioner happened to witness the whole thing. The second practitioner asked the first practitioner why she kept looking around nervously as if she was afraid of being seen by someone. The first practitioner immediately understood. The state of her mind affected the street vendor. The problem was in her, not the street vendor.

As a matter of fact, Teacher raised us to our positions prior to the persecution. If our righteous thoughts are truly strong, we have the ability to stop the persecution. But because we are still cultivating ourselves, we have yet reached the Fa's requirement and many lives are in danger because of us.

Teacher requires us to do the three things well and save lives poisoned by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lies. This is Teacher's benevolence. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should carry out our responsibilities well in a dignified manner. No life is qualified to interfere. The evil lives and elements that will be eliminated in the Fa rectification should be afraid, not us. In order to walk our path well, we must study the Fa well and we must be able to cultivate in all kinds of environments. Let us not let sentient beings down.

This is purely my personal understanding. Please point out any errors.