(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. He Qing is from Shenze County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. She was sentenced to two years of forced labor in May 2002. She was once tortured around the clock for 100 days at Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. He was subjected to brainwashing in the labor camp's Fourth Ward for nine straight days. The guards forced her to stand against a wall while they beat her palms and legs with a broom. They also threatened her, saying "As long as you are alive, the brainwashing will continue. If we beat you to death, it will be considered a suicide, and no one will care."

The guards later took her to the Fifth Ward, where they deprived her of sleep and used other brainwashing methods on her as well. After about 20 days, they kept her handcuffed to a bed frame day and night, stretching her arms as far apart as they would go. If she began to fall asleep, the weight of her entire body would pull on her shoulder muscles, causing excruciating pain. The guards used this torture method to deprive her of sleep. Another brainwashing method they used was to force her to write out or recite Mao's "Three Articles" until 2:00 a.m. each night. They later locked her in solitary confinement, covering the doors and windows with paper. The guards handcuffed her to two bed frames so that her body was suspended between them, with only her toes touching the ground. She was tortured like this for 24 hours a day, except when she ate or used the toilet. Finally, her abdomen, legs, and feet swelled so severely that she could not walk or stand. At this point, the guards switched to a different torture method: the death bed. They handcuffed her on each side so that she could sit in only one position. This caused her muscles to atrophy, and she was unable to move her legs normally. The guards did not release her from the death bed until her shoulder had become totally paralyzed. The sleep deprivation, however, continued. The guards forced her to walk around in the cell and there was no place for her to sit. If she stopped walking, she would fall asleep. If she sat down, she could not get up. She would fall down while walking and fell asleep even while standing. When this happened, the guards woke her by poking her, smearing chili powder on sensitive areas, or beating her. The torture continued around the clock for 100 straight days.

Guards in charge of brainwashing (all female): Qi Hong, Li Bin, and Wang Qinglin (Fifth Ward deputy director)
Fifth Ward director: Di Manli (female).

Shijiazhuang Labor Camp Director: Zhao (given name unknown, gender unknown)
Fifth Ward (Section Two): 86-311-87754007, ext.324