(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I work as a businessman in a store. In my work environment I need to have music playing. Naturally I cannot use CCP (Chinese Communist Party) music, yet there are also bad factors in ordinary people’s music: some are lingering and confusing, and some are decadent, which makes listening uncomfortable. Sometimes my mind can also be affected by it.

One day, my fellow practitioners sent me a CD of music created by Dafa practitioners. When I played it, the sacred and elegant music inspired my spirit! After just one song, I felt lucid and happy, and my heart was full of harmony and tranquility. It is so wonderful! This is the music created by our fellow practitioners, and it contains special realms and connotations. I selected dozens of songs suitable for common places, such as piano music "Coming for You," "Falun Dafa Is Good," "Walking the Path Back Home," "Be Saved," "Clear Thoughts," flute music "Eternal Fate," "Treasure the Fa Predestined Relationship," and "Home," the sacred and solemn "Golden Thousand Hands Buddha," etc.

When those beautiful Dafa practitioners' songs rose up through the streets, it seemed to infuse the noisy world with a clear stream. I saw pedestrians who passed by slowing down their pace to listen, some even had to stop and look around to find the source of the heavenly music. The staff members in our store were now also working in the nurturing embrace of the music that's full of benevolence and harmony.

One day a mother and a son stepped in. The mother was elegant and kind, and her son intelligent and pure. The mother asked shyly, "Could you please tell me what music this is? It is so beautiful! My son and I stop to listen for a long time every day when we pass by. We never want to leave, as we feel so comfortable after listening to it. It is like being in heaven! We are not full of troubles anymore! Could you tell me where you bought the music?"

These are truly predestined people! I explained to them the source and background of the music, and about the slander and persecution that Dafa suffered in China. They listened quietly, and sighed: "Such a good cultivation practice, why do they not allow people to practice it? The CCP is really evil!"

The second day, they returned to my store as we had agreed, and I gave them a set of truth-clarification CDs and a CD of music by Dafa practitioners. The mother wanted to pay me. I told her that Dafa practitioners' music is priceless, but that I could give it to her as a gift. In the end she gave me money to cover the cost of the blank CDs. As they left, the mother and son said again and again, "Thank you so much! Thank you so much!"

I was deeply moved thinking about predestined people being saved! I know that it's not only their human side saying thanks, but also their true selves as they are grateful to Dafa practitioners using such beautiful music to save them. They are even more grateful for Teacher's benevolence and mighty compassion!

Dafa practitioners’ music rose up time and again through the streets, like various Fa implements clearing out the poison in people’s minds, eliminating demons, awakening people’s good thoughts, and also connecting predestined relationships made over thousands of years.