(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of November 11, 2006, about eight policemen stopped an older couple that were protesting their son's arrest. The police officers took away a cloth banner (with words of protest) from them. They pushed the elderly lady down on the ground and put the older man into the police vehicle, pulling him just by his hair. They drove away quickly.

Lying on the ground, the older lady saw with her own eyes how her husband was taken away. With the assistance of her other children, she went to the Yunquan Branch of the police department to appeal for his release. When she got there, she saw a police officer chasing her husband. Her husband stumbled and the larger policeman tackled him. The woman and her children pulled the policeman off the her husband, who took the chance to continue his escape. Then the policemen took her instead to the Yunquan Branch station and put her into the drug-rehabilitation center to detain her for the night.

1. No Place to Appeal, Being Intimidated by the Police

This older couple are the parents of Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Hong. Liu Hong is a taxi driver who cultivates the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Police officer Gao Jinfeng, from Yuanquan Station of the Datong Mining District, arrested Mr. Liu when he was at a fellow practitioner's home on November 7, 2006. They detained him in the detention center. His taxi car has been confiscated ever since then.

Liu Hong's parents went to the Yunquan Branch to ask Gao Jinfeng for their son's release. One policeman knocked his mother down to the ground and swaggered away. He also threatened her and said, "Your actions cannot help you get your son back. Instead, you will make your son even more guilty."

Liu Hong's parents went there every day to ask for their son. The policemen treated them rudely and intimidated them. They said, "If you continue to bother us like this, we will put you in there too, along with your son."

With no place to appeal, the elderly couple then wrote their complaint on a white cloth banner, telling people what had happened to awaken their consciences and kindness. However, the police intercepted and arrested them, subjecting them to persecution on the night of November 14.

2. Many Practitioners Illegally Arrested and Their Homes Ransacked

On November 7, 2006, the 610 Office in Datong City, Shanxi Province, had a secret meeting, planning to comprehensively implementillegal arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners. The National Security Department directly controlled the plan, the 610 Office led it, and the city police department, and every local police station cooperated to persecute practitioners. They broke into the homes of practitioners to ransack them, leaving with much confiscated software and materials. Many practitioners were taken away after their homes were ransacked. Currently, 13 practitioners are still detained.

Policeman Gao Jinfeng from the Yunquan Police Branch led a group of 17 officers to break into practitioner Wang Gaizheng's home at the Western Garden in Datong City. They ransackedthe home and confiscated all Falun Dafa books, one computer, two printers, one digital camera, four mobile phones, one MP3 player, truth clarifying materials, and some valuable items. They also arrested the five other people at the home, including an eight-year-old child.

Practitioners who are detained include Liu Hong, Qin Junping, Qiao Jiesheng, Tian Fusheng, An Meili, Wang Kaitang, Li Xiulian, Zhang Yunyu, Wang Zhifang, Sun Jianguo, Lao San (true name unknown), and Ms. Wang. It is now known that Zhang Yunyu, Wang Zhifang, Sun Jianguo, and An Meili are detained in the Chenzhuang Detention Center in Datong City. Li Xiulian is detained in the First Detention Center in Datong City. Liu Hong is detained at the detention center in the Datong Mining District.

The police officers who participated in the arrests include Niu Quanxi, Feng Zhiqang, and Zhang Qin (female). Their evil behavior has been exposed on Clearwisdom.net many times. Policeman Gao Jinfeng has followed the evil Jiang regime ever since the persecution began and has mistreated many Falun Dafa practitioners.

Gao Jingfeng, Section of National Security, Yunquan Branch, Datong City Mining District: 86-352-7014497 (Office), 86-352-7018652 (Home)
Datong City 610 Office: 86-352-2050778 ext.4115
Niu Quanxi, Feng Zhiqang: 86-352-2050778 ext.4118, 86-352-2050778 ext. 4119
Datong City Hexi Police Station: 86-352-4073830
Datong City Huayuan Police Station: 86-352-4070988
Yang Jianjun, director of Datong City Huayuan Police Station: 86-352-2506505 (Home), 86-13363426999 (Cell)