Greetings, respectful Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

As a practitioner working in the Chinese government, the moment I read the "Notice for Invitation to Submit Articles for the Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Falun Gong Practitioners in China," I immediately thought that I must cherish this opportunity and write my personal cultivation experiences. This is because writing about cultivation experiences is a part of the Fa-rectification and is what I must do as a particle of Falun Dafa.

In "To the Chicago Fa Conference," Teacher said,

"Your accomplishments reflect mighty virtue gained through sound Fa study and the solidifying of righteous thoughts, and your shortcomings tell of the things that you need to work on along your cultivation path."

Along the path of Fa-rectification practice, sometimes I practice well, sometimes not. When I was doing well, Teacher would encourage me. And when I didn't do well, Teacher would give me a hint, encouraging me to get up rather than stay lying down. In all circumstances, my heart is filled with a firm belief ¡V firmly believing in Teacher and in Dafa. With such steadfast belief, I have been following Teacher through difficulties and hardships.

1. Gathering Telephone Numbers

I used to ponder why I had to work in the Chinese government. As my Fa-study and cultivation practice progressed, I understood that this was Teacher's arrangement based on my own previous wish. It is here in the government that I am stationed to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa, to save the sentient beings, to fulfill my promise, and to do well what I'm supposed to do. To save us, compassionate and venerable Teacher has gone through a lot of trouble and endured numerous hardships. What He did for us can hardly be repaid so we must be thankful, we must boldly and vigorously forge ahead in Falun Dafa cultivation, and do well what we are supposed to do. Only this way can we be worthy of the name of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Along the path of Fa-rectification practice, I enlightened to the fact that making phone calls was an effective approach to clarifying the truth and eliminating evil. Such a truth-clarification approach is both safe and effective. It can not only communicate with other people by directly clarifying the truth based on the situation of the audience, but can effectively do truth-clarification based on their feedback. In "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005," Teacher said, "...every word that you say is like a thunderclap to them." As a result, I took collecting telephone numbers as an important task in truth-clarification. Under Teacher's guidance and arrangement, I have taken advantage of the convenience in my job and collected telephone numbers of pertinent provincial government departments, the municipal governments, the CCP committee at the municipal level, various departments of the city, the county level governments, the 610 Office, and the local police departments and stations. In addition, I have also collected the home numbers, work numbers, and cell phone numbers of the relevant government officials and some staff members. I uploaded all of them to the Clearwisdom website. Furthermore, I gathered the addresses and phone numbers while I was visiting other provinces and uploaded them to the Clearwisdom website as well. As I was organizing the materials, I often saw a beam of golden light flashing on the computer screen. I knew it was compassionate Teacher who was encouraging me. Lately I often gladly heard some of the local government officials saying that they received phone calls from Falun Gong practitioners. I believe we must carry out even further and better the work of making phone calls to clarify the truth.

2. Eliminate the Evil with Righteous Thoughts

As one of the three things Teacher taught us to do, sending righteous thoughts is very important, so we must do it well. In "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles," Teacher said,

"A lot of students don't place high importance on sending forth righteous thoughts, and a very big reason for this is that they are not sensitive [to what it is doing]. Whether you are sensitive or not, when Master tells you to do something you should do it, and it will for sure have its effect. It's definitely not just a formality! Master would absolutely not ask you to do something useless. (Applause) Were it just a formality, it would be meaningless for you, for me, for Fa-rectification and your validating the Fa, and for all beings. And moreover, [I have told you] to treat sending forth righteous thoughts as something highly important. You must take it seriously. Whether you can sense things or not, you need to do it with strong righteous thoughts. As time goes on I think all of you will come to sense things."

I place high importance on sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition to the usual schedule of sending forth righteous thoughts, I often send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil while doing Dafa work. At the entrance to our office building, there used to be a poster about "Maintaining the Advantage of the CCP." Every time I passed by, I always sent righteous thoughts towards it to eliminate the evil spirit behind it and all of CCP evil elements in other dimensions. After my continuous effort of sending forth righteous thoughts, the poster has disappeared. From this I strongly experienced the power of sending forth righteous thoughts.

3. Clarify the Truth with Wisdom and Urge People to Quit the CCP

I sent to some government staff members the software to break the CCP's Internet blockade and guided them to browse the Falun Dafa truth-clarification websites to understand the truth. In addition, I clarified the truth to the government staff members who I know well and urged them to quit the CCP. The colleagues who know the truth subsequently quit the CCP using their nick names. I also wrote letters to the local 610 Office members to clarify the truth. At various meetings, I talked about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and quitting the CCP.

Once a lower government department official invited me to give a speech. Right before the meeting, I asked Teacher in my heart to strengthen my righteous thoughts, and I kept telling myself to talk about Falun Dafa at the meeting. During the meeting, I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil there. Although the CCP secretary was sitting right next to me, my heart was filled with righteous thoughts. It was my turn. I calmly tried to include the truth-clarification content in my speech. I took the example of a third person to talk about the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP. While most people seemed to be bored and tired at the beginning of the meeting, they suddenly became awake as soon as I talked about the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP. I knew the side in them that is aware was listening.

4. Cooperating as One Body to Form a Strong Force

Under the condition of personal safety, I often contacted other practitioners and coordinated with them in Dafa work. For example, I helped fellow practitioners to download Teacher's new articles and articles from the Clearwisdom website, to declare the quitting of the CCP on the Internet, and to make CDs. I also taught them the techniques to safely browse the Internet. Sometimes I also attended small-sized Fa conferences to exchange cultivation experiences and to elevate together with other practitioners. In the meantime, I donated the money I saved to fellow practitioners to be used for making truth-clarification literature to save sentient beings.

There was a local practitioner who also worked in the government. He gave up his practice after July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime launched the widespread persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. While other practitioners were unable to get in touch with him, I took the opportunity to meet with him and chat with him. In addition, I gave him the books and CDs of Zhuan Falun, Teacher's new articles, articles from the Clearwisdom website, the Nine Commentaries, the "Eternal Poems," and the "Days with Master." Later he finally came back and proactively asked me for more literature.

5. Be Full of Great Aspirations While Minding Minor Details

As practitioners in the Fa-rectification era, we have the mission of assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. Also we must mind minor details. Since I started practicing Falun Dafa, I have been rigorously following the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Despite making mistakes sometimes, I am usually quick to correct them as soon as I realize them. I feel that my life is indeed elevating in the Fa. The following are some examples of the strict standard that I require of myself.

In my career, I take more responsibility but take fame and gain lightly. The work I am in charge of has consistently been ranked highly, near the top. Several times I was honored with the Excellent Worker award at the province and city level, and I have been awarded the Excellent Government Staff Member award six years in a row. All of these achievements are due to my practice of Falun Dafa and the resulting elevation of my xinxing. I enlightened to the fact that Dafa practice is serious.

"It takes cultivating the mind,
severing desires,
casting off attachments..."
("Who Dares Renounce Human Attachments?" from Hong Yin)

Cultivation practice cannot be casual. Instead it is upright, clean, and magnificent.

"Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun) All that I have done so far is the result of Teacher's careful arrangement and His compassionate protection. But what I have done is far from sufficient. There is still a big gap with the requirements of the Fa and with other practitioners. I am determined to advance more diligently in cultivation practice, do Dafa work better, and be worthy of compassionate Teacher's suffering to save sentient beings.