(Clearwisdom.net) My previous condition was as follows: I studied the Fa every day, but I didn't do much clarifying the truth. Sometimes sending righteous thoughts would be good, sometimes bad, and sometimes I didn't know that my hands had changed form. When my family members (who are fellow practitioners) pointed those issues out, thought-karma took control of me and I didn't act like a cultivator. Whenever I heard something in my ear as faint as grass moving in the wind, my thoughts would flutter. I was not clear in the Fa and didn't know how to cultivate. I knew I was wrong, and I tried hard to cultivate, but I felt that my improvements were minuscule.

This condition continued for more than two years. During this time I read many practitioners' experiences of memorizing the Fa. I also began memorizing the Fa, even though my basis for starting to memorize wasn't quite righteous. During the process of memorizing the Fa, it became righteous. Through this I found that I was much clearer on my own problems. I felt that I didn't even understand some of Zhuan Falun on the surface, not to mention it inner meanings. I began looking within, and through continuous studying and memorizing the Fa, I became clearer in the Fa, and understood what it means to constantly and unconditionally look within. I further understood Master's words, that in cultivation practice, nothing you encounter is an accident.

Near the base of the gates of my house, people would frequently throw very dirty rubbish. I saw this and became angry. Although at the time I knew to look within, maybe I had done something similar and harmed others before. I may have thrown my own dirty things. However, I still thought about it and got angry frequently. When similar things arise now, I immediately become conscious of it, because it is a reflection on the surface that my own dimension is still not rectified. That was the reason why I encountered that initial disturbing phenomenon. Therefore, I promptly cleanse my own dimension, rectifying what isn't righteous with my every thought and notion. Following this my surroundings change.

Unrighteous elements are hidden in our attachments and in our incorrect thoughts and notions. Maybe it is because only one unrighteous thought can bring about occurrences in the surface dimension. However, if we can unconditionally look within whenever we are met with difficult situations, we can find the attachments that we still haven't cultivated away and find unrighteous thoughts and notions. If we can all unconditionally look within, then no evil elements will exist. The primary factor in getting there is to study the Fa with our hearts, and memorize the Fa to rectify ourselves.