(Clearwisdom.net) Almost every Saturday, all of the practitioners in my area go to the city center to spread the Fa and encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its two affiliated organizations. However, within the past year, we have successfully persuaded very few people to do this. Most Chinese people looked like tourists. I would send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil factors behind every Chinese person I saw, and I tried to find every single chance to deliver materials to them. To those willing to take my materials and listen to me clarify the truth, I would feel gratified and relieved since I believed that their lives would be saved. If someone insulted or attacked me, I sent forth righteous thoughts and, at the same time, adjusted myself accordingly. I tried my best to avoid being stirred up by people’s attachments and treated every being with compassion and mercy. I also sent forth a hope that they would take my materials next time. For a long time I never thought there was anything inappropriate in the way I was spreading Dafa and trying to persuade people to quit the Party. Instead, I felt that I was saving sentient beings with compassion and mercy while cultivating myself.

In recent months, some changes occurred in the situation. A young lady was able to persuade people to quit whenever she clarified the truth to them. As of now, she has persuaded about 40 people to quit the Party right on the street. It touched my heart. I wondered why she was so successful. Why were people willing to stop and listen to her? Why were they unwilling to listen to me, and even opposed me? Why was the listener not willing to quit even after I had clearly explained every fact and the listener had seemed accepting? With these questions in mind, I observed how she clarified the truth to people. I found that she spoke in a very cordial tone. The tone of my voice was dull, flat and stiff. I realized that I didn’t have great compassion, which is a decisive factor in convincing the person I am talking to. What I thought was, "I have told you the truth. It is your problem how you make your choice."

Several days ago I saw her clarifying the truth to a young man. He left after she had said only a few sentences, but she beckoned him back to continue listening to her. I had been standing beside her, listening to her talk and sending forth righteous thoughts. I was thinking I could learn from her success in persuading people to quit. The young man raised many questions, and she answered them one by one, with a manner that was not irritable or impetuous, nor was she humble or haughty. She was cordial, gentle, and soft-spoken. Although her answers were not perfect as far as their superficial meaning was concerned, her compassion and righteous thoughts rapidly disintegrated the evil factors behind the young man, and he had to admit what she said was right. However, he still had many questions, especially questions on Chinese medicine that he wanted to ask me. So she left. I thought it might have been a chance for my cultivation arranged by Teacher, and I talked about how the Party had wrecked traditional Chinese medicine. Then I talked to him on other topics related to this question, answering many of his other unsolved questions. In the process of clarifying the truth to him, I was sending forth powerful righteous thoughts and was thinking that I must save him, just save him this time, not next time, much less the time after next. She and I talked to him for a total of more than two hours, and he finally agreed to make the three withdrawals.

Before leaving for home, he asked me to advise her against drawing people aside and talking them into making the three withdrawals, which he thought could cause other people to have misunderstandings. I thought to myself, "If she had not called you over, where could I find a chance to talk you into quitting, and how could you be saved? If you have got any misunderstanding, let me resolve it for you." Then, I told him, "Did you know that since this lady has been clarifying the truth here, many people who have made the three withdrawals after talking to her? She is a very kind person. You don’t quite understand her because there is something that you don’t know. It is just like you are walking down a road with fresh flowers blooming on either side. Under the flowers, however, there are hidden pitfalls. You didn’t know they were there but she did, and she came up and quickly pulled you back. Maybe she hurt you when she grabbed you, or you thought she was getting in your way. However, what she did saved you."

Finally, the young man understood everything and left joyfully. I believe that he will tell other people the truth.

I realized that we must really be responsible to every being when we try to persuade people to make the three withdrawals. Otherwise, the person may not be willing to quit although you have clarified the truth to him. Or, the person says that he will withdraw after going home but wavers after getting home where the field of righteous thoughts is not strong enough, or when some evil interference comes up, and so on. We must have great compassion and mercy and send forth the firmest righteous thoughts: "This being must be saved."