(Clearwisdom.net) I started to send forth righteous thoughts in 2005. While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I was not paying attention to clearing out the evil and the evil factors in my dimensional field. Because of this, I have often been interfered with when I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. Sometimes, my main consciousness could not remain in control.

When I read the article published in Minghui Weekly, No. 234, I understood the reason I was being interfered with. I rarely cleared myself during the first five minutes prior to send forth righteous thoughts. Fellow practitioners have said that if one does not clear oneself well, the following results may occur. First, a person is unable to keep strong righteous thoughts. Second, because evil factors in the mind are not cleared, one can not focus on sending forth righteous thoughts and one's supernatural powers will be unavailable. So I remind my fellow practitioners, when you send forth righteous thoughts, you must remember to clear out your own bad factors.