(Clearwisdom.net) The police seized my aunt and another practitioner for clarifying the truth and took them to a detention center on June 17, 2006, after people who didn’t understand the truth about Falun Gong reported them.

The next afternoon I read this news on the Internet. I believed that no matter what gaps my aunt might have the evil had no right to test and persecute her, so I sent forth righteous thoughts while I was downloading the information. Then I notified her daughter (also a practitioner) and every other practitioner I could find, hoping that everyone would spread the news to more practitioners as soon as possible and help send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and rescue my aunt.

After sharing our understandings we discussed a rescue plan together. We collected the facts of the persecution that my aunt had been subjected to for validating the Fa and clarifying the truth since 1999, found accounts of successful rescues on the Internet that were accomplished by practitioners who followed Teacher’s instructions to send forth righteous thoughts, and compiled a brochure. At the same time, some of us went to where she’d been arrested to get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the police officers and units involved as well as the other people responsible for her persecution. We also collected details of the persecution of other practitioners in the area over the years, which we used to write more than ten reports. We also contacted local practitioners and distributed and posted flyers downloaded from the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). Meanwhile, we explained the truth about Falun Gong to my aunt’s non-practicing family members. We told them about the persecution and why they needed to go to the detention center and ask for her release.

When my aunt’s family went to the detention center to ask for her release, the police there (including one of her distant relatives) said, "No big deal, we’ll release her in 15 days." Many practitioners believed what they said, and slacked off in their efforts. When my aunt’s family went to pick her up on the morning of the 15th day, the deceitful policemen informed them that she’d been sent to the Wuhan City Forced Labor Camp for Women in Hubei Province two days before. Upon hearing the news some practitioners were surprised, and some were very angry.

In light of the torture and torment that I’ve suffered in prison for practicing Dafa over the years and all the evil persecution I’ve been subjected to, I should have considered the blackness and guile of the evil. Although I hadn’t believed their story this situation still occurred. Did it mean I had other problems? I calmly considered this for a while. I wondered if it was because of my sentiment for my aunt or because I hadn’t done well in some respect or had left an omission in my cultivation. Had our practitioners failed to act as one body? I’d read on the Internet about so many practitioners who were abducted and persecuted. Had I grown numb to it? Had I failed to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminated the evil and deny the persecution every time I read news of the persecution? Looking inward, I found I actually had many problems.

I therefore tried to become even stricter with myself. Five minutes before the global time for sending forth righteous thoughts I asked Teacher to strengthen me and asked all of the protecting gods to help me eliminate my bad thoughts, thought karma, notions, and external interference and to eradicate all of the negative, bad and impure elements in myself, to eliminate all my elements that didn’t meet Dafa’s standards, and to extinguish my attachments to allure, desire, fear, and all other attachments. I added during the middle five minutes: "Eradicate all evil, dark minions and rotten ghosts, and the evil spirit of the CCP that persecutes my aunt. Reinforce her righteous thoughts, make her more rational, clear-minded, wise, and steadfast. Destroy all of the elements that imprison her, let her immediately, successfully and unconditionally walk out of the den of the evil."

After we once again shared our experiences, everyone began to see their own shortcomings. After learning about my aunt’s arrest some practitioners had immediately assumed that it was due to her gaps. Some regarded the news with indifference, paid no attention, or kept it to themselves. Others purposely withheld the news because they weren’t happy with my aunt to begin with. As a result the practitioners had failed to form one body. After we identified our problems we tried again. Practitioners from more than ten practice sites sent forth righteous thoughts with us. We used the Internet to let everyone know what was going on so that practitioners from everywhere could send forth righteous thoughts, make calls to clarify the truth, and do anything else they could think of to help.

On August 27, 2006, my aunt finally walked out of that den of evil in an open and honorable way, without compromise and without giving her signature or fingerprints. Of course her righteous thoughts and acts were only possible due to Teacher’s immeasurable compassion, gods’ help and the righteous thoughts of many Falun Dafa practitioners.

Afterwards we again calmed down to study the Fa. My personal understanding is that as long as our Falun Dafa practitioners truly regard the Fa as teacher, have righteous thoughts and acts, and form a tacit and strong one body, then rescuing illegally detained practitioners will certainly enter a new phase of success.

If there are any misunderstandings in my sharing, please point them out. Heshi.