(Clearwisdom.net) When I was detained at the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp, I watched with my own eyes the completely inhumane, brutal persecution of Falun Dafa disciple Ms. Zhu Xiyu.

Zhu Xiyu is from Yanji. She was illegally detained in the Fourth Team of the labor camp. Because she refused to comply with the guards' orders, she was often beaten and yelled at. Some of the other detainees also beat her at the command of the guards. She went on a hunger strike to protest the evil persecution and her illegal detention, and was force-fed by camp doctors. Often she ended up with dark bruises on her face. Sometimes when she returned from the labor camp clinic, her face was covered in blood, and she had a tube inserted into her nose. When other practitioners went to the guards to stop their violence, the head guard was afraid that things would get out of control, and ordered that Zhu be taken back to his office. But of course what awaited her was more beating and electric shocks.

After several months, although the guards used whatever methods they had, they could not "transform" Zhu Xiyu. The guards then collaborated with the labor camp doctors and sent Zhu to the Public Security Bureau Hospital for further "treatment," or in other words, to implement further persecution.

I found that Zhu had disappeared, so I asked around, but nobody knew where she went. After a while, I saw an official of the Fourth Team (actually an accomplice of the guards). She said, "I don't know where Zhu Xiyu went. It's hard to say if she is still alive. Perhaps she went home."

Three months later, when I was waiting in line to get a meal, I saw an elderly woman whose arms were crossed and who had a hunched back. The guards from the Fourth Team and two other people in red clothes were yelling, "Go forward, go back," continuously torturing her. A person in red was pushing and shoving her while the head guard was yelling. Who was she? I was wondering when a guard said loudly, "Zhu Xiyu!" She was Zhu Xiyu! I was both shocked and very angry. When Zhu first came to this place, she looked only to be around 30. Now the evil guards had tortured her into this state. Later I heard that Zhu had already suffered a mental breakdown. The things she said no longer made sense, yet she still said to us every day, "Falun Dafa is great!" After she said that, she was usually beaten or shocked with an electric baton.

One day in January 2003, we were walking back in line after eating a meal. When we got back to the workshop, I looked outside the window and was astounded. It took me a while to put into words, "Come, come and look." Everyone came over. We saw that the guard from the Fourth Team led two thugs, dragging Zhu on the ground with a rope tied to each of her ankles. Her back and head were on the ground. Her clothes were tattered and open. They dragged her down the stairs, leaving a long trail of blood on the snow-covered path. We were outraged and knocked on the window. We shouted, "Stop! You are no different than the Nazis. You are more brutal than the Nazis!" The guard and the thugs stopped and stood there for a while and didn't say anything. Then they pulled her up, held her by the arms, and took her to the labor camp office. The other guards yelled at us, and said, "Who are you?"

When we finished work that day, it was past 9 p.m. We saw blood on the stairs from the first to the fourth floor, where the Fourth Team was located. Because it was dark outside, we could not see whether there was blood outside.

It has been more than three years, and I have not heard anything from Zhu Xiyu since then. I don't know where she is, or whether she has been freed from the labor camps.