(Clearwisdom.net) After July 20, 1999, practitioners actively joined the current of validating Falun Dafa, clarifying the truth to people in all kinds of ways, and saving sentient beings with benevolent compassion. Several practitioners in our area gathered together, found a place, combined our savings, bought equipment, and established our first Falun Dafa truth clarification materials production site. We reprinted many truth-clarifying articles published on Minghui.net (Clearwisdom.net) and Master's recent articles and lectures. The materials we printed were sent to many areas in our province, and this shook the evil very powerfully in our region.

In the recent "Minghui Weekly" there were several articles that mentioned how practitioners have had conflicts, a lack of coordination and harmony, and related problems. When I read these articles, I cannot help but recall the precious time we spent together at the material site.

The center was located in an empty house that belonged to one of the practitioners. None of us had experience [in making truth-clarification materials], so we just tried our best to do the job. Some practitioners were responsible for downloading materials, some took care of the installation and maintenance of equipment, and all of us participated with the final organizing and packaging. We formed a production line, cooperating very well whenever we had problems. We all tried to give suggestions without picking on others, and we respected and cared for each other with no jealousy or showing off. We all arrived at the site one by one, doing our work quietly.

I remember one time when I arrived at the site, I noticed that the ink on the upper half of the page of some copies of "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in New Zealand (1999)" was lighter. I asked a practitioner if he knew the reason for this. He said it was because of the master copy. If the master copy is not good enough, it needs to be redone. So I discussed this with him, suggesting that we redo the whole book, because this was Master's Fa, and we wanted to give practitioners the best quality for reading. The practitioner said happily, "You are right. Let's reprint it," We quickly re-produced the master copy.

The first batch of truth-clarification materials we printed contained lots of content, was very condensed, and the font sizes were small. Later I suggested to the column designer to consider the overall quality of the pages. They needed to be clear, clean, and attractive, so as to make the reader really want to finish reading. This practitioner responded, "Your suggestion is very good, and we will follow it from now on."

I recall that at that time there were no leaders or followers in our group. We just cooperated very harmoniously, and we all had a sincere wish to do our jobs well. We treasured our time together. There were no conflicts nor any unhappiness. We printed a lot of materials. Sometimes practitioners drove a truck to the site with supplies and left carrying the printed materials away. We would all help unloading and loading everything onto the truck. I remember we recited Master's poem ,"Tempering the Will" in Hong Yin:


Let joy be found in hardship."

Although we had lots to do, everything was orderly due to our harmonious cooperation. We talked with humor, making the atmosphere pleasant and at ease. The evil was very rampant at that time, but as soon as we arrived at the materials production site, it felt like coming to a village outside this dusty world, with no pressure or fear.

Something amazing happened at the site. A practitioner was printing flyers, but towards the end of the day the ink indicator showed that the ink cartridge was empty. We all thought that it was too bad, since we would have to buy more ink the next day and the present batch would not be finished on time unless we had a little ink to refill the machine. In that instant, the printer's ink indicator showed "full," as if it had been replaced with a new cartridge. We were very happy, and finished our batch quickly.

We merged with Master's great mercy and the miracles of Falun Dafa during those days at our materials production site. Master was protecting us every moment, solving problems for us, and eliminating the obstacles in our path. Falun Dafa strengthened our righteous thoughts, enabling us to solidly believe in Master and Dafa and to save sentient beings with compassion. Practitioners that worked at the site did not think of themselves and did not have fear. We were very frank with each other, and we formed a sincere one body.

Later we went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa one by one, and we were separated afterwards. Some of us were sentenced to forced labor or prison, and some among them are still detained today. Those who have been able to gather here recently often recall those unforgettable days. We miss our practitioners who are still detained. Imagine them having lost their freedom and enduring inhuman torture, without the means for regular Fa study and doing the exercises, and not able to read Master's new scriptures. How painful! I hope that practitioners who are able to get out of detention treasure our times together and become more diligent in the Fa-rectification. How sacred it is that we can validate the Fa together! There are so many sentient beings waiting for us to save them and too many tasks for us to have conflicts. Let us treasure every day together!

The above are my personal understandings. Please point out any part that is not correct!