(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Jieping, a 56-year-old Dafa practitioner from Jialing Factory in Duijin Village, Chongqing City, Shuangbei County, passed away in great agony at about 6:00 a.m. on September 5, 2006. He was persecuted to death at the Baihelin Detention Center in Shangpingba District, Chongqing City.

Zhang Jieping was illegally detained for four and a half months at the Baihelin Detention Center. He was on the brink of death on August 29, 2006, when he was transferred to the Number 1 People's Hospital in Shapingba District. Mr. Zhang was completely paralysed and unable to speak. He was very pale and had a high fever, and he was totally disfigured. Nevertheless, the police still insisted on shackling his feet to the bed. Mr. Zhang was terribly emaciated. He previously weighed more than 155 pounds, but his weight had fallen to just over 77 pounds.

Three days after he was admitted to the hospital, Zhang Jieping's family received two notices from the hospital informing them that he was critically ill. On the seventh day, he died in great agony. His seventy-year-old mother was so deeply grieved that she cried and wanted to look for the perpetrators, Wang Jian, Deng Bin, Zhao Jiaxiang, Xie Gang, and others, and force them to give her son back.

Zhang Jieping was a retiree from the Jialing Factory. He was illegally arrested by plainclothes police officer Deng Bin while he was clarifying the truth in Yuazhuqiao Area on April 15, 2006. His family didn't know his whereabouts. After he'd been missing for eight days, the police raided his house. They refused to show a search warrant and didn't leave until 11:00 p.m. In less than an hour they returned to his home and searched the house again, though they still didn't have a search warrant. They showed the family a detention warrant and asked them to sign it. The family refused to concede that Zhang Jianping had committed a crime and refused to sign. A police officer then signed the name of one of Zhang Jianping's relatives on the detention warrant.

After he was illegally detained at the detention center, Zhang Jieping wasn't allowed to make phone calls and his family members weren't allowed to see him. They had to transfer money into a detention center account for him. Mr. Zhang was detained for four extra months. On August 29, his son went to the detention center to buy food for him and found out that his father was at the brink of death. Officials at the detention center then sent him to the hospital, but it was too late. The authorities at the detention center clearly had the intention of putting Mr. Zhang to death.

A medical examination showed that Zhang Jieping had been sick for more than two months. He was unable to speak, had no strength, coughed up phlegm and had chest pain for more than a month. Within a mere two months, he was transformed from a completely healthy person without any illnesses into a weak person with the following severe symptoms: periphery breath and circulatory failure, respiratory muscle paralysis, Guillain Barr Syndrome, right lower lung bacterial pneumonia, low sodium hemopathy, peripheral neuropathy in multiple sclerosis, autonomic nervous function damage.

We don't know what methods the police at the Baihelin Detention Center used to persecute Zhang Jieping and cause him to suffer these seven disease processes, and to lose more than 70 pounds.

This situation begs the question: Why did the authorities illegally raid Mr. Zhang's home and detain him? Why was Zhang Jianping not released, since there wasn't enough evidence to bring a court case against him? Why was a good, healthy and kind person persecuted to death for no apparent reason?

His family demands that the perpetrators be held responsible for their crimes.

Relevant phone numbers:

Zhang Xiaotao, Political Commissar of the Political and Legal Committee in Shanpengba District, Chongqing City: 86-13808370037 (Cell), 86-23-65460652 (Home)

The Baihelin Detention Center: 86-23-65313586

Director: Pan

Deputy director: Wang Jian

Prison doctor: Dai

The Public Security Bureau in Shapingba District, Chongqing City

Preliminary Hearing Section: 86-23-65394776, 86-23-63755221, 86-23-637755222

Police officers: Zhao Jiaxiang, Xie Gang, Yang Hongliang, Wang Yaheng, Wei Xin, Xiao Long, Zhang Jianxin, Chen Yang, Gao Pengju, Yang Chuan, Yang Nan, Liu Ruyu, Fu Tong and Wu Xulei

Deng Bin, director of the 610 Office, Jingkou Police Station, Shapingba District, Chongqing City: 86-1398339633 (Cell)

Fang Zheng: director of 610 Office, Zhanjiaxi Community, Shapingba District, Zhongqing City

Luo Xiangzhi: Political Commissar of the Political and Legal Committee and Director of the 610 Office, Jialing Public Security Bureau, Shapingba District, Chongqing City

Ming Lifu, director of the Public Security Bureau, Jialing Area: 86-23-65192463, 86-23-65191218

Police officers in charge of detaining Falun Gong practitioners at the Jialing Area Public Security Bureau: Zhang Hong, Zhang Dairong (female)

Police officers in charge of household registry in the area where Zhang Jieping lived: Deng Ping, Party secretaries of the local community: Lu Xiulan and Chen Guosu