(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, I thought about these questions: "As Dafa disciples, we believe in Master, but how much do we really believe in Master? Do we believe in our Master one hundred percent? How much do I believe in Master? Do I believe in Master one hundred percent?" In thinking about these questions, I thought that after nine years of Dafa cultivation, my heart of cultivation was as solid as diamond and that I believed one hundred percent in Master.

At least I thought so until one day not long ago, when I met a senior fellow practitioner who was attending a mutual friend’s birthday party. While sharing with her, we talked about how cultivators believe in Master and the Fa. I mentioned that while facing the great tribulation of the persecution, many cultivators believe one hundred percent in Master and the Fa. I also mentioned that many practitioners are still holding on to Buddha School cultivation with one hand and things of human beings with the other, just like the two people who believe in Buddha in the article, "Golden Buddha." I also told her that as human beings who come to this world, we will surely die one day, and the worst thing is that some may die a little bit early. At that instant, this practitioner said very calmly: "No. If you believe in Master, nothing will happen."

Those simple words really shocked me. It was a true reflection of her cultivation state, which reflected that she believed one hundred percent in Master. Why did I think of dying as being the worst thing instead of thinking that nothing would happen if I wholeheartedly believed in Master? Suddenly I realized that I did not actually believe one hundred percent in Master. Although I seemed to believe in Master superficially, actually it was my human heart that was exposed. Although I seemed to let go off the attachment to life and death, it was actually my human attachment of showing off as a "hero." Actually I was still using my concepts formed after birth to look at things instead of using the standards of a true Dafa disciple to evaluate things.

Master bestowed upon us supernormal abilities and divine powers as mentioned in Master’s article "Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" as early as 2001. Why is it that even now, we are still not as powerful as gods? Why are there still so many practitioners being persecuted? This is because we do not believe in our Master one hundred percent. It is also because we do not truly acknowledge the supernormal abilities and divine powers that Master has given us and we do not have enough righteous thoughts, so we are not able to fully use our divine, supernormal powers. When the persecution occurred, if our hearts had not beaten so violently and if we had kept calm and thought of our Master first, we could have used our supernormal powers and abilities bestowed upon us by Master freely. If we can use the righteous thoughts of a god instead of our human concepts, human notions, and human hearts, the persecution would have been resolved by our Master. Then this evil drama would not have continued until today. That would have been the true reflection that we indeed believe in Master one hundred percent.

After the brief sharing with this fellow practitioner, my understanding was elevated, and my realm was elevated too. Yes, for a genuine practitioner, whenever we come across anything, any problem, any interference, or any tribulation, we need to believe in Master one hundred percent. We should use the Fa to measure every single thought and use the Fa to measure whether our words and actions meet the requirements of the Fa at different levels. If we are truly determined in our own righteous thoughts and let go of our human attachments and all kinds of human concepts and selfishness, and if we can use our supernormal abilities and powers bestowed upon us by Master, we will surely find:

"After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!'" (Zhuan Falun, English Version in 2000)

No matter what problems, what interferences, or what tribulations we encounter, they are all opportunities for us to improve and elevate ourselves. Where does our confidence in cultivation, which is as solid as diamond, come from? It comes from having one hundred percent belief in our Master. When practitioners are determined enough, and when we truly follow Master’s teachings and the requirements of the Fa, then we truly become human beings who walk on the path of godhood! And eventually, we will surely become gods.