(Clearwisdom.net) Qianyang Township police arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Cheng on July 20, 2004 and sent him to a detention center, following a home search. At the day of his arrest the persecutors transferred him to the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp, where he was subjected to various tortures.

1. Enduring the iron chair for four days:

The iron chair is actually a metal chair made from only a few iron rods. Sitting on the chair for a long time can cause the victim's lumbar vertebra to become dislocated, the lower limbs crippled, or the person to become paralyzed. Since Liu Cheng refused to wear the prison uniform, the guards forced him to sit on the iron chair. His hands and feet were handcuffed to the chair and his whole body weight was on that metal rod. Before long, when subjected to this torture, one feels severe pain from the lower back, the arms, the lower limbs and back, which make one feel like dying rather than living. Liu Cheng had been subjected to this torture for four days.

2. Legs tied into the lotus position

Around July 27-28, 2004, guards led by Li Songtao forced Liu's legs into the double lotus position and tied them, using a bed sheet. They also handcuffed Liu's hands behind his back and put a safety helmet on his head. They forced him to listen to brainwashing broadcasts that slandered Dafa. Guard Li also used an electric baton to shock Liu's face and neck. This torture continued for an entire day.

3. Handcuffing, plus beatings and electric shocks

Guards Liu Guangjiang, Han Lihua, Niu Jiyao and a person with the surname Sun attempted to make Mr. Liu give up Falun Dafa. They made him sit on a bed, and handcuffed him separately to each side of the bed's headboard. The officers then incited criminals Chen Changbin, Wang Tao, Li Huanyu, Li Feng, Yin Mingde, Sun Guoze and others to beat him. They beat his chest with their fists and used the bottoms of their shoes to hit his head and face. They further used a mop handle to poke his chest, knees and ankles and kicked his back. While this was happening, the guards electrically shocked Mr. Liu's face and neck. Following that abuse, the evildoers handcuffed him to a heating pipe in such a way that he could neither stand nor squat, and they continued to beat and shock him.

In addition, they used a belt buckle to poke at his chest and his testicles. Such abuse continued for three days, leaving him black and blue. He was also deprived of sleep. When this torture was stopped, Mr. Liu was bedridden for two weeks.

Following this abuse, Mr. Liu was in constant pain and discomfort and had lost the feeling in his legs. He attempted to practice Falun Gong to relieve his pain, but No. 2 Division chief Bai Jinlong threatened him. Ignoring Mr. Liu's agony, chief Bai had the practitioner incarcerated in a small cell, to persecute him further. In addition, Bai urged common criminal Pan Xuehai to handcuff Mr. Liu onto a small chair and then beat and kick him. More abuse followed. They used a bit and bridle on him, the bit was rough and protruded toward the throat. It poked into his throat, making him vomit uncontrollably. He had to wear this bit all day long for two weeks. The guards thought of other cruelties as well. They hung him up and then later had him stand straight, with hands handcuffed behind his back. The abusers continued the tortures for two months, eventually leading to Mr. Liu's severe leg disability. A doctor diagnosed the condition as a protruding disc in the lower back, having led to leg numbness from chronic pressure.

Mr. Liu Cheng tried once to intervene in the beating of Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Xiangyang. Guard Li Songtao had given the beating order. Mr. Liu Cheng said, "Stop the beating! Falun Dafa is good!" That earned Mr. Liu Cheng a one-month extended imprisonment term.

4. Sitting on a small chair

Falun Gong practitioners had to sit for ten hours or more daily on tiny wooden chairs with a surface area of 1 sq. foot. This lengthy sitting bruised the buttocks, made them fester and have scabs, and in serious cases led to gangrene in spots. The rectal area was permanently damaged for some people due to lack of circulation. The legs were affected as well, causing some people to become disabled.

The events described above are a mere fraction of the abuse and torture that Mr. Liu Cheng had to endure under the persecution at the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp. Additional and even more ruthless incidents are daily occurrences at that camp, a camp notorious for years of savage persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Several practitioners have died at this camp, and others have been physically or mentally disabled. Justice has not yet been served. The persecutors are so far still going freely about their cruelties and continue their evil ways, because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sanctions their conduct. The particular people who are clamoring for promotions and get-rich schemes at this camp by persecuting Falun Gong practitioners include the following individuals: Li Songtao, Bai Jinlong, Zhang Chunfeng, Liu Xingjiang, Zhang Jiabin, Yang Tinglun, Mu Jinsheng, He Yinglin, Shi Zhenshan and others.

Jinzhou Forced labor camp, No. 2 Division:
Li Songtao: 86-416-4303782, Zhang Shuenfeng: 86-13504165351 (Cell)
No. 2 Brigade: 86-416-4575192, Bai Jinlong: 86-416-4575193
Guard duty office: 86-416-4575195
Criminal Guo Shaozhao: 86-13940641554 (Cell)
Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp Clinic director, Shi Zhenshan
Administration Section chief, Liu Xingjiang Jinzhou