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The Clearwisdom website has published several articles about practitioner Ms. Zhou Caixia in Inner Mongolia who was persecuted many times and finally died as a result. We can now reveal more facts about her death, verifying the brutal methods of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and the crimes of the 610 Office, which is responsible for the deaths of many practitioners.

Ms. Zhou Caixia was the Head of the Women's Labor Division at the Main Labor Union in Chifeng City. In November 2000, she was illegally arrested for practicing Falun Dafa. She was tortured by the police day and night and was then sent to the Hongshan District Detention Center in Chifeng City. She went on a hunger strike to protest for one week, but then the guards instigated other detainees to abuse her. The police coerced her family members into persuading her to eat. She was then sent to the Tumuji Detention Center in Inner Mongolia

In July 2001, the police sent Ms. Zhou to the Huhehaote City Women's Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia. There, she was persecuted to death's door. Her brother then took her to his home.

Police officers from the 610 Office of Chifeng City and the 610 Office in the Hongshan District went to her brother's home to harass her repeatedly. One Political and Legal Committee chief said, "Zhou Caixia is so stubborn that she should die." In Chifeng City, Mayor Ms. Wang Yaxuan was murdered several years ago because she practiced Falun Dafa.

In the summer of 2001, someone broadcast truth-clarification videos in Chifeng City. The police harassed practitioners in Chifeng City to try to find the person or persons involved. The police knocked on the door of Ms. Zhou Caixia's home, but she did not answer. Later she was taken away by the police and secretly sent to the Jinshan Detention Center in Kalaqin Flag. The guards hung her up to torture her. She sent forth righteous thoughts, and the handcuffs miraculously opened. After several days, she left the detention center with righteous thoughts.

On February 12, 2003, Ms. Zhou was arrested by the police again while distributing truth clarification materials with another practitioner, Zheng Fenglan. Within two weeks, Zheng Fenglan had been tortured to death in the Hongshan Detention Center. Ms. Zhou was tortured to the verge of death many times. The 610 Office in Chifeng City coerced the police to try every method to brainwash her, but they did not succeed. Then the corrupt officials in Chifeng "illegally sentenced" Ms. Zhou to prison. When Ms. Zhou was on the verge of death, the leader of the 610 Office, Yang Chunyue, deceived Ms. Zhou with fake compassion by allowing her to do the exercises, convincing Ms. Zhou to end her hunger strike. Zhou Caixia did the exercises every day, and her health recovered quickly. They then sent her to Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia and began a round of even more brutal torture.

Once Ms. Zhou got out of the car, the police guards beat her as they dragged her into the prison. The prison warden, Zhou Jianhua, beat her severely. After she was tortured for many days, she was again beaten severely. One night Zhou Jianhua hung Ms. Zhou by her handcuffs from the basketball hoop in front of other practitioners. Zhou Jianhua did not release her until the next morning, after Ms. Zhou had been dead for a long time. Her arms had been stretched out abnormally long from bearing the weight of her body.

According to the witnesses, when Ms. Zhou was dragged toward the basketball stand, she was already dying. The guards did not give her any emergency treatment: they hung her from the basketball hoop. Actually, they intended to kill her. The whole thing was orchestrated by female prison warden Zhou Jianhua.

Zhou Jianhua personally murdered Ms. Zhou Caixia. One possible reason she handled this herself was because she did not want others to see clearly that Ms. Zhou was barely alive when she was hung on the basketball stand. Another possibility was that she was afraid Ms. Zhou Caixia would survive if someone else did it.

Someone said that Ms. Zhou Caixia had known for a long time that the police wanted to kill her. She once said to the criminal inmates who tortured her and tied her up: "Release me. I have a sweater for you." To prevent anyone from rescuing Ms. Zhou, Zhou Jianhua did it herself. She released Ms. Zhou Caixia only after she was dead.

Practitioners revealed that Ms. Zhou Caixia had been repeatedly tortured to the verge of death. After Baoanzhao Women's Prison and the Inner Mongolia No.1 Women's Prison in Huhehaote City merged, Zhou Jianhua was still the warden of the Inner Mongolia Women's Prison.

After Ms. Zhou Caixia was persecuted to death, practitioners never stopped investigating and exposing the crimes of the authorities. Their investigations have yielded the following information:

1. Agents in the 610 Office of Inner Mongolia and in Chifeng thought that Ms. Zhou Caixia was famous in Inner Mongolia for her steadfastness in Falun Gong and that she was influential. To them, she had to be brainwashed, or they would have had to kill her. Political and Legal Committee chiefs in Chifeng City and the Hongshan District said that if Ms. Zhou Caixia was not brainwashed, then she should die.

2. After Zheng Fenglan was tortured to death, the Clearwisdom website revealed Ms. Zhou Caixia's situation. Under pressure, the police chose to send Ms. Zhou to the Baoanzhao Women's Prison to be tortured to death. There they committed their crimes in secret, and information was blocked from getting out.

3. They deceived Ms. Zhou Caixia with fake compassion into convincing her to quit her hunger strike. Yang Chunyue, the 610 Office Chief in Chifeng, and his underlings managed this. They also used this method to persecute other practitioners. It was only a stalling tactic until they could change the location to kill Ms. Zhou Caixia.

4. After Ms. Zhou was tortured to death, Yang Chunyue, Chen Xiaodong, and Meng Heping in the 610 Office of Chifeng City all participated in making up and spreading rumors to cover up the truth about her death. Moreover, in order to hinder others from knowing the details of her death, agents of the 610 Office in Chifeng claimed that she had died in Chifeng, making it impossible to be investigated.

5. Individuals from the 610 Office in Chifeng have verified that, in the end, they would not allow Ms. Zhou Caixia to live any longer, even she gave up her hunger strike, and hinted that the supervisors had already decided to kill her.

6. Baoanzhao was detaining several dozen practitioners at the time. Zhou Jianhua had personally killed others before. Moreover, she also killed the dying ones. It was clear that she had already gotten the order and a promise of personal advancement if she killed Ms. Zhou Caixia. According to informants, as in Ms. Zhou Caixia's death, it is the supervisors that give the order to kill. The process is generally discussed secretly, leaving no documentation, and the executioners are told to "do what they want." So, in order to finish the task of killing Ms. Zhou Caixia, Zhou Jianhua did it in person, for fear that Ms. Zhou would survive if others were involved.

7. Chief of Inner Mongolia 610 Office Liang Hanbin and deputy chief Zhang Xiumei informed themselves in detail of every "important figure" in Inner Mongolia. Many cases were reported to them. They organized meetings and conversations and went to every prison administration bureau, working bureau, prison, and forced labor camp to assign persecution tasks themselves. The persecution cases regarding "important figures" were reported to them in writing. Then they reported to their superior. The highest ranking person in Inner Mongolia is Liang Hanbin, and the highest ranking person to report to in the center is Wang Gang. It was verified by people in the Inner Mongolia forced labor system that the 610 Office of Inner Mongolia manipulated the entire prison system and allowed each prison a death quota. Otherwise, Zhou Jianhua would not have dared to torture Ms. Zhou Caixia to death.

Officials in Inner Mongolia controlled the Inner Mongolia Prison, the Inner Mongolia No.1 Women's Prison, the Baoanzhao Prison (which merged with the Inner Mongolia No.1 Women's Prison in the suburb of Hohhot City in November 2003), the Inner Mongolia No.4 Prison, the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp, the Women's Forced Labor Camp in Hohhot City, the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, etc. Their crimes are obvious. In October this year, the officials in Inner Mongolia spread lies in the square of Hohhot City, denouncing Dafa, poisoning the sentient beings, and sustaining the Party.