(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners know that the Fa-rectification is approaching its end and try their best in doing the three things that Master has asked us to do. Today I am suggesting to fellow practitioners that we should value more our sending forth righteous thoughts and do it as many times as we can. Many practitioners may have thought of relaxing themselves a bit in sending forth righteous thoughts after the Clearwisdom website put up a notice to adjust the times. But from my recent experiences, I have realize that we should pay more attention in sending forth righteous thoughts.

Since last September my husband and I have been living together. I often talk to him about cultivation and let him read Dafa books. He is very busy all year around and seems to have no time to rest. He comes home as late as 9:00 p.m., and sometimes even spends the whole night at work. He works in a government-owned company and has to work overtime even when he has finished the assigned work. I felt it was really pitiful for one to live this way and I wanted him to obtain the Fa. However, at that time, I felt that he would start the practice too late since the Fa-rectification has progressed to its final stage and he would have to complete his cultivation in the future. Now I realize how narrow-minded I really was.

I had been clarifying the truth through phone calls. One day at noon, I told my husband, "I want to buy a printer so that I can distribute truth-clarifying materials to people...." Since he had read persecution stories of some practitioners and known deeply the cruelty of the evil party, he didn't say anything at the time out of his concern for my safety. Later when he came back home at night, he told me, "I have thought it through. We will buy a printer and you will be an editor at home. I will distribute the materials for you. It's not convenient for you since you are a woman."

I was very moved at that time. I realized I was wrong about him before. I told him, "You are really a Fa-rectification-period Dafa disciple..."

Since my husband had read Dafa books before, I told him, "If you help me distribute the materials, you must read the book and send forth righteous thoughts every day. This is not work done by ordinary people. You must have righteous thoughts and righteous behavior in order to follow a righteous path." That night, October 2, I taught him to send forth righteous thoughts. I told him what he should think during sending forth righteous thoughts. He thought it was too much to remember. I told him to first remember Master's Fa-rectification verses, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated; the Fa rectifies heaven and earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime". At 10:00 p.m. we started to send forth righteous thoughts. After we finished, he told me what he saw. I realized his third eye was open. Here I am writing down what he saw in recent days and hope to help fellow practitioners pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.

Here is what my husband saw at 10:00 p.m. on October 2. On the left, the sky was very bright. On the right, there was a big courtyard with many tall buildings inside and two armed guards at the gate. Not long after, bodies of energy carrying righteous thoughts flew in. Some looked like arrows and some looked like shields. They shot in rows and layers toward the tiny people, the courtyard, and the buildings. The tiny people fell down and disappeared in white smoke. The buildings fell down completely. Many big ugly things like black spiders squeezed out from the ruins of the buildings and crawled around. The energy clusters kept hitting these ugly things. Then, their backs exploded and dark liquids spouted out. With white smoke rising, they finally disappeared as well. A clear and bright sky appeared, filled with many flying Falun.

When he sent righteous thoughts at 6:00 in the morning, he saw vast white energy clusters flowing around, not missing any corner. After they passed by, some tall buildings disappeared and some huge trees or big chimneys disappeared. But some buildings were left alone and some houses were left as well. Once the energy clusters arrived at a hidden place with a fence around but no roof. Many people with fur clothes were hiding inside. A huge circle of light came, hanging over the fenced place and shone. The people turned into small, strange things like starfish with black thorns all over. At last, the energy clusters incinerated them completely.

Once while sending forth righteous thoughts, my husband saw a hospital. From the name plate in front of the hospital with black words, it was a cancer hospital in China. At the beginning, the powerful energy floated and surrounded the building. Then the hospital name plate was smashed into pieces. A huge, dark gray building stood in front with many windows. Because of the surrounding energy, some windows started to break into pieces. While I was continuing to send forth righteous thoughts, the scene became more clear. Actually there was a huge monster crawling inside the building with a round body and many feet under it. The monster was as big as the building. A small old man sat on top of the monster. When energy clusters kept hitting the monster, the monster tried to dig into the ground to escape; however, it just couldn't do it. Surrounded by the white bright energy clusters, the monster eventually burned up and turned into ashes.

Another time, my husband saw practitioners sitting around a dark building and sending forth righteous thoughts. It seemed that everyone was in charge of the area in front of them. Not long after, the whole building turned white. It was in fact a big palace. Then practitioners entered the palace and surrounded a big pole where an evil dragon stayed at its top. At that time, everyone changed their hand gestures to that of the lotus flower and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Then a beautiful lotus flower rose from everyone's hand and many lotus flowers floated in the air. Soon the lotus flowers became bright glowing energy bodies and they gathered together and formed one big shining energy entity. It struck the evil dragon on the pole. The dragon jumped up and down and did not want to leave the pole. Someone cut off the dragon's head. The headless dragon still jumped around. Soon it was completely dissolved. Then the sky was filled with lotus flowers and Falun. The scene was magnificent.

Once when we sent forth righteous thoughts, my husband saw a car running away. He began to chase it and hit it with white colored palm sized energy clusters. However they didn't have much effect. He thought he would not eliminate it this time and decided to give up. Just when he was having such a thought, the car started to grow out legs and wings and was going to escape. Then he felt my energy arrive. The golden bright energy clusters kept hitting the car. Soon the car broke from the middle and dark smoke rose from it; then it disappeared.

At noon on the Mid-Autumn Festival, we were sending forth righteous thoughts. My husband saw a monster in the sky with its mouth like a wolf, its body like a snake, and many claws under its body. It was rolling around and looking down with threatening gestures. We all sent forth righteous thoughts to dissolve it. Soon many bright knife blades came down from the sky and slashed the monster into pieces and eventually eliminated it. Sometimes we saw plates with "Long Live the CCP" being dissolved.

The purpose of writing down these visions is to tell fellow practitioners how important it is to send righteous thoughts. The scenes my husband sees are different every time. They are also different during different hand gestures. Every time the evil beings, evil factors and rotten beings are eliminated, the sky becomes clear and transparent.

Sometimes while sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, my husband could feel less powerful energy. I think it is because many fellow practitioners are asleep at that time. Our righteous thoughts can eliminate all evil factors. We need to pay attention to doing this during the four times of the day that are set globally. While studying the Fa well and clarifying the truth, we should also value sending forth righteous thoughts. In fact, on the surface, what can those evil persons and police do to our practitioners? It is the evil factors behind them that are the actual causes. We must eliminate them through righteous thoughts so that we can do better the three things that Master asked of us.

Sometimes before, I couldn't concentrate on sending forth righteous thoughts. After learning what my husband sees, I better realize the importance of righteous thoughts. I try to send forth righteous thoughts as many times as I can. Sometimes I extend the time to 20 minutes or even half an hour during the global set times, and I try my best to concentrate.

Now my husband and I cultivate Dafa together. Every morning after we send forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m., he reads two chapters of the book. He distributes truth-clarifying materials any time during the day. At night, we practice the exercises together. Our own small material-distribution site has started operating. Although still at a distance from those practitioners who do well, we do our best.