(Clearwisdom.net) We often clarify the truth to people and it is very possible for us to meet those who wish to obtain the Fa and cultivate. This is a great thing and will help a being to be truly saved. We should try our best to clarify the truth well. However, I found that some of our fellow practitioners did not do very well in this area, and are afraid of troubles and incidents. They are afraid of this or that, forget about our divine mission, and simply clarify the truth by going through the motions. They do truth-clarification casually and failed to help those predestined people to obtain the Fa. This is a big mistake and should draw our attention. I want to write down an experience of mine, with the wish to share with fellow practitioners so that we all improve together.

A vegetable retailer has heard about Falun Gong from the TV programs. He wanted to further know why Falun Gong was practiced by so many people and what on earth the reason was. With these puzzles in his mind, he tried to get in touch with practitioners, but it was very difficult. One day in 2001, he met a middle-aged woman who told him that Falun Gong is good and clarified the truth about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident. This helped him understand what Falun Gong was all about. It was about teaching people to cultivate. At that moment, he developed a wish to study the "Fa" and cultivate. However that fellow practitioner did not promise to teach him the exercises or to help him study the Fa. Thus, the opportunity was missed.

After a long time, one day this vegetable retailer met a male practitioner who was clarifying the truth. He wanted to learn right away. But that practitioner did not agree to teach him the exercises either, instead, he introduced another practitioner to him. He told him his home address, name and other information about the practitioner and asked him to find out by himself. The vegetable retailer went to look for it according to the address that he was given. He went twice and no one was available. At the third time, he met with the fellow practitioner. However, that practitioner had a strong attachment of fear and was worried that he might be a spy or someone similar. She could not trust him, "How could he find me to learn Falun Gong? How did he know about my name and address?" As a result, this man was driven away by her husband, who shouted loudly at him.

In spring of 2004, the vegetable retailer met me. At that time I was also clarifying the truth to him on the street. I just said a few words, then he mentioned that he wanted to learn Falun Gong, and that he had been looking forward to this for a very long time. I promised to help him at once. He was very excited and told me the above experience of his. I felt that he had a predestined relationship with Dafa, but he had been experiencing troubles in finding practitioners to teach him. This has caused a delay of several years for him to obtain the Fa. I made an appointment with him and promised that I would go to his home to teach him the exercises.

Two days later, I brought a copy of Zhuan Falun, as well as an exercise tape and found his home. That day I taught him and made sure that he had learned the first and second exercises. He felt the rotation of Falun in his lower abdomen just after practicing the first exercise twice. Since then, I continued to visit him several times, until he learned all five sets of exercises. I also told him the importance of studying the Fa.

Now this new practitioner is very diligent. In terms of studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, he is not behind us veteran practitioners at all. He also improved his xinxing very quickly. He used to short his customers when he was selling vegetables, but now he can strictly discipline himself according to the standard of a practitioner. He endeavors to discipline himself in all aspects. He said to me that Dafa has changed him into a totally different person, that now he has learned how to be a good human being and that he no longer leads his life as he did in the past. He now trades fairly and no longer tries to rip off the customers; his business is now even more profitable. In the past, he was always ill and often took medicines. He once suffered from cerebral thrombosis. Now, through practicing Falun Gong he has become much more healthy.

This practitioner also takes the initiative to clarify the truth and hand out truth-clarifying materials on the streets. Recently when I met him, he told me that he was clarifying the truth to a party secretary of a village and guided him to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and was about to teach him the exercises as well.

What is our purpose of clarifying the truth? Isn't it to save sentient beings? It is not coincidental for us to meet those who wish to obtain the Fa and cultivate. It was pre-arranged by Master ages ago. Though these people have obtained the Fa relatively late, they have a significant predestined relationship. Once we meet these people. We should grasp the opportunity and not let it pass. We cannot cause them to lose the chance of obtaining the Fa and the opportunity of being saved due to our own attachments, fears, trying to avoid troubles or any other reasons. Furthermore, we are assisting Master in the human world, helping the people who have the same predestined relationships as us to obtain the Fa!