(Clearwisdom.net) More than once I have wanted to write an experience-sharing article but didn't because of insufficient righteous thoughts caused by my sluggishness, insensitivity, and the interference from the old forces. Recently I have been afflicted by illness karma. In the beginning I endured it stoically and passively and did not realize that it was due to persecution by the old forces. Eventually I came to realize that the sickness karma was not right to endure and I started to reject and clean out the evil elements. Soon, I fully recovered. The old force arrangements in the form of interference and persecution from illness karma reminds me of the tribulation my mother, also a practitioner, endured a year ago.

It was when my sister was getting married. My mother could not let go of her emotions (my sister's husband did not have his own house) and had a long-held attachment (before she started practicing Falun Dafa, she suspected that there was a lump in her stomach). As time went by, she had never been able to forget that thing in her stomach. She didn't see this lump from the perspective of the Fa, so she had not regarded herself as a practitioner. When you do not abandon it you are actually pursuing it. Since you have fallen to the human realm, illness will squeeze in, and the old forces will mess up, do bad things, and aggravate the illness by exploiting your human heart. The state of illness manifests: sharp stomach pain, no appetite, weight loss, vomiting, and splitting blood, etc. Whoever saw it would be scared. My father, in particular, a non-practitioner who was controlled by the evil, interfered, ostensibly out of a husband's love. He forced my mother to see a doctor and to take medicine. In this matter the old forces did everything they could to achieve their purpose of testing and destroying a Dafa disciple.

It would be hard for my mother to overcome this test if she did not see clearly the evil, did not treat the illness karma with righteous thoughts, did not base her thoughts on the Fa, and if she wavered toward Master and the Fa. To put it in a wider context, if she did not do well as required of a Dafa disciple, it would make it hard to save sentient beings in a very large area and compromise the sacrifices fellow practitioners have made in assisting Master's Fa-rectification. Meanwhile, it would also have a negative effect on Dafa so that the old forces would achieve what they wanted.

Master kept droppig hints and provided protection while Mother was "ill." Under pressure from my father and the sharp pain, she was sent to a hospital for examination. Ultrasound scanning found nothing, but the doctor said that he could feel an object the size of an infant's head. He advised my mother to come the next day for a color scan. In the evening my sister (a fellow practitioner) called me, I worked in a different area, and I didn't know what was happening until then. I said on the phone that these were all false impressions and it was important to reject all of the old force arrangements and to have faith in Master and the Fa.

Still, my father took my mother to the hospital the next day. Doctors decided that my mother should stay and be operated on. My mother was able to hold righteous thoughts and thought of the Fa, so she left the hospital. I went home by bus and saw many fellow practitioners sitting around my mother, sending forth righteous thoughts. It was three o'clock in the afternoon, and we, as one body, cleaned out the evil with righteous thoughts for 20 minutes. During the process, I saw with my Third Eye that the first group of evil was eliminated by our righteous thoughts and only one bad divine being that controlled the evil was left. The second group of evil and its controlling divine being were watching at the sidelines to see what my mother would choose and if she would hold her righteous thoughts. Then, my mother could drink water and stopped throwing up.

Here I want to mention how sly and wicked the old forces can be. When my mother was gripped by illness karma, many practitioners went to see her. Each time a practitioner stepped in the door, my father, controlled by the old forces, would say, "A medical exam has found a tumor the size of an infant's head in her stomach." The purpose was to lead practitioners to acknowledge it. When I heard my father say it, the first thought that came into my head was, "This is a false impression," and I told my father so. When we were about to start sending forth righteous thoughts, my father said, "If anything goes wrong, I will see you all in court." We ignored him. At four o'clock, we sent forth righteous thoughts for another 40 minutes. My mother was soon able to eat and get out of bed. Afterwards my mother and I started sending forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour, until 12 o'clock midnight when we both went to bed.

During the entire episode, fellow practitioners and I kept asking my mother to understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa, and we read to her Master's recently published articles on illness karma. We wanted her to realize that this was all a false impression and asked Master to strengthen our power. The next day when I got home, my mother was already able to walk and eat like a healthy person.

What happened to my mother was a jolt to my father, who somewhat came to believe in Dafa. My mother attended my sister's wedding ceremony that had been canceled, and let everyone who knew her know the magnificance and mighty virtue of Dafa. A few days later, my mother took part in my niece's wedding party. She took the opportunity to clarify the facts and persuaded a lot of people to quit the communist party.

I learned from my mother's experience that all tribulations, including illness karma, will vanish into thin air if Dafa practitioners can form a whole body at critical moments and see clearly the old forces' interference, if we can treat illness karma with righteous thoughts, and if we can regard ourselves as practitioners every moment and have strong faith in Master and the Fa. That was how my mother turned a negative event into a positive one. Passing this test, my mother has become one step closer to Consummation.

Because of my limited cultivation level, I may be wrong in my understanding, so fellow practitioners' warm comments are welcome.

October 11, 2006