(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in March,1997. My ten years of cultivation have made me realize that Master is with us every moment, protecting us with the utmost compassion. As long as we have righteous thoughts, Master can do everything for us. Our not having righteous thoughts can have the effect of undermining Dafa.

On one occasion when I was doing the sitting meditation at night in the year 2002, my husband who does not practice, came home drunk. Seeing me meditating, he became very angry and while cursing he grabbed the book Zhuan Falun which was on the table, and threatened to tear it up. I was calm within, thinking, "This is the law of the universe, and you do not have any right to damage it." This one righteous thought made my husband put the book back.

I have experienced the mighty power of righteous thoughts several times. One night I was putting up a truth-clarification poster on the street. While I was pasting it up, the street light went off. No one could see what I was doing. However, the street lights in other areas were still on. At night I would often go to the countryside to spread truth-clarification materials. There was always a green light guiding me. Never concerned for my own safety, my thoughts were always focused on helping people know the truth about Falun Gong.

Whenever I did not have righteous thoughts, the evil would take advantage of my loopholes. One time a county policeman came to my workplace to look for me. My boss found me first and informed me, "The police are looking for you." My first thought was that that was not good as my Zhuan Falun book was still in my desk drawer. This one thought, which was not a correct one, caused the police to find my book and take it away.

Once, I went to another city to visit my relatives. My husband called me from home and said, "You have been reported. They said you were spreading truth-clarification material at work. What have you got at home? I can help you take care of them." I was afraid and replied, "I only have one book, Zhuan Falun, nothing else." This "nothing else" remark led to the result that my husband destroyed all of Master's articles, Dafa truth clarification fliers, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party CD. He only left the Zhuan Falun book.

Teacher has said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought. I deeply regretted that I said "nothing else." I regret that I did not study the "Fa" well, and that I did not fully understand Dafa. At the critical moment, my human notions were stirred up, and I did not put Dafa first. A Dafa practitioner is a divine being. If a diving being wants to do something, what can a human do about it?

In November 2005 my aunt passed away. I planned to use this opportunity to clarify the truth and ask others to withdraw from the Communist Party, so I brought truth-clarification materials and Dafa amulets with me. Upon my arrival, my human notions showed up when I saw everyone crying. They were so sad, how could I start clarifying the truth and ask them to withdraw from the CCP? Due to these thoughts, only one person withdrew from the Chinese Communist Youth League.

When all the relatives came to visit the tomb, I thought I must use this chance to save sentient beings and not let this pass by. On the way to my aunt's house I sent forth righteous thoughts, asking Master to help me save predestined people. When I arrived at my aunt's home, I used every opportunity to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. Whether it was during meals, chatting after meals or during our trip to the tomb, I talked about the staged "Self Immolation," the Nine Commentaries and the spread of Falun Dafa outside of China, and I also urged them to withdraw from the CCP.

The more I talked, the clearer my mind became. I patiently answered the questions my relatives brought up. Many of them understood the truth of Falun Gong. They also took the truth-clarification materials and Dafa amulets home with them. Fourteen of my relatives asked me to help them to withdraw from the CCP. Through this I realize the importance of the thought of a practitioner. At the same time, I also know that sentient beings are waiting to be saved. It's Master and the Fa that are saving them. As long as we remember our duty, and put saving sentient beings as the first priority, more people will be saved.