(Clearwisdom.net) After the horrifying discovery of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and the immediate cremation of their bodies to destroy evidence was exposed on April 4, 2006, the Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom websites founded the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China" (CIPFG, also called "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution"). The CIPFG is collecting information from those willing to come forward, asking people who know the truth to further expose the crimes concerning illegal organ harvesting in China. We call on all kind-hearted people of conscience to lend help in exposing the facts of this vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners inside secret concentration camps, forced labor camps, prisons and hospitals in Mainland China. The sooner this atrocity is fully exposed, the sooner this brutal persecution will end. Below is information that came to light recently.

Investigation Lead: Large Number of Organ Transplants Performed in the First Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical University

According to a Shenyang Evening Newspaper's article on September 19, 2006, the First Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical University held a "Friends of Organ Transplant" social event, which attracted over 100 people who have had kidney or liver transplant surgery at the hospital.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical University has reportedly performed organ transplants for over 800 patients since the inception of its Organ Transplant Department in 1992.

Investigation Lead: Jilin Province People's Hospital Sends People to Study Kidney Transplanting in Beijing

We have learned that Jilin Province People's Hospital is preparing to send four people to study kidney transplant procedures in Beijing. The four people are a chief residence doctor, an assistant, an anesthesiologist and a nurse. They will be trained for four moths in Beijing.

Investigation Lead: Beijing Armed Police General Hospital Performs Organ Transplant Surgery for Koreans

A group of Koreans are at the Beijing Armed Police General Hospital. Each person either had an organ transplant or is waiting to have one. The hospital did not want to tell people that these patients are from South Korea. Instead, the hospital claims that they are Koreans living in China.

In April 2006, a friend of the Assistant Chairman of the CCP's Military Committee, Mr. Guo Boxiong, had a liver transplant in this hospital. In fact, Guo visited his friend at the hospital once. That day, the entire hospital was in a state of martial law.

Investigation Lead: Harbin Medical University's Anatomy Laboratory Trades Corpses in Secret

Harbin Medical University's anatomy laboratory has reportedly been trading corpses in secret. It has been using an abandoned factory in an undisclosed location in a suburb Harbin as its corpse storeroom before the corpses were sold to overseas buyers. This was discovered by a local resident. There has been a lot of unusual traffic around this abandoned factory at night, so the witness reported it to the local police and revealed the scandal.

It is our belief that the investigation was dropped because it could involve high level CCP cadres in Heilongjiang Province. Allegedly, there was a directive from the university to tighten security to prevent additional information leaks.

Where did these corpses come from? We urge those with knowledge about the aforementioned to come forward.

Investigation Lead: Third Army Medical University in Chongqing City Conceals the Sources for Its Kidney Transplants

Special Concern magazine (Chinese only) published an article entitled, "Live to Keep Mum Company," in its June 2006 edition (vol. 70) written by Cen Daming. Story summary:

The story is about a woman named Liu Jixiang from Zuoshe Village, Wantun Town, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. She has two sons and two daughters. Ms. Liu's husband died suddenly on October 19, 1998. On May 11, 1999, her eldest son Zhang Jian was diagnosed with uremia and died despite medical treatment. On November 29, 1999, her second son was also diagnosed with uremia. The hospital suspected it might be hereditary. They examined her daughters and diagnosed them with uremia. Because Ms. Liu Jixiang is destitute and cannot provide medical treatment for all the children, the family made a decision to save the youngest daughter.

After her two sons and the older daughter passed away, Guizhou Metropolitan Newspaper wrote an article about the family and solicited donations on behalf of the family. In late 2004, a total of 170,000 yuan had been donated to the family. On January 11, 2005, Ms. Liu Jixiang took her youngest daughter, Zhang Min, to the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Third Army Medical University in Chongqing City for medical treatment. On February 13, 2005, the hospital performed a kidney transplant for her daughter. On August 3, 2005, Zhang Min recovered and checked out of the hospital.

The newspaper had a long report of the family's struggle with illness and how society extended help in their time of need. But they skipped the most critical information --- the source of the kidney. Based on the report, it took the hospital less than thirty days to find a matching kidney, which raises a lot of questions and controversy. We ask the world to scrutinize this hospital.

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