(Clearwisdom.net) On the day of Moon Festival, a grand concert was held by Chinese-Koreans in Hangang Park. The Divine Land Marching Band, consisting of Korean Falun Gong practitioners, lined up at the main entrance and performed for tens of thousands of Chinese people.

A local reporter was fascinated by the music of the Divine Land Marching Band

Demand for truth-clarification materials exceeds the supply

A man takes a picture with the band

People sit and watch the band performance

The Divine Land Marching Band performance started at 10:00 a.m. Some Chinese-Koreans clapped along with the music, some started to dance, and some took pictures with the band. Many sat down to watch the performance to their hearts' content for a long time.

The Falun Gong practitioners worked in three teams. They distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and suggested that people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Many people quit the three organizations on the spot. Some of them wanted to learn Falun Gong. A disabled elderly gentleman from Heilongjiang Province said, "I hate the CCP to death! I won't forget the persecution I went through during the Cultural Revolution. My disability was caused by being beaten at that time."

Another Chinese-Korean said, "My wife used to be a member of the CCP. She has been naturalized. She quit the CCP when she changed nationality. Otherwise the Korean government wouldn't have granted her Korean nationality." He said the CCP was a bad thing for sure. No wonder Koreans didn't want members of the CCP. He said that China could export everything except the CCP, because nobody wanted it.

The Divine Land Marching Band concluded the performance at 5:30 p.m. The practitioners were very tired, though excited. They said their hard work was worth it as long as the opportunity for withdrawing from the CCP was offered to their fellow countrymen.