(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hebei Province. One night in October 2004, more than twenty Communist Party policemen rushed into my home. They illegally searched my house and confiscated all of my Dafa books and materials. I was illegally arrested and taken to the police station. Soon I was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. I was then detained at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province.

I had been detained alone for more than a month in the labor camp. My hands were handcuffed so I could not move even a little bit. They used many evil books and VCDs to try to brainwash me. Some collaborators came often to brainwash me. I signed the "five statements" (similar to the three statements) due to the intense pressure. Later, I was sent to the "transformation" class.

The situation became better when I got there. I started reciting the Fa with other fellow practitioners. I recited all the Hong Yin poems. Later, I started to think about how the evil could have taken advantage of me.

Two older practitioners were sent here later. They were very diligent, and had strong righteous thoughts. Both of them had been detained here for two years. We all admired these two practitioners very much. The evil guards started the brainwashing again. Soon one practitioner started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The guards became angry. They continuously shocked this practitioner with electric batons for several days. This practitioner was in terrible pain. It seemed that she was hovering between life and death. Her blood was flowing on the ground. She suffered all the pain silently. After only ten days, the detention center sent her back home. This event shocked all of us who were detained in the camp. We are all Dafa practitioners. After seeing the contrast of her behavior with ours, we had different feelings.

One thought suddenly came to my mind: I want to leave here. I must get out! I do not accept the old forces' arrangements. However, this is hard to achieve. I will be able to do it only if I have very strong righteous thoughts. I took more time to study the Fa every day, and I straightened out my mind. Several other practitioners and I started a hunger strike.

Master encouraged me on the first day of our hunger strike. I saw beautiful scenes from other dimensions. I know Master was looking after me so I became very confident. A few days later, my prostatitis disappeared gradually. I felt grateful for Master's compassion. The whole process was very successful. There was some interference, but we all broke through the evil's arrangements successfully.

The hunger strike lasted more than a month. I thought I should start to write my solemn statement. I took a pen and wrote my statement: "During the past years, the evil party has imposed the cruel persecution on us. The brainwashing actions are also imposed. We do not accept the evil actions. All of my words or actions which opposed Dafa should be considered invalid now. I will cultivate Dafa until the end." I gave my statement to the chief of the camp.

Because my body was extremely weak, I fainted. They sent me to a hospital. An examination showed I had high blood pressure, low blood sugar and a stroke. I was sent home due to Master's encouragement and strengthening.

I was detained in the labor camp for three months. Finally I was able to leave there with righteous thoughts. During the hunger strike, all the practitioners in that labor camp tried their best to cooperate, and held on with righteous thoughts. After I returned home, I found that many local practitioners had sent a lot of righteous thoughts for me. Dafa practitioners are one body. Practitioner's righteous thoughts helped me to leave that evil place.