(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wu Liantie was a Dafa practitioner from Liaoning Province. He was held in No. 3 Squadron, No. 3 District in Panjin Prison. He began a hunger strike between April and May 2006, protesting the abuse he received from the guard Wang Kuizhong, who brutally beat him. Wang Kuizhong ordered inmates to force-feed Mr. Wu, causing massive bleeding in the upper and lower intestines and a high fever. He was sent to the prison hospital in the early morning seven days later and transferred to the No. 2 Panjin Hospital around 6am. Mr. Wu was dead on arrival at the hospital. On May 24th 2006, the Panjin Prison notified Mr. Wu's family. His family found his body in the icebox in Panjin Funeral Center, the exact cause and time of death unknown.

Dafa practitioner Tian Yunhai is from Dalian City, he is held in No. 6 Battalion, No. 1 District in Panjin Prison. He refused to cooperate with prison authorities, stopping them from beating others, refusing to participate in forced labor and so- called "study". He clarified the truth to others in the prison, shouting "Falun Dafa is good". The guard stated that he did not behave himself well and tortured him with beatings, electric shock and the tiger's bench. Mr. Tian Yunhai has been on a hunger strike for over fifty days in protest. He is force-fed three times a day. A feeding tube was taped to his forehead. Mr. Tian is extremely weak and pale, unable to walk and can barely talk, has to wear a thick sweater and coat in the hot weather to keep warm. The perpetrators also took away his family visiting rights.

Dafa practitioners Chen Binli, Song Zhendong and one other practitioner refused to participate in the forced labor. From August 18th to 21st 2006, the guards Zhang Guolin, Wu Fenggang and five other guards beat them with electric batons, torturing each of the Dafa practitioners who refused to work continuously. The practitioners began a hunger strike August 21st. Mr. Chen Binli was sent to the Panjin Prisoner Hospital to be force-fed. The conditions of the other two practitioners are unknown.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhao Hongli is from Jianping County, Zhaoyang City. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was persecuted brutally in No. 3 District in Panjin Prison. He has been on a hunger strike for over seven months and was sent to Shenyang Hospital Prison. His life is hanging in the balance.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Jiao Wanhui from Jinzhou City began a hunger strike on June 17th, 2006. He was transferred to Panjin Prison Sick District, cuffed to a bed all day long and force-fed daily. The perpetrators took away his family visiting rights and said they would not release him even if he passed away. The guards stated that Mr. Jiao has kidney failure. A Dafa practitioner died a few days prior, and nobody admitted responsibility.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Jiao Yanhui from No. 2 Battalion, No. 2 District began a hunger strike in June. Dafa practitioner Mr.Gao Tianhong from Dandong City began a hunger strike in September. Details are yet to be investigated. Guard Zhang Wanfu from No. 2 Squadron, No. 1 prison District ordered five inmates to force-feed Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Deqing on August 18th, 2006. They mocked him and asked him, "How does that feel?"

Responsible parties:

Warden: Song Wanzong: 86-427-5632100 (office)

Director of Prison Political Department: Hu Meifa: 86-427-5637369 (office), 86-427-5637400 (home), 86-13704273388 (cell), 86-427-5637351 (fax)

Yu Xiaodong: 86-13704273388 (cell)

Director of No. 1 Prison District: Zhang Tonglin86-427-2814022 (office)

Directors of No. 6 Squadron, No. 1 Prison District: Wang Shigang, Wang Xuedong, Liu Xingli, Li Yongguo

Education Department of No. 1 Prison District: Director Wu Fenggang, Vice-Director: He Jiulong. Staff: Zhang Yujun

No. 2 Battalion: 86-427-5637945, 86-427-5637995

No. 3 Battalion: 86-427-2814164

Education Department of No. 3 Prison District: 86-427-5630145

No. 4 Battalion: 86-427-2817020

No. 5 Sick Prison District: Director Zhang Ming: 86-427-5638088 (office)