(Clearwisdom.net) On February 2002, practitioners Ms. Zhao Yanxia and Ms. Hao Ping were illegally arrested by the authorities in Chifeng. After cruel persecution, they were sent to the women's jail in the Hongshan District Detention Center. The chief of the bureau took several police and ransacked Ms. Hao Ping's house. They also made her husband sign a paper for the record and then released him. Ms. Hao Ping's family went to the public security bureau in the Hongshan District and asked for her release. A little after the 2002 Chinese New Year, the police promised she would be released before May 1st.

On April 10, 2001, the practitioners in the Hongshan District Detention Center were forced to recite the prison rules, but the practitioners refused, so policewoman Deng Liyan used an electric baton to shock them. About seven or eight practitioners decided to go on a hunger strike in protest. Seven days later, at night, more than a hundred male prisoners followed the orders of the authorities in the Hongshan District Detention Center and dragged all the female practitioners out. Several prisoners dragged one practitioner to a chair, which was preset in the hallway alone. They held down her arms and legs, immobilized her head, used chopsticks to pry open her mouth, stuck a tube down her throat, and force-fed her a mixture of water and corn powder. Some practitioners were clarifying the truth to them, and some were struggling. A very young practitioner started to cry.

Division leader Qiu Xuedong shouted, "Feed them! Feed them! Force-feed them!" Some of the prisoners noticed that Ms. Zhao Yanxia's head had dropped down and that she could not sit up anymore, so they said to stop feeding her. Qiu Xuedong just said, "Continue the feeding!" At that moment Ms. Zhao was pushed off the chair, dragged to the side wall, and carelessly dumped there. A practitioner walked over to her and called out, "Ms. Ms. Zhao! Zhao!" But the police kicked her away.

An hour later, all the practitioners had been force fed with the corn and water mixture. Then they were taken back to jail. Only Ms. Zhao was left in the hallway.

About half an hour later, a prisoner went to check on Ms. Zhao and said that she was dead. Her body was cold, but the police quickly took her to the hospital.

Several days later, Ms. Zhao's family was informed by the authorities that she had suffered a heart attack and died after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The police told the other practitioners that Ms. Zhao had gone home for treatment. In reality, the police were afraid that the news of her death might leak out. They stopped all family visits for the entire Hongshan District Detention Center. Some prisoners' jail terms were even prolonged. In the meantime they quickly transferred the other practitioners to other jails or forced labor camps. In order to keep Ms. Zhao's family members from talking, the authorities in the Chifeng, Hongshan area, exaggerated the charges against Ms. Zhao and Ms. Hao Ping, and made Ms. Zhao's family members think that if she hadn't died she would have been sentenced for a long time. As a result, Ms. Zhao's family members agreed to admit that Ms. Zhao's death was "natural," as the authorities had reported, and agreed not to mention the persecution any more. Also, the police arrested Ms. Hao Ping's husband Liu Fuan and sentenced Ms. Hao Ping herself to seven years in jail instead of releasing her before May 1. Her husband Mr. Liu was sentenced to five years in prison for no reason. Another practitioner, Ms. Geng Xiulan, was sentenced to three years in jail.

After Ms. Hao and her husband were put in jail, the older members of the family were terribly frightened and suffered from hunger and illness. Their lives are in danger. The couple's 13-year-old child was without care, dropped out of school, and wandered about the countryside. Later, some relatives found and took care of the child, but they had to borrow money for the child's school fees and living expenses, and the child's school grades dropped sharply. Ms. Hao and her husband had a business doing animal husbandry, but after they were put in jail, the pigs and dogs all disappeared. Plus, the police confiscated items, resulting in a financial loss of a hundred thousand yuan. This couple suffered all kinds of cruel persecution. Ms. Hao was in the First Women's Jail in Inner Mongolia. The police forbade her from sleeping on the bed. She could no longer move her legs, so they threw her blanket on the floor and only allowed her to sleep on the floor.

On September 18, 2006, practitioner Mr. Liu was supposed to have been released from jail after five years of persecution in Chifeng jail. However, his nephew, who went to pick him up, and Mr. Liu were sent to the brainwashing center by Chifeng authorities. Mr. Liu had 2, 500 yuan extorted from hm, and we still don't know when he will be released. The innocent nephew also must turn in 250 yuan to be released.