(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Yan Li was tortured to death by officials of the Hongshan District Police Department and the detention center in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. His body was cremated without the authorization of his family. Local citizens have reacted angrily to the incident.

The violent actions of Chifeng Police Department, the State Security Branch, and the Hongshan District Police Department have aroused the indignation of the people. Recently, banners have appeared proclaiming such sentiments as "Punish Murderer Bu Ren," "Expose the Murder of Yan Li at Hongshan Police Department," and "Expose the Evil Murderer Bu Ren of Hongshan Detention Center - Release Wang Xiaodong Immediately." Concerned citizens have filed a lawsuits at the Hongshan Procuratorate, the Hongshan Court, at the Chifeng City Procuratorate, the Chifeng City Court, the Inner Mongolia Procuratorate, and the Inner Mongolia Court concerning the murder committed by the Hongshan District Police Station and the detention center. The lawsuits seeks to put the murderer Bu Ren on trial and demand the release of Dafa practitioners who are still being detained.

The wife of victim Yan Li said, "Five thousand yuan as compensation? Even 500,000 yuan couldn't buy me. My husband died an unjust death and I want the murderer to bear the consequences. He should be punished for his crime.

Mr. Yan Li, 40, was an employee of Nu'erhe Fabric Factory in Jinzhou City, where he worked as chief dispatcher and assistant to the department director and to the head of the production section. He started practicing Falun Dafa in December 1995.

After "April 25", 1999, Mr. Yan Li went to Beijing to clarify the truth and appeal for justice nine times. Because of his actions he lost his job and was detained twice at Jinzhou City Detention Center. On October 25, 1999, he was sentenced unlawfully to two years of imprisonment at Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp. He was steadfast in his beliefs and refused to be "transformed." As a result, he was subjected to all kinds of torture and spent several months in solitary confinement. After he served the two years, for no reason his imprisonment was prolonged for another nine months. During this time he was force fed because he had gone on a hunger strike. He was not released until he was unable to eat anything and was on the verge of death. However, on November 22, 2005, Mr. Yan was again illegally arrested at his residence on Yinhang Lane, Hada Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. The State Security Branch, Chifeng Police Department and Hongshan Police Department were responsible for the arrest. He was then detained at Hongshan Detention Center and tortured to death between November 24 and December 7. Details are still under investigation.

Other practitioners currently detained at the detention center include Wang Xiaodong, Yang Dong, Gao Yalu, Sun Shufen. Of particular note is Wang Xiaodong, whose life is in extreme danger.

Relevant phone numbers:

Amugulang, Assistant Director of Examination Office, Hongshan Police Department, assigned by the Procuratorate: 86-476-8677210

Cheng Jianjun, Procuratorate at Hongshan Detention Center, assigned by the Procuratorate: 86-476-8677210

State Security Branch of the Hongshan District: 86-476-8365260
Bu Ren: 86-476-8360476 (Office), 86-476-8383341
Operations at Hongshan Police Department: 86-476-8361518
State Security of Chifeng City: 86-476-8365260, Director Zhang Daihe
Police Department: 86-476-8350444
Dai Yingtang, Director of Hongshan Police Department: 86-13304769656 (Cell)
610 Office: 86-476-8244714
Wu Xuesong, Director of the 610 Office: 86-476-8244714 (Office), 86-13015188777 (Cell)
610 Office staff members Zhang Jinhai: 86-13604769398 (Cell), Cui Liping, Ma Hongsheng

Zhang Wei, Director of the Hongshan Legal Department:
Party Committee of Politics and Legal Affairs, Hongshan District: 86-476-8237757
Song Lifu, Chief Party Secretary: 86-476-8237622 (Office), 86-476-8368810 (Home), 86-13904766996 (Cell), 86-13304766996 (Cell)
Wang Jingguo, Vice Party Secretary: 86-13304766992 (Cell)

December 25, 2005