(Clearwisdom.net) In the past several years, interference among practitioners has been a serious issue in our area, yet we have not paid enough attention to the problem. Practitioners have all been suffering from various forms of interference and hindering each other. The conflicts and separations weakened our power as a whole to stop the persecution, clarify the truth, and save sentient beings.

As a result, many practitioners could not step forward. In the conflicts among ourselves, a lot of energy has been wasted. The conflicts also have become a big obstacle in our coordination. I want to bring up the issue so that practitioners who have been ignoring the problem will pay more attention to it. I also want to expose the evil elements from other dimensions that interfere with practitioners, so that these elements can no longer sabotage Dafa.

I used to view interference from practitioners as being a result of strong human notions. I did not realize the old forces were utilizing the practitioners with strong human attachments to interfere with Dafa as a whole. The old forces want to reduce practitioners' determination to cultivate and hinder the process of Fa rectification by creating conflicts among practitioners.

For example, there is a senior practitioner named Ms. Chen in our area. She has been doing the three things regularly and thus has given practitioners the impression that she is pretty diligent. Yet she failed to cultivate her xinxing well. She likes to engage in prolonged discussions about everyday issues. She also has a strong personality and is prone to jealousy. After she finishes her daily routine, she finds people to chat with. Earlier this year, her husband died. We tried our best to help her out of the depressed state. We pointed out to her that her state was, on one hand, caused by the evil persecution and on the other hand, her omissions in cultivation were also reasons for the incorrect state. However, she refused to admit that she had omissions.

Ms. Chen likes to chat with diligent practitioners. She looks down on those practitioners who cannot step forward or are not diligent, so she does not talk to them. When her interference caused the diligent practitioners she chats with to enter a bad state, she would say that the practitioners are not in a good state and stop contacting them. When the practitioners adjusted themselves and their state became better, Ms. Chen returns to them. In this way, she repeatedly interferes with many practitioners. Because it is difficult to help a practitioner step forward, we met with and encouraged the reluctant practitioners one by one, trying our best to eliminate the conflicts. I read an article on one of the truth-clarifying websites that said, "Some practitioners do the three things regularly, yet they were recently arrested or harassed by the evil. After sharing experiences with them, I realized that they have formed a fixed pattern in numbly doing the three things every day. However, because they would not let go of their notions and state, they have long lost the diligent heart of cultivation." These words really echoed my thoughts.

Practitioners are all busy doing the three things. The interference among practitioners and conflicts affect our state of mind when clarifying the truth. The evil is lurking around us. Many of us became wary under these circumstances.

Teacher said,

"To illustrate the issue, one thing that they say in the CCP's Party-culture is, 'Before you advise others to do well, you have to first do well yourself.' So after some people have done something bad and others point it out to them, they say, 'You haven't done well yourself. Don't tell me what to do. If you want to tell me what to do, you first have to do well yourself.' Just like with the notion I mentioned above, their reasoning is deviant here." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference" 2005)

After judging the matter from the Fa, I realized that the issue was beyond the scope of cultivators' attachments. The old forces were utilizing her attachments to interfere with other practitioners, yet Ms. Chen was irrational and unaware of this. Once, when she began to ramble, I stopped her and gently said to her, "You have made the same old mistake. Have you noticed that as you are talking about a Dafa topic, you often say something totally unrelated? As you are competing with others to express your opinion first, you say things that no one can understand." Ms. Chen replied that some being other than my main spirit was talking.

As far as I know, there have been practitioners like Ms. Chen in many areas since several years ago. Many practitioners from other areas have shared their experiences regarding this phenomenon. They felt helpless, and most of them avoid practitioners like Ms. Chen. There is another senior practitioner who is self-centered. When studying the Fa with other practitioners, she insists that everyone else must listen to her, even about things like which Dafa book to read. She insists on knowing everything other practitioners do in clarifying the truth and Fa rectification. For several years, practitioners around her felt helpless, although they were not angry with her. Her behavior interfered with things in Fa rectification and truth-clarification. The practitioners around her shared the situation with us, asking us for suggestions. A practitioner suggested ignoring her for a while. Everyone just read the Fa in turn without paying any attention to her or talking to her. The method was effective, and the senior practitioner changed her behavior and apologized to the practitioners around her.

In my understanding, the cases mentioned above were caused by the old forces. A similar problem involves some practitioners who could not pass the tribulation of "sickness" once they are "sick." They ask other practitioners to go to their homes and support them by sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa. Once they got "well," they would go back to living their lives like ordinary people. Much energy of practitioners around them is wasted, and many are confused about the situation. I think our understanding of the Fa regarding the issue is unclear. The old forces are using this to persecute us, further confusing and trapping us in it. Without digging out the root of the problem, we could not deter the interference.

After I analyzed the problem and negated the arrangement of the old forces layer by layer, the muddle-headed feeling went away and I felt calm and clear. I could stably study the Fa, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts.

Teacher said,

"To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments." (Zhuan Falun)

We cannot return to our true homes unless we relinquish our attachments. The evil can only take advantage of us when we have strong attachments. I hope that all practitioners who are being taken advantage of by the old forces can face their attachments, eliminate old forces' elements from within their bodies and become rational.

Above are some of my personal understandings; please kindly correct my mistakes.