Agents from the 610 Office and the National Security Bureau of Yutai Country, Shandong Province, have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in many ways, including arbitrary arrest and detention, sending practitioners to labor camps, issuing threats, harassment, phone tapping, fines and other means. On December 9, 2005, personnel from the County Police Department, the 610 Office and the National Security Team arrested Falun Gong practitioners Song Wanxia and Liu Hua.

Ms. Song Wanxia, 40-years-old, is a retired worker from the Yutai County Gauge Factory. She had many illnesses before she started practicing Falun Gong, all of which disappeared after practicing Falun Gong. On December 9, 2005, Officer Huang Yuanjun from the National Security Team of the Yutai County Police Department and two other policemen went to Song's daughter's house to arrest Song, but she was out of town. Huang Yuanjun lied to Ms. Song's family by telling them that her bail had expired, and that she was required to apply for permission to extend her bail. As a result, Ms. Song's family asked her to come home. She was illegally arrested as soon as she returned and jailed in the County Detention Center. Her family petitioned the police department to release her but their request was refused. Song Wanxia is now incarcerated in the Jinxiang County Detention Center, which is adjacent to Yutai County.

Ms. Liu Hua, a 40-year-old employee from the Yutai County Electricity (utility) Bureau, was also arrested on December 9. She is currently jailed in the Yutai Detention Center. Ms. Liu had been forced to attend a brainwashing session in December 2004 and then released after paying a large fine. After she was released, her workplace stopped her salary. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been forced to pay fines, yet none of them have received a receipt.

Ms. Zhai Yanqin is 45 years old. She enjoyed freedom from many illnesses that had plagued her earlier after practicing Falun Gong. When handing out truth clarification material in Yucheng Town in November 2004, someone reported her and she was arrested. After being jailed for 30 days, personnel from the Yutai County Police Department sentenced her to 1-1/2 years in a labor camp, and she was transferred to the Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Shi Xiaolan, an employee from the Tangma Credit Cooperative, was also arrested in November 2004 and jailed for 30 days.

Ms. Li Yanli, 45 years old, is an employee in the Yutai County Hydraulic Machine Factory. She had many illnesses healed after she started practicing Falun Gong. In 2001 Ms. Li was sentenced by the Yutai County Police Department to two years in a labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. She was released in 2003. In December 2004 she was arrested again and jailed in the Jinxiang County Detention Center in Shandong Province. On January 27, 2005, Ms. Li was secretly sentenced to two years in a labor camp. Her blood pressure rose to a very high level after being sent to the Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp. Despite the danger to her health, she was forced to remain at the camp. Ms. Li has two young children at home in the care of one of her relatives.

Since July 20, 1999, six Falun Gong practitioners from Yutai County that we know have been jailed in labor camps; more than 20 have been held in detention centers, and almost 20 have been fined. Wang Weidong, who is the deputy chief of the Yutai County Police Department and also chief of the Yutai County 610 Office, is absolutely responsible for the six-year-long persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He is personally involved in almost all of the persecution incidents happening in Yutai County. He hopes to gain political and financial benefits by aiding in the persecution of Falun Gong. His two subordinates, Ma Jiayan and Huang Yuanjun, are also actively involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Area code for Yutai County, Shandong Province: 537, Zip: 272300
Wang Weidong: 86-537-6210186 (Home), 86-537-3118004 (Office), 86-13905472688 (Cell)
Min Xia (Wang Weidong's wife): 86-13805372296 (Cell)
Hua Ruiyou (Wang Weidong's brother-in-law): 86-13953763888 (Cell)
Ma Jiayan: 86-537-6213652 (Home), 86-13705374817 (Cell)
Huang Yuanjun: 86-13963778900 (Cell)
Yang Huazhong (Chief of Jinxiang County Detention Center): 86-13854778988 (Cell)

Yutai County Police Department
Fu Yuanbin (Chief): 86-537-3118001 (Office), 86-537-3111198 (Home), 86-13705374998 (Cell)
Ma Changjun (deputy chief): 86-537-3118002 (Office), 86-537-6216728 (Home), 86-13805372008 (Cell)
Fan Weijin (deputy chief): 86-537-3118003 (Office), 86-537-6212356 (Home), 86-13963707299 (Cell)
Zhang Chengjun (deputy chief): 86-537-3118005 (Office), 86-537-6213686 (Home), 86-13905472519 (Cell)
Liu Baojun (deputy chief): 86-537-3118008 (Office), 86-537-3118168 (Home), 86-13705477468 (Cell)
Fan Qinghua (deputy chief): 86-537-3118006 (Office), 86-537-6220889 (Home), 86-13705374886 (Cell)
Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-537-6211401
610 Office: 86-537-6223966 (Office)
Guo Yalian: 86-537-6227768 (Office), 86-537-6223816 (Home), 86-13905479081 (Cell)
Zhao Shuyun: 86-537-6221328 (Office), 86-537-6219088 (Home), 86-13705477388 (Cell)
Wang Zuoyun: 86-537-6221322 (Office), 86-537-6216188 (Home), 86-13355156828 (Cell)
Liu Shouli: 86-537-6211328 (Office), 86-537-6226328 (Home), 86-13173190388 (Cell)
Department of Justice: 86-537-6211953
Pan Yaozhen: 86-537-6211743 (Office), 86-537-6212036 (Home), 86-13455582036 (Cell)
Zhang Degui: 86-537-6211953 (Office), 86-537-6250655 (Home)
Zhu Ruifeng: 86-537-6211953 (Office), 86-537-6214695 (Home)
Liu Jikuan: 86-537-6211953 (Office), 86-13953732858 (Cell)

December 24, 2005