(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of November 26, 2005, between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., the South Junan County Police Station and the Junan County 610 Office in Linyi City, Shandong Province, dispatched twenty policemen and over ten police vehicles to Huangzhuang Village, Shizilu Town, Junan County, to arrest nineteen Dafa practitioners who were together exchanging cultivation experiences at the time. Two of the practitioners have been released. Most of the Dafa practitioners are still illegally detained in the Junan County Detention Center. Sun Maoqin, Zhao Xiaowei and several other practitioners are illegally detained and being persecuted in the Linyi City 610 Office's brainwashing class, and they have been on hunger strikes to protest the persecution for about two weeks.

At around 1:00 a.m., after Dafa practitioner Li Shihua from Dongliangdian Village was arrested, his house was illegally searched, and his Dafa books, exercise audiotapes, recorder and truth-clarification materials were taken away. The house of Dafa practitioner Zheng Peimei, from the same village was also searched and he/she was arrested. Dafa practitioner Han Guangmei from Nanshiqiao Village also had his home searched, but apparently the perpetrators could not find what they were looking for in Han Guangmei's house. The current situation of the other Dafa practitioners is still under investigation.

Other Dafa practitioners who were known to be arrested include: Liu Xi'er from Huajua Bailongwang Village, Han Xihua and Hou Shiying from Hujia Bailongwang Village, Wu Weilan from Mengjia Huangzhuang Village, Yang Jihua from Danan Huangzhuang Village, Meng Fanxiang and Zhang Yaqin from Xujia Huangzhuang Village and He Shicun from Lianwangya Village.

Ever since May 2005, authorities at the judicial and public security departments, as well as the 610 Office in Junan County, have repeatedly and wantonly persecuted the local Dafa practitioners, causing heavy losses and great pain to the Dafa practitioners and their family members. On May 11, the Junan County 610 Office in concert with the police illegally broke into and ransacked the homes of five Dafa practitioners, including Chen Xinxia, Xiao Mingxia, Sun Li, Yan Xia and Zhao Erhua, all from Tugou Village, Shizilu Town, Junan County. Chen Xinxia and Xiao Mingxia were arrested and sent to a labor camp in Jinan City, Shandong Province on June 1, but due to the deterioration of their physical health from previous tortures, the camp's physical exam required for entry found them to be unfit to stay at the camp. Despite the test results, the Junan County officers bribed the labor camp to detain Xiao Mingxia. Chen Xinxia was released because she was found to have hepatitis B from the persecution.

On July 6, Dafa practitioner Sun Li was taken away from her home by the 610 Office and was quickly sentenced to forced labor. On the evening of August 12, the Junan County 610 Office and the Police from Dadian Town, Yanbin Town, East Town and West Town arrested Dafa practitioners Ji Xingshu and Ji Xingcai (age about 60), Peng Xiuzhan (age about 50), Li Baoshan, 43, and other two practitioners. After that, Dafa practitioner Cui Jian'ai from Duojuguanzhuang Village was also arrested. At that time, her husband, Dafa practitioner Wang Houling, 41, had been illegally detained in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for over two years. After Cui Jian'ai was arrested, her 10-year-old daughter was left at home alone, with no one to care for her.

Dafa practitioner Li Baoshan from Shigou Village, Dadian Town, was illegally detained in the Junan County Detention Center. His 82-year-old father and 7-year-old daughter were left at home. Li Baoshan's wife Qian Jinhua was forced to leave home for over two years because of the persecution. Dafa practitioner Sun Chongzhen from the same village has been illegally detained in the Jinan Women's Labor Camp for two years. It is said that she is still enduring cruel torture there. Sun has a 10-year-old son at home and her mother-in-law didn't get to see her before she passed away.

Telephone numbers of related units:

Communist Party Committee of Linyi City: 86-539-8312001, 86-539-8312004
Government of Linyi City: 86-539-8314126, 86-539-8315116
610 Office of Linyi City, switchboard: 86-539-8191389
Communist Party Committee of Junan County: 86-539-7212203
Government of Junan County: 86-539-7212442
Politics and Law Committee of Junan County: 86-539-7212410
Bureau of Public Security of Junan County: 86-539-7212215
Politics and Security Section of the Bureau of Public Security of Junan County: 86-539-2267456

610 Office of Junan County: 86-539-7220334
Head of the 610 Office of Junan County: 86-13205392801 (mobile)
Shizilu Town of Junan County: 86-539-7212692

Names of more perpetrators:

Personnel from the 610 Office of Junan County include Chen Xing, Zhuang Xuru, and Ma Zongtao