(Clearwisdom.net) Right now, the Fa-rectification is asserting its impact in various ways on everything in the surface dimension. The New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV-sponsored New Year's Gala is a typical representation of such an impact. The evil, however, is thoroughly wicked and wants to interfere. The wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been trying in vain to disrupt the Fa-rectification, counteract NTDTV's role in saving people, and continue to poison the minds of people in North America, especially in the large Chinese communities. The CCP's Ministry of Culture paid for a CCTV-sponsored show in North America entitled "The Same Song" that was scheduled to open only two days after the NTDTV gala premiered.

The CCP is abusing its power and exploits taxpayers' money to disrupt the Fa-rectification and to continue its persecution of Dafa practitioners and the public.

The evil, of course, cannot do as it wishes. It will fail after Dafa practitioners and many righteous people in North America continuously expose and stop their attempts. I want to share my experience about how my mentality changed, what role we Dafa practitioners in Mainland China should play, the mentality we should have, and how we can better form a whole body with overseas Dafa practitioners to better bring our power into play and strengthen the effect and outcome of our power as a whole body.

The wicked CCP had actually been brainwashing the Chinese public with advertisements of the "Same Song" show before its presentation in North America. The CCP infiltrated, numbed and poisoned the minds of the Chinese people. Fellow Dafa practitioners who had been illegally arrested in China and who were subjected to brainwashing should have learned about this and should have had some reaction to the "Same Song" show. What was our initial reaction? Indifference? Helplessness? Acquiescence? Did we think that it's up to overseas practitioners to react, because the show was staged in North America? Obviously, none of these should be our way of thinking! We would of course send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate such thoughts, but why didn't we write down the CCP's crimes and expose them, and eliminate the possibility of the CCP bringing more harm to more people?

For example, practitioners who learned about the show could and should have written down their experiences of being persecuted, some of whom were forced to sing the "Same Song" against their conscience. They could deliver their articles to overseas practitioners to expose and eliminate the evil with solid facts, in a more timely manner, in order to awaken more people.

Regarding this issue, there is a significant difference between China and the US: the U.S. government is forbidden to disseminate ideological propaganda with the use of public funds. To my knowledge, the CCP media clearly stated that the show is sponsored by CCTV, a CCP-controlled TV station. The U.S. must not allow this! Today, however, when I searched for similar content online, related information had been deleted by the perpetrators.

Right now, practitioners outside of China want to collect evidence from China behind the CCP's show. If we practitioners in China collected and saved such information and sent it to overseas practitioners, various types of truth clarification tasks would run more smoothly and effectively. The key is that it reflects our understandings and enlightenment to the Fa-rectification, our position and role in Fa-rectification. It is a sign of practitioners in charge of different Dafa projects voluntarily working together and cooperating in a highly effective manner with each other, toward the same goal. We do not need to predict the outcome or pre-plan as ordinary people approach their work, because it is our goal to stop and eliminate all evil that disrupts Dafa and Fa-rectification. We will grab and eliminate the evil whenever its head pops up or its arm stretches out. How can we act indifferently in the face of evil? We need such righteous thoughts and to reach this state of mind. Teacher said,

"One thing is for sure when it comes to the wicked CCP: no matter what the wicked CCP does in persecuting Falun Gong, as soon as it does something, that thing will turn into a scandal and a failure. This has been set in stone by gods. That's because history does not unfold for its sake, the old forces let it play a role only to test students, and today's history was specifically created for Fa-rectification and is unfolding for the sake of Dafa disciples." ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

The outcome is already set in stone, unless we have poor enlightenment quality, or if we don't understand or don't believe it. Let us remember that from now on we absolutely will not allow the evil to poison people. We must eliminate all evil and we must grab it wherever the evil is trying to harm people.

Although I didn't experience the brainwashing and torture associated with the "Same Song," when I first heard that CCTV was going to sponsor a show in North America, I immediately knew it was targeting the NTDTV New Year's Gala. I knew the evil wanted to counteract our efforts and the effect of our gala, and it wants to continue poisoning the minds of people in North America. I also realized that it would later report on the overseas show inside China to further poison the minds of the people in China. I had one thought: "Eliminate it! Absolutely don't allow it to happen!" But I didn't think further about what I should or what I could do, and I didn't take any action. Later, when related articles appeared on overseas websites, I saw that practitioners outside of China were being proactive and I believed they would do well. I didn't think about what I could do, and I treated myself as a bystander. When I read in one article that evidence was needed of the CCP's persecution crimes, I went online to search for evidence, but it was already too late.

This is only one incident. During this process, each Dafa practitioner should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. It doesn't mean that everyone has to do something directly; the crucial thing is whether our hearts and minds are devoted to the matter, whether we are looking for things to do to help. There are many things to do in Fa-rectification; many things require cooperation between Dafa practitioners inside and outside of China in order to do better, to eliminate the evil more effectively and to save more people. We don't necessarily have to do things the same way. Only by truly becoming a whole body will we better bring into play the power of the whole body, and will we cultivate well through doing the three things.

Right now the evil elements inside Mainland China are indeed few and its furor is gone. Nevertheless, cases of cruel torture of Dafa practitioners still take place in many regions. Some practitioners suggested a long time ago that information about the evildoing people involved in the persecution can be sent abroad; overseas practitioners can make phone calls or mail letters to personally warn the people participating in the persecution, letting them know, "You persecuted Dafa practitioner A on such and such date at such and such place; you have to stop immediately and repent your previous crimes and promise never to take part in the persecution again. Otherwise, you will not only be served with a lawsuit and have to face punishment if you leave China and travel abroad, we will investigate and hold you responsible for your actions inside China and eventually bring you to justice."

Practitioners inside and outside China can carry out these activities through platforms such as the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. These methods not only apply to those who personally planned and carried out the tortures, but we can also issue warnings of differing degrees for those who indirectly participated in and abetted these crimes. We can ask them to make amends and quit the CCP.

How much have we done in this regard? We have accomplished a lot and yet have still missed a lot. Some work was not even touched upon. Why? Are we afraid? Fear is the biggest excuse for the evil to persecute us. How do we negate the evil? We have learned too many lessons, and Teacher has lectured many times on the relationship of Fa-rectification, cultivation, righteous thoughts and the evil persecution. As Dafa practitioners inside China, each one of us should reflect on ourselves. What were our thoughts and what did we do when we personally experienced persecution? What did we think and do when fellow practitioners in a local region experienced persecution? What did we think when practitioners in other regions were persecuted? We follow Teacher in rectifying the Fa. How can we change others for the better when we are not righteous ourselves? Who can we wait for if we don't do it ourselves? What kind of person is a Dafa disciple? What is our responsibility and mission?

Cultivation is as simple as looking inward. Our cultivation way is even simpler, because Teacher's Fa is very clear and we can judge our actions and thoughts against the Fa, and do the three things Teacher requires of us as Dafa disciples. Have we done it? Let us remove any hiding place for the evil in our hearts and in the universe.