Residents learn the Falun Gong exercises attentively

( In late 2005, a reporter from the Business Wire of Mississippi Golden Triangle heard that practitioners once held two free Falun Gong seminars in Columbus, MS. The reporter then phone-interviewed Dr. Wang of Alabama and Mr. Lin, voluntary instructors of the seminars. On January 8, the newspaper published a detailed report. The report highlighted stories of the two practitioners and briefly introduced Falun Gong. With permission from the practitioners, the reporter also included information about the third Falun Gong seminar in Columbus, which was to be held on January 21. On January 15, two ladies came to a Falun Gong practice site at the University of Mississippi and expressed their wish to learn the practice. As the University was still on winter break, practitioners practiced outdoors. Considering the cold weather, the practitioners invited them to attend the Falun Gong seminar at the Columbus Public Library.

In the afternoon of January 21, more than ten local residents attended the seminar. Except for two people who learned about the seminar at the site, all the others heard about the seminar from the newspaper report. When learning the exercises, a lady said that she could feel the movement of energy. An older lady who had arthritis said that she felt very good when she did the "The Great Heavenly Circuit" exercise.

After the exercise instruction, the new practitioners asked questions, which were answered by the voluntary instructors. One person commented that he felt very lucky for having an opportunity to learn Falun Dafa, as people in the south traditionally are very conservative. He also thanked practitioners for driving three to four hours from different areas to conduct the seminar. The new friends reluctantly said goodbye to the practitioners, who promised to come back to help and share experiences if the practitioners established a new practice site.