In 2001, practitioner B's house was ransacked by the police. They confiscated thousands of truth-clarification materials. Practitioner B was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Practitioner B's household was then left with her elderly mother in her eighties and a young daughter attending middle school. At once they lost their source of income to live on.

Under this circumstance, fellow practitioners extended their helping hands. Regardless of whether they knew practitioner B or not, all of the local practitioners helped her family. Three fellow practitioners stated, "During the period when practitioner B is subjected to forced labor, we three retired workers will take full responsibility for covering her family's living expenses. This way, her mother and daughter can continue to get by."

During this period of time, fellow practitioners told practitioner B's mother to often recite "Falun Dafa is Good". During the three years when practitioner B was in forced labor, her mother and daughter did not have any illnesses or encounter any problems. Her mother only fell down once while shopping, but she was not hurt.

During the period when practitioner B was in the labor camp, out of her concern about the lack of care at home for her elderly mother and young daughter, practitioner B wrote a letter to two fellow practitioners she trusted and asked them to help look after her family members. Consequently, police from the Special Case Group followed the address of the letter and found the two practitioners. They angrily said, "Practitioner B confessed that she used to give truth-clarification materials and VCDs to you two." They even fabricated the number of the truth-clarification materials. These two practitioners knew that the police officers were lying, so they totally denied the charges and completely negated what the police brought up. Finally, the police did not get anything and had to leave disappointed.

In 2004, when practitioner B returned home, our three fellow practitioners gave back to her an intact family, with both her mother and daughter healthy and sound. Practitioner B immediately joined other practitioners to validate the Fa.