(Clearwisdom.net) My ninth grade son asked my husband several days ago, "Should I join the Youth League?" My husband, who is a non-practitioner, answered, "Sure, why not? Submit an application." I was very worried to hear this and said, "People are now withdrawing from the Party in a large numbers. Why do you want to join?"

My heart was very sad, and I could not calmly ignore this crisis. I decided to clarify the truth to his classroom teacher to save these kids. Then I thought about the kids in the other classes and decided to clarify the truth to the principal to save as many students as possible. I asked nearby fellow practitioners early the next morning to help send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) evil spirit in the other dimensions around that school and disintegrate the plan to coerce young kids into joining the evil CCP Youth League. Then I went to the school.

It only took me only a short while to walk about five miles of mountain road. I was sending forth righteous thoughts all the way there and asking Master to strengthen me. The doorman directed me to the vice principal's office, since he is in charge of many specific matters. I talked about the Cultural Revolution and the June 4th Massacre on Tiananmen Square in 1989. We discussed many things, from the persecution to good people being Truthful, Compassionate and Forbearing, to the prophecies hinting to people that heaven is eliminating the CCP with retribution. The vice principal then said, "Would you please just tell me exactly what you want to say?" I answered, "I suggest that you do not let students join the Youth League. Save these innocent kids, and you will accumulate a huge amount of virtue by doing so." He said, "Okay, you do not need to say any more, I know what to do now." I added, "No matter if you believe it or not, what I said is truly for the good of the children. Please consider it carefully." He smiled sincerely and sent me downstairs politely.

Upon returning home, I suggested that our region add several additional times for collectively sending forth righteous thoughts, as we are determined to save these children. We have not heard anything more about having them join the Youth League.