(Clearwisdom.net) There are some Dafa practitioners who for a long time have been neglecting Fa study, doing it on and off. However, as soon as they see one of Teacher's new articles published, their enthusiasm returns, followed by a few days of diligent study and hard work. They promise themselves that they will continue to work hard to upgrade themselves, yet every time they fail to keep up with the promise they made. They feel terrible themselves, yet are unable to persist.

Teacher said,

"A stone is a stone no matter where you place it, and a piece of gold is a piece of gold no matter where you place it." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference")

We must not find excuses to cover up our lack of diligence in cultivation practice. There exists a saying among everyday people, "Dripping water can wear through a stone." Because we are Dafa practitioners, Teacher has already made preparations for our futures. What is left for us to do is to build up our mighty virtue in the time remaining. We stand on a high platform and our goal is venerable. Under any circumstance, a Dafa practitioner must persevere. Then, we will not let Teacher down in his compassion and effort to save sentient beings.

Some of the practitioners are worried that they may not achieve consummation. So they keep themselves busy all the time doing the work of "saving sentient beings." But have they been keeping up with Fa study? Some other practitioners are busy preparing truth clarifying materials, coordinating and rushing here and there. But, have they also been keeping up with Fa study? There are some practitioners whose human sides immediately manifest as soon as they encounter sensitive issues. Have they been persistent with their truth clarification? With some other practitioners, their own human fears and selfishness immediately overcome them as soon as certain changes happen in society. Have they been persevering in distributing truth-clarifying materials? Some practitioners feel tired, blaming themselves for not having a good physical condition. But, have they been practicing the Falun Gong exercises regularly? Some practitioners frequently complain that they experience interruptions and interference. Have they been keeping up with their righteous thoughts? There are also others who are always busy with worldly pursuits, forgetting their identity. Have they been consistently doing the three things stipulated by Teacher?

Let us be reminded of Teachers words in Zhuan Falun:

"Also, what we are doing today isn't as simple as it looks, and I didn't just come out to do this on some kind of impulse."

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter. It comprises both compassion and solemnity. We can't do things just on impulse. Otherwise, we will not achieve anything in the end.

Teacher said,

"Each of the three things that Dafa disciples should do is very important. Everything of your Consummation in individual cultivation is intertwined with your validating the Fa, so you have to do well..." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference")

Teacher also said,

"...in validating the Fa, you should do well the three things Dafa disciples need to do, and everything is encompassed in them." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

I feel that only perseverance in the three things assigned to Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification period can be considered as true cultivation.

Today, the Fa is explained well and clearly. Teacher has made great effort and shouldered all the necessary hardships for us to succeed. I am feeling ashamed. I am not looking for an exultant achievement, but rather a path on which I can be persistent in tempering myself, and one that minimizes Teacher's effort and worry.

This is my limited understanding to share with you all!