(Clearwisdom.net) During the week preceding Christmas 2005, approximately 1,000 students attending a certain university watched a movie produced by Falun Gong practitioners entitled, "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain." I utilized the university's equipment to play the DVD for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the class and the time. This was enough time to show the majority of the film's content. Almost all of the students believed what they saw, were shocked and deeply wanted to know the truth. There were a few who did not believe the contents of "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain." Their disbelief toward the true facts reveals the extent of the evilness and lies of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brainwashing.

This term, I asked the head teacher to give me a political subject to teach so that I could destroy the harmful elements of the CCP's brainwashing in the students' minds. First I investigated the general level of acceptance held by the students. Throughout the term, the head teacher seeks out feedback from the students on each teacher. Later, as I analysed the CCP's evil nature in class, the students started sharing their dissatisfaction with the CCP. Some even spoke openly about it. This gave me the encouragement to screen, "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain." Next I will discuss my experiences. If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.

First, I addressed the students' notions and thoughts regarding communist culture. The subject of my lectures was Chinese history of the 20th century. This provided a perfect setting for me to talk about the Nine Commentaries. Therefore, during class, I screened a large number of documentaries, such as He Qinglian's documentary, "What has Overseas Investment Brought to China?" excerpted from the show, Looking Through China; Xin Hainian's Walking Towards Republic; "Who Fought the Japanese?" in Reviewing the History of China; The Cultural Revolution; One Inch of Land and One Inch of Blood; Searching for the Soul of Lin Zhao; 50 minutes of "From the Big Leap Forward to the Big Famine;" "The Death of the Chairman of the Republic;" "Conflicts Along the China-Russia Border;" and "Tiananmen" (about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre), from In the Wave of a Hand. For the historical periods that do not have documentaries associated with them, I lectured about them instead. For example, Mao Zedong and his four wives, the injustice case of Wang Shiwei, the injustice case of Zhang Zhixin, the truth behind the Korean War, stories from the era of Land Reformation, stories from the CCP's numerous revolutionary movements, the AB Group, stories behind the Yanan Revolution, San Fan Wu Fan, the Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong fighting Peng Dehuai, Mao Zedong fighting Lin Biao, etc. As a whole, the documentaries and my stories were focused on the truth of historical events. When lecturing, I narrated the stories to make them more personal. The students thought that my class was so moving and so valuable. During the lectures, they gave me their undivided attention. Some students said to me, "Teacher, we gave you the highest rating for your lectures." Even the head of education was saying, "Incredible, incredible!"

Usually this kind of topic at university is considered to be a "sleeping subject." None of the old lecturers can do it well, let alone the younger ones. However, the many documentaries I screened included direct exposure and criticism of the CCP, so I needed to do it with wisdom. Therefore, my second experience was to learn that I must expose the evilness of the CCP step by step. In order to expose the CCP's lies and deceit, I needed to first describe the evidence of the CCP's crimes. First, I started with some unjust occurrences during each political movement. I also had to be careful to link the unfair cases to the curriculum and to describe them in a moving way so that, in the students' words, "the lessons ended with beauty and emotion, without us even realizing it."

For example, the curriculum says that being rightist is incorrect, so I played the documentary Searching For Lin Zhao's Soul. This documentary has this kind of note to it: Lin Zhao's last words written in blood said "Communism is a system that openly snatches every trace of humanity from every single person." The only reason that I could show this kind of content was because I had already shown the AB Group, Wang Shiwei's Mistaken case, Yanan Evolution and San Fan Wu Fan. Furthermore, Lin Zhao's suffering was extremely severe and cruel, and the thousands of words he wrote in blood before his death were displayed for the students to see. These images are deeply moving, and cause people to think deeper. This formed the basis for watching the June 4 massacre file. This one was especially relevant, since the subject of the movie is university students. Gun shots, tanks and blood shook through the soundless classroom. The images spoke of what the CCP is really about. Some students told me that after watching this, when they watched the evening news, they sensed that they were being deceived. All of this formed a solid basis so that when I showed "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain" they were prepared.

In retrospect I can see that the steps in exposing the CCP were not rushed, because I knew that the effect would not be good if I went too fast. The current situation is that most students are no longer shocked by direct criticism of the CCP, either from the documentaries or from me. This shows that the evil elements residing in them have been chipped away bit by bit.

Obviously, I cannot regard myself as an ordinary person exposing the evils of the CCP. I am saving sentient beings. Practitioners are not interested in politics, only saving people. Therefore, we must fully utilize the wisdom given to us by Falun Dafa. This is the third point in my experience. During these lectures, I was continuously guided by the boundless wisdom gained from studying Zhuan Falun. My tone and the way I reasoned with the students were all enlightened to from studying Zhuan Falun. Further, the way Teacher taught the Fa during the early days in China also helped me to understand many principles of saving people. For example: truth-clarification must be communicated in a form that can be understood by people. From this understanding I addressed the students by starting with things that they are interested in. When lecturing during class, discussing after class and meeting students on the street, I always showed my kind heart.

During my lecture, I had to keep in mind the different levels of students' understandings and use different language accordingly. The students should all have a clear side, as well as a side that is unclear. Therefore, although I had to talk a bit about the human body, the universe and different dimensions, I could not say too much. Humans live for fame, personal gain and sentiments, but practitioners are not attached to these. At the same time, we are not afraid of coming into contact with fame, personal gain and sentiments. When exposing the evil, I would show frustration and sadness. When talking about righteousness, I would show admiration and happiness. I always used the phrase: "let us talk about the history of our grandparents and parents..." This softened and personalised the language used. I considered all of these things for the sake of saving sentient beings. Clarifying the truth is saving sentient beings, and during this process, our wisdom obtained from the Fa can be revealed. Studying the Fa is not only for self improvement; it affects the countless sentient beings that we can see, as well as those we cannot see.

The last point is "Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world." (Provisional translation, Hong Yin II) Although students do not like political science, so much of its poison has been instilled in them since kindergarten. Then, after graduating from university, the students' futures are still controlled by the Communist party. Therefore, when exposing the evil, the evil will react, and sometimes the reaction is quite big. There were a few times during the 10 minute break when students said to my face that my lectures were too rightist and anti-revolutionary. Then, I would be just about to explain, when another student would say, "What rightist? Now people no longer talk about these things. I think the lectures are pretty good."

The biggest reaction was when I showed Traveling Heaven and Earth through Wind and Rain. When one class was watching, the electricity suddenly went out. After we changed classrooms, after awhile, the electricity stopped again. This had never happened before. I sent forth righteous thoughts to deny this interference, and it never happened again. Seven of the classes were very quiet while watching, but three of the classes became unsettled. Some students stood up and slammed the back door. It is possible that they went to the head of education to report me. At the time, my heart suddenly felt heavy and my mouth felt dry. I tried my best to calm down and continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

I am saving sentient beings and the heavens are my witness. I have nothing to be afraid of. When I had this thought, my mind cleared and I started the lecture. I said, "It is natural for everyone to have some resistance to accepting this material. If we think back to the Tiananmen Square June 4th incident (known in the West as the Tiananmen Square massacre), I also could not believe that the army would open fire on the students. But last week, everyone saw that the army did open fire. This history tells us that revolution is undoubtedly cruel. Just now we watched, "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain." At least everyone knows that the international community has conflicting attitudes towards Falun Gong. Falun Gong has become a form of culture. Everyone will soon graduate, and as the new generation of the 21st Century, we should know more about these things. Therefore, I have briefly introduced these topics to you. Those students who are interested can continue to follow up on this after they have graduated."

Next, I started talking about chapters within Jiang Zemin and the different opinions that Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongqi have on the issue of Falun Gong. This was a bit of an extra, together with "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain." After the lecture, I was worried a number of times and felt faint. I was thinking about what the worst possible consequence might be. I felt a bit uncomfortable. What happened? After studying the Fa, I enlightened to the fact that while clarifying the truth, I must also upgrade myself. This is a good opportunity to strengthen my righteous thoughts. After sharing with fellow practitioners, I enlightened to the fact that I have not continually denied the old forces' arrangements. Further, I may have thoughts which can be taken advantage of by the evil, and my righteous thoughts need strengthening. Therefore, I extended the time I sent forth righteous thoughts, studied the Fa and did the exercises.

However, in general, the effect was good. After class, some students wanted to burn the DVD for themselves. The most dramatic was after I showed the clip, "Who Fought the Japanese?" a student came up to me during the 10 minute break and asked, "Are you going to be against the Communists?" I said that I am lecturing true history, but I remembered this student and thought that he had some issues with my class. Who would expect that after showing "Traveling Heaven and Earth Through Wind and Rain," he would ask me for the DVD to burn and tell me that he has read the Nine Commentaries and withdrawn from all CCP organizations. After class around 20 students came to talk to me and asked for the Nine Commentaries. Four to five students have already withdrawn from CCP organisations and another two asked for Zhuan Falun. Some students even actively tried to clarify the truth to me, thinking that I did not know. More and more sentient beings are awakening. We must be more diligent, increase our righteous thoughts and save more sentient beings.

December 29, 2005