(Clearwisdom.net) In recent years, due to my personal situation and surrounding environment, I occasionally submitted the party fee. I had a feeling that I should not pay this membership fee nor attend party activities any longer, but I did not know how to handle it properly. I lacked understanding on this issue from the perspective of the Fa. Since the publication of Teacher's articles, "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" and "Turning the Wheel Again," I have a clearer understanding of the current cosmic climate and the progress of Fa-rectification. Especially when the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, I saw through the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) façade and readily acknowledged its evil essence. At the same time, I feel the tremendous responsibility that practitioners shoulder to save sentient beings. Every day I push myself to study the Fa more and send forth righteous thoughts more frequently. I have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party several times and it has helped me clarify the truth to people. Now people are often moved to quit the CCP after a conversation with me.

In June 2005, my workplace began holding events to "Maintain the Advancement of the CCP." My husband had reminded me many times before that my workplace would start to hold such events very soon, and warned me to watch out for it. As anticipated, at the end of May 2005, a fellow practitioner in our workplace was reported for reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on the bus. The practitioner was immediately detained, then and there, someplace outside of the city where we live. The authorities reported the incident to the leader of our workplace and requested that the practitioner be brought back to our workplace dormitory. This incident had a big effect on everyone in our workplace. Wanting to protect himself, the secretary of the workplace submitted a report to the local city's 610 Office. In the first warm-up meeting of "Maintaining the Advancement of the CCP," the secretary delivered a speech in which he twice mentioned Falun Gong in anger. I sat in the audience sending forth righteous thoughts. After the speech, he was noticeably short of breath. I knew that the negative elements of thought karma, incorrect notions, fear, and wicked intention, including the pursuit of fame and profit were controlling him in other dimensions. But now the evil elements behind him were greatly eliminated.

During that period, I was unexpectedly busy, with a list of things-to-do that seemed to have no end. In addition, I was assigned a ten-day business trip out of the city, wherein my schedule of studying Fa, doing exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts would be affected. For instance, I had to listen to the audio tapes of Teacher's lectures after others went to sleep. When others slept soundly, I got up to do exercises or send forth righteous thoughts. I used the time in the morning to study the Fa before everyone got up. I kept reminding myself to break through the old forces' arrangement. I knew I must create the right cultivation environment, in the midst of attempts targeted to distract and disturb me. Though the evil tried to defeat me through numerous tests, I took the righteous Fa-rectification path of a Falun Dafa practitioner.

On the business trip, I had the chance to meet many people for the first time. I thought that it must be a predestined relationship for these people to meet me over this brief ten-day period. They came to learn the truth so as to be saved. Some of them I might not see again. At the farewell dinner, we had 13 people at our table. When it was my turn to speak, I talked about the truth of the Tiananmen Square self-immolation and my cultivation experience. All the people at the dinner were moved by my sincerity. Some of them said to me that I was too kind. By the time half of them had departed, those present learned the truth of Falun Gong. The next day, when we all got on the bus to return, I felt that my body was very energetic. The feeling of happiness is not something ordinary people can comprehend.

After I returned home from the business trip, I went to the secretary's home to clarify the truth of Falun Gong. From our chat, I felt that he complied with the higher authorities' orders because of shrewd thoughts to protect his own self-interest. In fact, many people act this way. At every turn, people calculate how much they stand to gain and how much they stand to lose. Though they suspect that the CCP will collapse at any time, fear of CCP violence and brutality keeps them towing the party line against their conscience.

Before the events of "Maintaining the Advancement of the CCP," I openly told the leaders in my department that I had quit the CCP more than six months ago and I refused to submit membership fees from then on. The leaders responded by keeping silent. But soon after the start of "Maintaining the Advancement of the CCP," the authorities requested that everyone join the campaign, including retired party members, active party members, and "potential" party members. Accordingly, I was given a CCP propaganda book and notebook for the campaign. I refused to join and immediately returned the items. Several days later, the section leader sent a notebook to me and asked me to write an article of 20,000 words. The leader even said that if I really did not want to write it, I could find other people to write it for me, just as a formality, to prove the workplace's diligence. I said, "I haven't submitted the membership fee for over six months. Based on the Party constitution and stipulations, I should be counted as automatically resigned from the party. I don't need to write anything." The secretary cunningly told me that he would hand in the article for me. I knew that his purpose was to document that I, too, was in compliance. I firmly told him, "I already informed you that I have quit the party. Besides, who asked you to hand in the article for me." He saw that he could not get me to write anything so he left.

The next day, his supervisor came to tell me that even though I resigned from the party, I still needed to hand in an application document. Otherwise, I would still be counted as a party member. I was also told that "voluntarily quitting the CCP because of having not submitted the membership fee for over half a year" is subject to party review before taking effect, and the party was, instead, labeling such cases as "being dismissed from the party." He said that was why a written document was necessary to actively resign from the party. I thought that that was right, so I figured it was a way to actively and openly discard the evil party, spread the truth, and save sentient beings.

Therefore, I wrote a short and concise application, the main content of which focused on the party's severe corruption. For example, the well-known corrupt governors, city mayors and others were all party officials. Since the evil was only getting worse, I stated that I was very disappointed and decided to quit the CCP. Meanwhile, I described the differences between the concepts of country and party. Before this, some coworkers asked me why I was so stubborn. Others suggested I write something just as a formality so as to be free from the harassment. Some said that I should consider the future of my husband and children (these people feared that the CCP would take revenge on my family).

My rationale for writing the statement was to shock the evil forces and give sentient beings courage by setting a positive example for them.

During this period, I did the three things well every day, and especially sent forth righteous thoughts every day to negate the evil force's "Maintaining the Advancement of CCP" campaign. The news of my application to quit the CCP quickly spread in the workplace. People were all talking about it. Some people gave me the thumbs up sign, some greeted me with the noble title, "respectful teacher," others asked me to predict how China would fair once the CCP collapsed, while still others asked my workplace leaders whether they had found any trouble with me. Some who had read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party showed their support by writing 10,000-word statements that were aligned with the trend I had established. Some people who I helped to quit the CCP were afraid to get involved in my situation, so they temporarily avoided me. There were other people who just kept silent around me. I think that what I did had different effects on different people. As time passes, people will become more courageous and eventually look at this from a new angle.

During the CCP's campaign of "Maintaining the Advancement of the CCP," the workplace organized several forums and required all the people in the workplace to attend. I hesitated in the beginning, but I concluded that I should go there to send forth righteous thoughts, and get some idea about what they planned to do. If they mentioned Falun Gong, I could clarify the truth to them, so I went to all of the forums. All of the forums were on the topic of corruption, and covered how it happened, how to prevent it, its root cause, the problem within the current management system, as well as the foreign and domestic scene before and after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most of the materials were downloaded from the Internet.

The campaign, which lasted for six months, was concluded with a farewell rally. At this meeting, the secretary announced that from now on, those retired cadres who wanted to transfer their party memberships from the workplace to their local residency office, would be required to provide certification from the local residency office. This regulation was intended to prevent people from hiding party documentation and resigning from the party secretly. He made no mention of my quitting the CCP.

Some who wanted to resign from the CCP came to ask me how to prepare their applications to quit the CCP. Others asked me over dinner whether I was very open and confident when quitting from the CCP. I let them know that I was confident and not at all afraid. People can feel the righteous and compassionate field around Dafa practitioners, and sense the mighty power of the boundless Buddha Fa's great forbearance and compassion. The evil force's plan to arrest other practitioners, and the campaign to persecute me was found wanting.

Here, I would like to thank our great Teacher for His compassionate help, salvation, and protection over these years. I would also like to thank fellow practitioners for their unselfish support and contribution. Thousands of words would be insufficient to express the feelings in my heart. Meanwhile, I ask myself to be even more diligent in the future.

Looking back over the years of my Fa-rectification path, I credit the smooth sailing to a firm belief in Teacher and the Fa, and to meeting everyone in daily life with compassion. Eventually we can reach our goal. My determination comes from frequent Fa study, and from doing things of Fa-rectification well.

December 31, 2005