(Clearwisdom.net) The so-called "Strictly Controlled Group" in Division 1 of the Second Women's Section at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was established in early April 2005. The guards in this group are extremely cruel toward Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners have been tortured to the point of disability and nervous breakdown, while some were tortured to the brink of death.

Practitioners are tortured on a daily basis for persevering in their belief in Falun Dafa. Some were handcuffed and hung up for long periods of time, some are tortured in metal chairs, in solitary confinement cells, in triangular rooms and forced to stay in certain positions. They are subjected to lengthy periods of sleep deprivation, shocked with electric batons and savagely beaten. To uphold their basic human rights, the practitioners hold hunger strikes to protest the inhumane persecution. Nevertheless, Su Jing, head of the Second Women's Section, Wang Naimin, the political head, Li Mingyu, the division head, and Xie Chengdong, the deputy division head made a series of plans to further torture the practitioners through savage force-feeding.

Force-feeding is one of the most brutal persecution methods. The goal is not simply to administer food into the victim's stomach through a nasal tube, but to inflict great pain in an attempt to destroy the practitioner's will. Prior to the feeding, a few guards first strike the practitioner to the ground, pin her down, and cover her nose and mouth with plastic film until she has almost lost consciousness. Then the perpetrators make a hole in the film and insert a very thick feeding tube through the nostrils into the practitioner's stomach. The perpetrators swirl the tube around to inflict greater pain, until the practitioner has reached the limit of endurance. The guards and labor camp doctor want the practitioner to give up her belief and end the hunger strike.

The actual number of practitioners held at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is 395. Practitioners whose terms have expired are being released, and the number of inmates is constantly decreasing. On December 15, 2005, the labor camp authorities lied to their superiors who came for an inspection. They ordered brainwashed former practitioners to put more tables and chairs in the cafeteria to make the number of detainees appear to be more than the actual number. They did this to maintain their government funding.

The following is an account of the persecution of practitioners on a hunger strike by guards at Masanjia's Second Women's Section, headed by Su Jing.

In September 2005, Su Jing stated she would "take care of" Falun Gong practitioners in different groups, to put an end to hunger strikes. The perpetrators increased the number and quantity of forced-feedings and also gave practitioners IV infusions. They extorted money from the practitioners to persecute them financially. Starting in September 2005, they subjected practitioners to increased pressure, which forced some practitioners to give up their hunger strikes. Only seven practitioners are still on a hunger strike as of now. As of November 2005, Xiang Bofeng, a female guard in charge of playing Dafa-slandering broadcasts, videotaped the force-feeding of each practitioner and said she wanted to "leave historical testimony." The disposable feeding tube is supposed to be used only once, but at the Masanjia Labor Camp they are used repeatedly over a long period of time, without following any proper medical procedures. Oftentimes one tube is used for several people, and the doctors also reuse the feeding bags.

Right now, the practitioners are force-fed about twice daily for two days of the week, and three times daily for the rest of the week. They feed the practitioner with about 0.33 gallons of corn porridge each time. Occasionally they feed a practitioner a full plastic pot that contains 0.33 gallons (1-quart plus 1 cup, or 40 ounces) corn porridge in addition to 0.17 gallons (32.76 oz. or roughly 1-1/2 pints) water. Practitioner Yun Yan from Shenyang City was once force-fed four pots of porridge and water, and the water pushed the tube out of her nose. After the feeding, she often had a severe stomachache. She was later diagnosed with gastroptosis, and her stomach became almost perforated. Yun Yan confronted the doctor and said he violated his medical professional ethics. He said, "I'll feed you like this if you don't eat." Ms. Yun was released on October 1, 2005.

Sometimes there is not enough corn porridge for the evening feeding, but guard Cao Yujie would force-feed the practitioners with water rather than skip a feeding. The corn porridge is picked up from the cafeteria in the morning to be used for the day. By the evening force-feeding time, the porridge has often gone bad. The previous dinner's vegetable soup is added to the congee. Corn porridge dries up and congeals after a while, so the perpetrators keep stirring it, which speeds up the fermentation process. They feed the practitioners twice daily and add a small bag of soy milk powder and a little fruit juice and sugar. Once in a while, they add two 10-ml vials of potassium chloride, calcium tablets and pine pollen to the mix. They give the practitioners drugs whenever they show symptoms of illness. The division head said, "We'll feed you until you get fat, so you cannot get out of here via a hunger strike." The practitioners said, "We hold a hunger strike to oppose the persecution and uphold our right; at the same time, we are validating Dafa. We'll persist until the end, regardless of whether we are fat or thin."

In the last week of September 2005, the guards gave each practitioner on a hunger strike about five bottles of IV infusion daily. During the forced-feeding, the practitioners were handcuffed to bed rails so that they could not pull out the needle.

On November 29, the perpetrators took some practitioners on a hunger strike to the Masanjia Hospital. It was difficult to draw blood from practitioners who had been on a hunger strike for over six months. They charged a examination/lab/force-feeding fee to the practitioners and would deduct this money directly from the practitioners' accounts if they had credit balances on their cards. The labor camp doctor often said, "It costs 20 yuan to feed you a bottle of corn porridge, so the monthly feeding fee is 1,900 yuan." All of the fees are extorted from the practitioners' families. If the families refuse to pay the money, the labor camp would say, "You don't have to pay for force-feeding, just cover the medical examination."

The authorities can't do anything if the families continue to resist the persecution. The families' upright resistance is extremely powerful! In November 2005, the family of one practitioner traveled a long way to the labor camp and confronted the authorities, which shocked and restrained the guards at the Second Women's Section.

As of October 2005, the guards ordered that the practitioners cannot shout, "Falun Dafa is good" while being force-fed. Practitioners who refused to obey were dragged out and tortured further. In April 2005, the practitioners refused to sit on small stools about 6 inches in diameter that are used to torture them. They sat cross-legged on the concrete floor instead. As of November 2005, the team heads suddenly forced the practitioners to sit on these stools. They removed all the cushions. If the practitioners refused to sit on the stool, they would be forced to stand for long periods. This new round of corporal punishment is still going on now.

Room 213 is where practitioners on a hunger strike are held. After the persecution escalated in September 2005, the number of practitioners on hunger strike decreased by half. Only four practitioners remained on a hunger strike after October 1. By December 15, only three practitioners were still on a hunger strike. Their situation is as follows:

Practitioner Ms. Sheng Lianying is 40 years old and comes from Dalian City. She went on a hunger strike on May 4, 2005. After receiving IV infusions at the Masanjia Hospital, her legs were diagnosed as suffering from muscular atrophy. The diagnosis was made at Shenyang City Medical University. Ms. Sheng often suffered from pain in her legs. In July 2005, she was detained in solitary confinement for one week for shouting, "Falun Dafa is great." In early October, the guards held Sheng Lianying in a small "triangular" room without a window. The light is on all the time, six days in a row. On the fifth day, Xie Chengdong, the deputy head of Division 1, wrapped Ms. Sheng's head in an inmate's uniform and ordered others to violently beat her. Sheng Lianying is additionally beaten every once in a while. They covered her mouth so she was unable to shout out during the abuse. During one evening feeding early in December 2005, guard Gao Yuntian hit Sheng Lianying with a syringe and kicked her until her jaw turned black and blue. Ms. Sheng is now in very poor physical condition.

Practitioner Ms. Meng Guiqiu, 50 years old, comes from Goubangzi, Beining, Jinzhou City. She went on a hunger strike on April 22, 2005 and was held in solitary confinement for two days in early July 2005. Ms. Meng was sent back to the original cell because she was dizzy. In October 2005, they handcuffed her at the team head's office for 11 days, but she refused to give up her belief. Meng Guiqiu is in very poor health currently. She has hemorrhoids from sitting on a stool for a very long period. Once during a physical examination, they had to draw blood four times to obtain the required quantity. Guard Gao Yuntian savagely beat Ms. Meng during force-feeding.

Practitioner Ms. Dong Jingya, an architect, is 34 years old and comes from Shenyang City. She had held previous hunger strikes and most recently went on a hunger strike on May 11, 2005. In late May 2005, Ren Hongzan handcuffed Ms. Dong in an office for four days and coerced her to eat and wear an inmate's uniform. In late September 2005, guard Li Mingyu saw Dong Jingya reciting Dafa teachings in Room 213. Li Mingyu told her not to recite Dafa again. She did not cooperate with the unreasonable demand and was handcuffed for four days. In October, Dong Jingya refused to follow the guards' demands and was handcuffed by the side of a bed for ten days and nine nights. She never gave up her belief. One evening in early December, team head Tu slapped Ms. Dong's face. She is currently suffering from heart disease and kidney stones after long-term torture.

Three more practitioners on hunger strike on the first floor are detained in solitary confinement. One practitioner was recently arrested and sent there; another practitioner is Geng Li, who was sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp in late June 2005. She was handcuffed on a bed for a very long time. For a while inmates monitored Ms. Geng constantly.

Another practitioner, Ms. Jiang Guiyun, is 56 years old and comes from Dalian City. She started a hunger strike in early April 2005 and began to eat under pressure around September. She again went on a hunger strike in October 2005, which is still going on. When the Strictly Controlled Division was first established in early April 2005, the guards beat Ms. Jiang and banged her head against a metal bed. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is great!" in a loud and clear voice.

Practitioner Zhou Hua, 51 years old, from Jinzhou City, is held in the interrogation room on the second floor. She was transferred from Room 213 on December 15. Ms. Zhou has held two hunger strikes to resist the persecution. The first hunger strike was in March 2005. She was sent to solitary confinement. Ms. Zhou was again sent to solitary confinement during the second hunger strike and was held there for over 20 days. The most recent hunger strike began on July 30. In October, the guards handcuffed Ms. Zhou for one day and again in early November. They handcuffed her in a small "triangular" room for seven days. The guards force-fed Zhou Hua twice and slapped her face countless times. Guards Xie Jiachuan and Zhong Shuai beat her once, and guard Gao Yuntian and group head Tu also beat her. These guards are very vicious and they stopped only when Zhou Hua shouted, "Teacher!" She resisted courageously during a brutal force-feeding session on December 15 and was beaten until her mouth filled with blood. Three group heads failed to hold her down. Zhong Shuai slapped Ms. Zhou's face several times. Zhou Hua was later transferred out of Room 213 and was held in solitary confinement. Her current situation is unknown.

On the morning of August 17, 2005, the guards force-fed the practitioners again. Guard Liu Hui, a woman, shocked each practitioner who shouted, "Falun Dafa is great!" She said, "I'll charge my electric baton from now on every time I force-feed you. I'll turn you into fried fish!" Not one practitioner was intimidated. Liu Hui often grabbed the practitioners by their ears and banged their heads against the ground. Despite the cruel persecution, the practitioners said they would not waver in their determination to practice Falun Dafa.

Below is a list of perpetrators in Division 1, the so-called Strictly Controlled Division, at the Second Women's Section of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp:

Su Jing, head of labor camp

Wang Naimin: political head

Li Mingyu: division head

Xie Chengdong: male, deputy division head

Team 1, Division 1

Zhang Huan: team head, female, 26 years old; she has persecuted Falun Gong for several years

Xie Jiachuan: male, 32 years old, he was transferred here from the First Section of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Zhong Shuai: in his 20s; he was transferred here from the First Section of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. He is very vicious toward practitioners; he smears the practitioners' faces with rice porridge while force-feeding them and calls it "a facial." He takes pleasure in torturing practitioners.

The guards who force-fed practitioners: Li Wei, Gao Yuntian, team head Tu, Ren Hongzan, Yang Xiaofeng, Zhang Lei, Liu Hui, Guan Lin, Cui Hong, Huang Heyan.

Labor camp doctors in charge of feeding the practitioners:

Cao Yujie: main person in charge, in his 50s and very malicious. He never hesitates to torture the practitioners

Chen Bin: 34 years old, extremely malicious. He often curses Dafa and Teacher and often hits practitioners

Ni: details await further investigation

Additional information on the persecution at Masanjia:

Su Jing, head of the Second Women's Section of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and Wang Naimin, political head, twice used deception to obtain funding.

On December 16, 2005, officials from the Shenyang provincial government came to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, also called the Masanjia Ideology Education School, to inspect the work there, but in fact they came to check on the number of Falun Gong practitioners held there. They said that according to a decree from the central Chinese government, funding for the labor camp would stop if the number of Falun Gong practitioners held at Masanjia dropped below 400.

Before their visit, however, Su Jing and Wang Naimin had learned about it through other channels. To assure continuing to receive large amounts of funding for their own ends, they made two plans on December 15 to deceive their superiors. First, as already stated above, they forced brainwashed former Falun Gong practitioners to add tables and chairs in the cafeteria, several times more than the number of detainees; second, they falsely reported the number of detained Falun Gong practitioners as 700, although the actual number is 395. Su Jing and Wang Naimin were thus able to continue to embezzle money, as well as use the money to maintain the cruel persecution. Su Jing and the other head perpetrators decided to not release Falun Gong practitioners beginning on December 16. They extended the practitioners' terms and used various excuses to continue detaining them.

It was learned that the perpetrators at the labor camp headed by Su Jing and Wang Naimin have accumulated a large amount of money over the past several years of Falun Gong persecution. They made money by siphoning off profits from the exploitation of slave labor and from funds for buying merchandise from shops and supermarkets. They extorted bribes from business owners whose products the camp makes. They lied about the number of detainees, made up deceptive reports about the benefits received by the labor camp employees and the expenses of the detainees. They obtained a large amount of government funding this way, in addition to extorting money from the practitioners' families.