(Clearwisdom.net) During these past few years, I have had supernatural and happy experiences as well as heartache and painful lessons on the path of cultivation and validating Falun Dafa. I constantly checked myself against Dafa and cultivated myself. At the most difficult moments, Master prompted me again and again. He pushed me upward and guided me. I was able to last this long only because of Master's compassion and protection.

Eliminating Interference and Doing the Three Things Well

During the past few years, I have devoted all of my efforts to do the three things well. When I first started talking about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and asked people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), initially I felt it was really difficult because people had many notions that were blocking me. I had also formed many attachments. Some people had their minds profoundly poisoned by the evil CCP culture and the lies on TV. Sometimes I didn't know what to do. Master said,

"In dealing with relevant, important matters, if a life can really assess things without any preconceived notions, then this person is truly able to take charge of himself. This clearheadedness is wisdom, and it is different from what average people call "intelligence." ("For Whom Do You Exist" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Through Fa study I realized that the bad thoughts and degenerate notions are lives and a substance. If we don't eliminate them, they will keep interfering with us. We are trying to save sentient beings and they are destroying sentient beings, and they constantly take advantage of our gaps. If we go along with them, we are empowering them and they will constantly interfere with the three things we are supposed to do. We absolutely cannot acknowledge them. We have to send forth righteous thoughts to negate them and remove these fundamental attachments from the root. We should replace them with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and eliminate degenerate notions. We should judge our every thought and action with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," and conduct ourselves according to the standards for Dafa disciples.

Strengthening Righteous Thoughts - Disseminating the Nine Commentaries and Helping People Quit the Party

Through Fa study I removed the acquired notions and clearly understood that Dafa disciples have great missions. They came to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. I also clearly know that I have to cultivate myself while doing the three things well, and saving more sentient beings is the responsibility of Dafa disciples.

Helping people recognize and withdraw from the evil Party and further understand the truth and be saved is a pressing matter. I decided to seize the time to do well with my societal responsibilities and at the same time validate Dafa, clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Master told us that clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are important and sacred missions for Dafa practitioners. Because of the urgency of the issue I went to my family and friends, colleagues and classmates to clarify the truth to them. Sometimes I wrote letters, but more often I spoke to them face-to-face.

The three things went smoothly as long as my mind was pure and I had powerful righteous thoughts. With Master's help and Dafa's mighty power, Fa Guardian gods and heavenly soldiers in different dimensions, almost all people I talked to agreed to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

During truth clarification, the level of effort I put in made a big difference. Our starting point has to be clear. I memorized some cultivation stories and good articles on the Minghui and Zhengjian websites, as well as some articles that clarify the truth but also conform to ordinary people's notions. I used different methods and different perspectives to incorporate the stories and articles I read into truth clarification. We have to pay attention to people's attachments and our methods. If we do that, then we can save people. We really have to remain rational and calm and truly regard saving sentient beings as the top priority.

I have also encountered difficulties. Once I went to a colleague's home and his wife received me. She agreed to quit the Party after learning the truth. Her husband was not home, however. I visited them three days later and the husband refused to let me in. His wife insisted on receiving me. I sat down and clarified the truth to the husband. He not only refused to listen but also took out his mobile phone to call the police. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil manipulating him, and the phone call didn't go through.

I didn't have any fear and only thought about saving him. His wife told me to run and she said her husband is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. I said, "Because of that, I cannot leave. I have to tell him the truth!" I said to him, "Don't persecute Falun Gong. You didn't know all this before, but today I have told you the truth. If you continue to do bad things for the evil Party, you will receive retribution. Falun Gong practitioners are good people. I hope you can treat us with kindness. You are young. You and your family will certainly have a bright future if you treat Dafa practitioners well!" Following his attachments, I went on and said, "No matter how high your position is, how much power or money you have, what will you do when disaster strikes? Will you be able to avoid it with power or money? Whether you believe me or not, you have to leave yourself an escape route. This opportunity is precious! I hope you can cherish it." He changed his attitude and lowered his head. He asked, "What do you think I should do?" I said, "Quit the Party using an alias." He agreed and kept a copy of the Nine Commentaries.

Master and Dafa truly save people. I only tell people the truth so they can have a chance to choose their own path. Only Dafa judges and decides whether they can be saved.

I think it's also important to ask for Master's help during truth clarification, when asking people to quit the Party and sending forth righteous thoughts. Once I went to a relative's home and asked them to quit the Party. I had clarified the truth to them previously, but they didn't listen to me. They even said some slanderous things. This time before my visit I sent forth righteous thoughts for two days to adjust my mentality, and asked for Master's help. A miracle happened. As I clarified the truth, before I could finish he said, "Great! Great! Falun Gong is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Make up aliases for our whole family and help us quit the Party!" I didn't do anything; I only cultivated myself. Dafa created everything for us, and Master did everything for us.

I also met with negative reactions and dangerous situations. Sometimes people drove me out and sometimes they called the police, but I always looked inward. Sometimes I didn't pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, and as a result my mind was unsteady. I became anxious and all kinds of attachments surfaced. Emotion was behind all of the attachments. We can move people with compassion only by removing emotion, thus saving more sentient beings.

When I calmed down to study the Fa, cultivated myself in the Fa and did the three things I realized that I have to remove the many attachments I've found. Only then can I negate all of the old force interference and save sentient beings.

Sentient Beings are Hoping for Us to Save Them

Master said,

"So how can Dafa disciples-who are to achieve the Attainment Status of a being who is saved by Dafa and who have the most convenient cultivation way-not be even more diligent when they are given this most glorious honor of Fa-validating cultivation in a brief cultivation period that passes in the blink of an eye?" ("The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be")

Time is pressing. Master has endured way too much for us. How can we bear to face Master if we are not diligent? How can we bear to face sentient beings who are waiting to be saved? How do we fulfill our prehistoric vows?

During the past few days I was uneasy. For a long time I had thought of going to a remote place where many of my relatives, friends and colleagues live. They are waiting for us to clarify the truth to them and save them. I must help them and tell them the truth, to quit the evil Party and be saved. This is an urgent matter. Not many Dafa practitioners live in that remote town and the people's minds there are deeply poisoned by the evil Party culture and the lies on TV. They knew nothing about the truth.

I discussed this with other practitioners and expressed my determination. Some practitioners reminded me to pay attention to safety, because the evildoing agents are rampant at the train stations. I thought, "I cannot let fear stand in the way of saving people." Fear manifests whenever I don't believe in Dafa even a little, and therefore it can cause danger. I corrected my attitude with righteous thoughts and through Fa study. I cultivated my xinxing at all times, because only by being righteous can I correct all that is not righteous, and achieve the desired effect. I will save whomever I can and not disappoint sentient beings.

Master has given us all the power it takes to be in control of Heaven and Earth. It's completely up to us how much we believe. The firmer our belief, the greater our powers and our wisdom. If we firmly believe in Dafa, we are omnipotent.

I brought many truth clarifying materials with me and constantly sent forth righteous thoughts on my way to that remote town. When I entered the train station, the security officer at the entrance shouted that everyone's bags must be checked. I remained calm at this critical moment. I believed that with Master and Dafa, one righteous will suppress all evil! I passed through safely. Thank-you, Master, for giving us the mighty power.

After arriving, I sent forth righteous thoughts day and night and again asked Master to help me. On the first day I clarified the truth to three generations in five families, all of whom had joined the Party or its affiliated organizations. I sent forth righteous thoughts as I clarified the truth, to eliminate all elements that block them from learning the truth about Dafa and the evil Communist specter. It went smoothly and they all agreed to quit the Party. More than forty people quit the Party that day.

We are on the path to godhood, so one single thought can eliminate the evil, change the environment and change people's minds.

The next day I was ecstatic because I had clarified the truth to many people the previous day. I immediately realized this was an emotion. In Zhuan Falun, Master tells us about the Arhat who dropped down because he grew smug. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this mentality, because it is an acquired notion. We have to maintain non-action and not allow any attachment to surface. We have to constantly cultivate ourselves while saving sentient beings.

On Saturday I went to a relative's home to clarify the truth. Upon entering, I saw they were all home. I thought, "They are my family. I absolutely can't let them be eliminated." They started talking about family affairs and I didn't want to listen. Time is precious. I couldn't help myself and said, "This time I came a long way with a historic mission. I'm not here to renew family ties with you. I'm here to save you! I risked my life and brought these materials. These books are invaluable and you can't buy them with any amount of money. Read them and cherish them!" I went on to clarify the truth to them and asked them to quit the Party. Before I could finish, everyone in the room opposed me and they said many bad things. I was exasperated and argued with them. I quickly realized, however, that I am a cultivator and I shouldn't fight with ordinary people. It was a stalemate. I left, brimming with tears.

When I calmed down and looked inward I was shocked to see that my base point was off. I was attached to family approval, and I gave them orders and forced them to obey me. I was also anxious and argumentative. I was not tolerant. What a huge gap!

Master told us to be selfless and altruistic. All of these attachments are an authentic display of selfishness and attachment to myself, and yet I thought I had cultivated well. Master told us to cultivate ourselves while doing the three things!

On the third day I went to them again and said, "We can sit together today because of a predestined relationship. Would we be able to get together if we didn't have healthy bodies? We would not be able to enjoy our love for each other, either. Whether you can understand me or not, you have to be responsible to yourself by leaving a way out for yourselves. You don't have to spend a penny for this major 'insurance.' It's a precious opportunity and you should cherish it! Remember the CCP's political movements? Do you forget you were forced to wear placards around your neck and parade through the streets? Do you forget your home was ransacked and your parents were attacked in public? Didn't it kill them? Your children were sent to the countryside. The Communist Party committed every crime possible! If it is allowed to continue to exist, people will continue to suffer, therefore the heavens are eliminating it."

They listened quietly and their tone changed, "What you said is true! This Party is rotten and we hate it. So, make up a pseudonym for us and help us quit."

In the following days I clarified the truth, talked about the Nine Commentaries and asked people to quit the Party. I feel that the evil manipulating people is much less now, and it's easy for people to understand and quit the Party.

I feel even more keenly that Master is arranging everything for me at all times. I have become more confident and my dimensions are filled with harmonious and compassionate energy, which encourages me to strive forward ever more diligently!

Constantly Correcting Myself

After my trip, the truth clarification I did, asking people to quit the Party, and handing out the Nine Commentaries, I more deeply felt Master's compassionate protection. Master prompted me repeatedly in dangerous situations and also when my attachments surfaced. During the process of truth clarification, Master was truly eliminating the evil manipulation and arrangements in other dimensions. It's only that I didn't realize it and didn't do well. I didn't realize I still had so many human notions. I knew I should remove them, but I forgot about it at critical moments because I didn't study the Fa well and didn't imprint the Fa on my brain, which allowed for the attachments to exist. I realized that selfishness was deeply hidden in my heart. I know even more clearly now that I should study the Fa well and constantly correct myself and assimilate to Dafa through Fa study.

Through truth clarification, more than 280 people learned the truth and quit the Party. They include adults, children, friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, government officials, heads of police departments, workers at industrial and mining enterprises, managers, Party secretaries, schoolteachers, principals, heads of neighborhood committees, retired cadres, officials and Model Workers [a title awarded to extraordinary workers]. It is due to Master's arrangement, and they chose a bright future for themselves.

They awakened and were saved only because Dafa is extraordinary and Master was helping me. Only Dafa can judge and decide whether they can be truly saved.

Dafa created everything for us, and Master did everything for us. Master arranged for them to listen to the truth and be saved, which is why I felt everything was under control.

Fa rectification has come to the final stage. The requirements for our xinxing improvement and doing well with the three things are even higher. I firmly believe in Master and Dafa! I will cherish the path I have walked. Thank you, Master, for your arduous salvation.