(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa Practitioner Mr. Jiang Zhongliang in Dazu County of Chongqing City steadfastly practiced Falun Dafa. He was detained by the unlawful staff of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) many times and was illegally fined and sentenced to forced labor, etc. After he was released from the forced labor camp, he was extremely emaciated. Mr. Jiang passed away around November of 2005 and the details still need to be investigated.

Mr. Jiang Zhongliang, 63, was a farmer in Hualong Township, Dazu County in Chongqing City. After Mr. Jiang practiced Falun Dafa, his physical and mental health greatly improved. He was sincere, kind and tolerant to other people. After the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, because Mr. Jiang went to attend an experience sharing meeting on May 11, 2000, policemen Li Fei and Zhou Ji, along with others from the No. 1 Section of Police Department of Dazu County arrested Mr. Jiang Zhongliang and another 20+ practitioners and detained them at the boarding house of the Supply and Sale Center, a factory in Longgang Town. These practitioners were transferred to a detention center on the following day and were detained for around 35 days. During this period, policemen from No. 1 Section along with the guard of the detention center persecuted these practitioners. They didn't allow practitioners to eat, forced them to kneel, forced them to write a guarantee statement and also extorted money from their families, claiming it was a "guarantee deposit." Policeman Hu fiercely beat Mr. Jiang's back with a stool and he was not released until police extorted 1,000 yuan from his family.

In early 2001, because Jiang Zhongliang put up Falun Dafa posters, police unlawfully ransacked Mr. Jiang's home and held him at the detention center for over 40 days. Though the financial situation of Mr. Jiang was not very good, he was not released until police extorted several hundred yuan from him. In 2002, Mr. Jiang Zhongliang was handcuffed for a whole night by policeman Zhao Haidong because Mr. Jiang clarified the truth, handed out truth-clarifying flyers and posted a poem about Falun Dafa on his own door. Mr. Jiang was sent to a forced labor camp in February 2002 for a one-year term. When he was released, Mr. Jiang was so emaciated that he was merely skin and bones. Since Mr. Jiang could not study the Fa or practice the exercises for a long time, he passed away in November 2005.

The head of the 610 Office in Dazu County colluded with county police department and followed Jiang Zemin's gangster regime to ransack practitioners' homes, fine and detain practitioners, sentence them to jail, force practitioners to undergo brainwashing, implicate practitioners' families and friends, etc. They arrested and persecuted Dafa practitioners in Dazu County on a large scale. Sixty-five-year-old practitioner Ms. Zheng Xueqiong was sent to a forced labor camp where she was severely persecuted and she passed away in March 2004. Ms. Deng Shangyuan, a teacher in Liuhe Central Elementary School in Baoxing Town, was persecuted many times and was once detained in a brainwashing class along with her 15-month-old baby. In March 2005, policemen from Sanqu Town Police Station broke into Ms. Deng's home and ransacked it. Ms. Deng passed away on July 25, 2005.

Relevant phone numbers:

Office of Political and Law Committee in County Communist Party Committee (610 Office): 86-23-43722734
Head of 610 Office of Dazu County (County Political and Law Committee secretary) Wang Guangqiang and Ye Guicai
Police department: 86-23-43781015 86-23-43781016 86-23-43781017 86-23-43781010
Head of Beimen Police Station Wang Zhengdong, political instructor Jiang Xiaodan, policemen Liu Anjian, Zhao Haidong, Hu Rujing, and policeman Chen Gang from Huilong Township.
Political instructor of No. 1 Section of Police Department of Dazu County: Ou Xibing 86-13509482410(Cell)
Police Department of Dazu County policeman: Wang Dachun: 86-13883337377(Cell)
Judicial Bureau of Dazu County: 86-23-43722458
Communist Party Committee of Dazu County: 86-23-43720916