(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Han Qi was Prime Minister during three Emperors' terms in the Song Dynasty- Renzong (1010-1063), Yingzong (1032-1067), and Shenzong (1067-1085).

Mr. Han Qi revered Heaven, knew his destiny, and fulfilled his duties. His merits were so abundant that they extended to the entire earth, and he held the highest position, but no one ever saw him being overjoyed. He was given huge responsibilities, encountered unexpected disasters, and faced danger all the time, but no one ever saw him worried. He was always very peaceful and at ease, never moved by any circumstances. Mr. Han Qi said, "I follow the principles of loyalty and self -restraint, therefore in difficult situations I have no fear of life or death. I am fortunate to be alive, and have accomplished my mission. My accomplishments are from the blessings of Heaven, not from my ability."

Mr. Han used to be in charge of the State Storage. Many excellent scholars were bestowed important jobs after passing the exams, but Mr. Han Qi was ordered to remain in his position. People thought it was unfair to him, but he never felt that way, and did his job very diligently.

In Jianyou time (1056-1063) and Zhiping Time (1064-1067), there were many political changes in the Song Dynasty. When Mr. Han was living under suspicion and danger, he would still do what he should. Some people said, "What you are doing is right, but you are risking your life and the safety of your family in case something unexpected happens to you." Mr. Han Qi said, "What are you saying? As Prime Minister, I can sacrifice my life for the Emperor. Whether I should succeed or fail, it is for the heaven to decide. How could we not do what we should, and worry about failing?" People admired him very much and also felt ashamed.